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Chapter 51.

Japan is Proud of Their Self-Defense Force (1)

[This is the Saigagumi Territory!]

[Ora if you want to film show some respect to us]

Running with the template of rioting, making noise and breaking things the three men started rampaging.

[Hey can I kill them]

[After we evacuate everyone]

I stopped Ai-chan who is already licking her lips delightedly

[Security, please escort the director and the actors]

I shouted, while being overjoyed secretly.

(Finally! I’ve been waiting for this!)

At last! They made their move now I can take them down in a swoop.

Honestly we could have already wiped them out after we hire the soldiers from mom, but I didn’t dare.


Because if I’m the one to drew first blood, it would only make me looks like someone who loves violent and even if I did it secretly the circumstantial evidence would eventually lead the crime to me.

That kind of thing is not something a protagonist would do, that’s why I put up with the waiting game.

Of course, I didn’t just sit ion the side walk.

I taunted them by meddling with their business-like meddling in their interest like outbidding them in public works project and the likes.

You can say that I “lured” them

 I am confident that Ai can take them on with time to spare, but as a precaution I planted some of Mom’s agent blending in the crowd of onlooker in case something happened

[… There are people like this everywhere aren’t there]

Sakuma-san muttered while hugging Sayuri who has successfully evacuated earlier.

[As expected of the entertainment world, this is certainly more detailed]

[I can’t say I’ve seen this much the recent years, can’t you stop saying that]

Sakuma-san shrugged my light comment

I can’t say that I’m surprised

[We just want to make good movies, why are they doing this…]

Sayuri muttered in disdain

[Puhiyah! Yuu-kun what should we do I’m scared!]


Puhiko and Mika-chan are snuggled up to me.

I understand how you feel, but in my perspective, nothing is more scarier than trying to capture the both of your routes.

[This is frustrating.

Everyone is working so hard…]

[I hate those uncles…]

Kaoru and Nagisa said in disgust.

Everyone around now understand how bad the Yakuza are and now it’s etched in their head it’s time to fight back! After all, the thing that counts in war is a just cause.


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