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Chapter 52: Japan is Proud of Their Self-Defense Force (2)

[Ora! Don’t just stand there get me the one in charge here!]

The Yakuza shouted menacingly.


This reminds me of the Jikkai series days]


Shirayama stood while unfazed.

I appreciated that but this sit he protagonist’s time to shine.

[No director.

If we’re talking about who is in charge It should be me since I’m the producer and investor here]

The Yakuza wants to let people see how they would bash my face and force me to cancel the movie to show their power and presence to the local community.

Even if it was not possible, they can still try to get some cooperation money.

[Oi brat! You should stop sucking momma’s tits and start weaning hahahaha]

Then the guy derisively spits on me, but I evaded it.

Looks like these guys are underestimating me because I’m a child.

They think that mom is behind this venture.

Normally you wouldn’t think that an elementary school kid would be behind this and the fact that mom is also a well known entrepreneur who has made a name for herself would be the one behind this.

But what this Yakuza doesn’t know is that mom is with Scylla which is expected from their poor information gathering skills.

I wonder if they knew mom is in cahoots with Scylla, would they dare lift a finger against her

[Unfortunately, I didn’t drank my mom’s milk]

I said smiling at the Yakuza.

[Instead you’re sucking her butt]

[If you think I’ll overlook you just because you’re a kid, you’re wrong.

Do you think we’ll let do whatever you want!]

The yakuza glared at me.

[What are you talking about]

I nodded.

[Taking the factory renovation project from our gang.

Do you think you can just get away from this]

[As far as I remembered.

We properly won it on bidding determined by the law.]

[That’s not what we are talking about! We’re talking about sincerity here!]

[If you bite more than you can chew and you’ll be in a world of hurt, kid.]

[I’m just doing my best to invest to promote this countryside]

I shrugged.

[No need! Saigagumi gang has always been in charged here since the Edo era!]

[You’re making a fool of yourself you know!]


The Yakuza kicked the rusty shutter and scowled.

Your inconsiderate digging around would shut down this shipping area and would unleash something that shouldn’t be unleashed which will be a bad flag.

[I see, then let’s get along for the sake of this community.

It seems to me that there’s a misunderstanding but I’m willing to show this sincerity o you are asking to Saigagumi gang]

[You’re sensible, kid, let’s see your sincerity]

[Come to our office now!]

[We can go but it’ll be a waste of time.

I need to get the consent and discuss this with my mother.

Don’t worry I won’t make you wait for a long time.

I’ll be there tomorrow to ‘greet’ you]

I looked at the Yakuza’s square in the eyes.

[If you are **ting on us then we’ll come back with a larger group!]

They then turned heels and left.

[Come on everyone.

The trouble had been taken care of, no need to worry.]

I clapped my hands to change the mood and declared in a cheerful manner.


The director approached me with indescribable look on his face

[I’m sure I’ll be able to handle this and find a way that won’t affect our filming schedule.

Don’t tell me you’re chickening out in finishing this movie]

I said loudly to make sure that everyone can hear me, hoping director Shirayama would say something inspiring.

[Of course, Neither me nor my staff are kind of whackos who would wimp out at this level! I am in awe with your passion on film making that it made me determined to complete this movie that I am willing to risk my life for this!]

The director answered with word that I expected exactly.

With this the staff who are scared to death would have no choice but to do their best.

I can feel a quiet fighting spirit inside the studio.

[Alright! let’s make this a good movie!]

The director and I shook hands firmly.

[Sakuma-san, I’m really glad that this film would be my first film]

[That’s nice, if you decided to take this for granted, you’ll be disappointed.]


Yuu-kun you’re so cool~!]

[That boy is hot~]

[Let’s prove to these savages that words are stronger than sword]

[I can’t do much, but I’ll be with you till the end!]

[Nagisa is with you too!]

The heroines are showing such respectful eyes on me.

This is really where the protagonist shines.

[Thank you for your cooperation! Now the actor should take a rest and resume once the set is fixed]

I announced and the area become filled with a flurry of activity, then I moved to the corner to not get in the way.

[So Yuuki…]

[Oh, do you need something Director]

[I was wondering if you could let me come with you and let me film you going into the yakuza’s office and negotiate with them]

The director asks while scratching his head in embarrassment.

His eyes is lit with hind of madness.

I wonder why is he saying it


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