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Chapter 59 Crank up! (Part1)

[Wait! Who should I get when you’re gone]

Currently at the shrine.

The handsome man shouts against the setting sun,

[The demon has already been vanquished.

But don’t worry, I’m coming to catch you this time.

I still remember the warmth of your hand.

Sayur murmured with a fragile smile.

The moment when the sun goes down on the mountain, a moment when twilight turns into night.

Sayuri gives a perfect performance in a single cut where no mistake is allowed.

Silence lingers and only the cries of cicadas remain, eventually the director nodded slowly.

[Cut! Wrap it up! Thank you so much for your hard work, everyone!]

The stand then shouted excitedly and the round of applause dominated the air.

[Thank you very much!]

[Thank you very much!]

Sayuri and the handsome man bowed their head in every direction

[Director Shirayama, thank you very much]

[It’s mutual, the movie turned out really good.

I’m satisfied]

The director nodded as if he was burnt out.

The excitement of the end of filming isn’t quenched so we went straight to the launch party.

The community center was transformed into an impromptu party venue.

I have asked for an expensive caterer to the venue to thank everyone who had helped with the filming tonight.

[I’m sorry.

I’d love to join you but the office wants me to go to the next job after learning that the shooting here is done.

So, please excuse me]

The good-looking actor said regretfully, I made a quick round of greeting to the staff, and the walked away swiftly.

I guess being a highly sought after, even though he makes so much money his agency is making him work recklessly like this no wonder that an incident like that would happen 10 years from now.  Anyway, I don’t have time to focus on him because of the heroines and even if I gave an advice on him, I’m pretty sure I’ll just be treated as a mad man.

[Sayuri, we too have our next schedule ready]

Sakuma-san stared at her watch.

[Sakuma-san can I stay a little more]

[fine then, 30 minutes only]

Sakuma-san shrugs and nodded.

[…are you mad]

I approach Sakuma-san with my pien face that is only allowed to be used by a shota.

[Which office who wouldn’t be angry after one of their actresses went into a yakuza stronghold]

[…is that so I swear I didn’t know that.

But Dir Shirayama insisted and also Sayuri herself insisted too]

The protagonist of a doesn’t make excuse but a businessman is all about making excuse.

[Sayuri told me all about it and she repeatedly told me not to blame you.

Honestly, I understand you were in a situation where you had no choice but to do what the director want]

[Then, will you forgive me]

[Well, as a result, Sayuri didn’t get a single scratch on her, and I think they got a lot out of this shoot.

I forgive—if you have one of our girls in your next work]

As expected from Sakuma-san.

You know what you’re talking about.

 [I’m glad, that’s all I need to worry about]

I smiled at her.


[Uwaa! Sayuri-san.

That surprised me.]

I feel warmth on my back.

No matter how cute you are I don’t want you to hug me from behind.

It will lower the likability gauge of the other heroines.

[I’ve never been on such an exciting and rewarding job before, so let me thank you!]

[That’s good to hear, but people don’t grow if they are always praised, but I would love it if you could update me if you improve]

While saying so she removes her restraint off me.

[Improvement I don’t feel any particular problem.

Anyway, I wonder what happened to those yakuza.]

Sayuri’s face become clouded suddenly as expected of the best idol in Japan she’s a saint.

[Oi, you there – the former Saigagumi member call everyone over here]

I opened the window of the community center and called out to the men who were taking down the set outside.

[e those me They look so different I didn’t even recognize them! I thought they’re just temp staff for clean-up]

Sayuri rolled her eyes.

[They had their own reason for living such life and they were so remorseful that the hospital gave them free tattoo removal surgery along with their treatment]

Well, it’s not just tattoo that removed but also somethings and there something added to them as well.

Then again, in the main story their destined to be wiped out in most routes so I guess their lucky that they are alive now.

[Good evening]

[Boss, how are you]

The ex-yakuza who came running toward us greeted me with their glassy eyes.

I’ll just say this they, talk like Pepper-kun who can’t speak properly.


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