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Chapter 56: Excellent Yakuzas are Protecting the Town(1)

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As promised, I went to the Saigagumi office the next day.

We suspend the shooting until our negotiation with the gang is finished, so the actors and the crew is on a break.

It may just be a thing given their rigorous schedule.

[I’m excited to see what kind of shots we can get…]

Dir Shirayama said , who was being escorted by a taciturn camera man, as he grins like Masato Sakai.

[I’ll try to live up to your expectation, but I didn’t hear that she would be coming with us]

I looked sideways toward the lovely leading actress.

Sayuri was dressed in a sailor suit, while tightly hugging a student bag with an imitation sword.

Since we’re shooting fiction, I thought it wouldn’t be a movie without an actor playing it.

[Please let me do this Yuuki-kun! I’ve also written a letter asking to join you so that I won’t be an inconvenienced should something happened to me]

Sayuri said filled with determination.

Even if you do that to not inconvenience me, if that eventually happened, I would be treated as the criminal who hurt the greatest idol of Japan, and no doubt that your fans would kill me.

[I appreciate that you are taking this movie seriously but did Sakuma-san know of this]

[I came without Sakuma-san knowing this.

I don’t think that it’s right for me to be safe and be protected by Sakuma-san while the director, Yuuki and a girl younger than me is putting their life on the line for this movie]

Isn’t it to unnecessary Well in the main story, by overcoming her trauma over Sakuma-san’s death.

Sayuri will change herself from being and idol turning into a legendary entertainer.

But since her obstacle doesn’t exist now, so perhaps she was supplementing it

(As a film producer, putting the main actress is dangerous and too risky but from the point of view of the protagonist, it’s impossible to deny the wishes of the heroine who’s already showing a serious resolve)

I’m torn between me being a film producer and me being the protagonist of and the latter should be the one to take precedence.

[I understand, if you’re prepared to go that far, I won’t say anything anymore.

Please follow me.]

I nodded with my face tightened.

[Too noisy.

Finish it already or I’ll leave you!]

Ai said while looking impatient as she shook her legs.

She must have want to fight the yakuza early

I and Ai took the lead, and ten minutes later.

We arrived at the yakuza’s office or rather a mansion on the outskirt of the town.

[Heeh, the location doesn’t look so bad]


Shirayama looked at the exterior of the mansion in awe.

It’s a Japanese style fortress protected by the high wall and iron doors.

It’s the perfect hideout who self-proclaimed to be protecting the town.

I then pressed the intercom of the gate


A moody voice answered.

[I’m Yuuki Naruse, I’ve come to show my ]

I know that, what’s that thing the back of your head like a goldfish turd


Shirayama said he wanted to make a film about people who have mastered the real way of chivalry.

Please help us to make a movie to promote the local community.]

I replied with a smile.

[You’re an idiot, You’ll be coming alone]

[Don’t say that.

We’re just unarmed kids.

Wouldn’t it be right for me have myself some way to defend myself If you don’t like it, we’ll suitable preparation]

I raised both of my had and make a full turn on the spot to make an appeal that I’m unarmed.

If the idol who is considered the best around and the world class director get hurt and all hell break loose.

Large number of police officer might be sent here to this shabby village just to investigate what happened and it wouldn’t be easy to bribe them all especially if this became a national news story.

The best thing I do is cover this up as a countermeasure.

I needed a plausible reason to bring the director and the others to the meeting that’s why I blurted those words out.

[F*ck, whatever.

Get in!]

The iron gate opens with a heavy thud.


After a quick body check by the Yakuza, we proceeded through the cobblestone passageway of the building.

[Nice! Wonderful! Look at the wood grains on the floor and windowpane! Sayuri-san stand there for a moment, scene 37-]

[Oi stop dilly-dallying and get moving!]

He got lots of gut doesn’t he I’m calm because I know what is AI capable of but the director is different.

He’s only following me due to sheer intuition and vague hunches

A mysterious motto written glaringly in inked by a skilled calligrapher is in front of us.

This motto is the password to the anagram directly related to Mika’s route, but I don’t seem to have a need for it this time.

[sit and wait for me]

I do as recommended and sit down on the leather sofa.

AI stood next to me.


Shirayama took the chance and began to film Sayuri from various angle.


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