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Chapter 60: Nothing good happens when a dodgy character goes too far

A Sunday in late autumn.

I’m having dinner at Puhiko’s house just as usual

[Yuu-kun, Dinner! Dinner! Pass this please to Mika-chan]

Puhiko receives a bowl of rice from Puhiko-mama over the kitchen counter.

[Oh- Yes.

Here Mika-nee]

I passed the bowl to Mika-chan who is sitting next tom me and is the farthest away from the kitchen.

[Thank you- Puhiko-chan let me help you with that]

[It’s okay! Mika-chan is a guest so just stay still!]

Puhiko stopped Mika with her hands.

[But since you’re treating me, I can’t help but feel that I should at least help out…]

[Fufufu, that’s fine Mika-chan.

Let Mishio do it This child is jealous of you~]

[Eh what do you mean]

Mika tilts her head

[You see, Mika-chan has started working at Yuu-kun’s house, right So, if this continues, Yuu-kun wouldn’t need a caretaker anymore and he won’t have dinner with us anymore, right]

Puhiko-mama said, intently teasing Puhiko.

I really wanted to do that though.

Puhiko-mama’s cooking is solid, but she makes rather health-conscious, lightly seasoned meal unlike Mika who makes food attuned to my tastes.

However, in order not to lower Puhiko’s favorability, I keep having meals on her house.

[Puh-hu it’s not like that! I’m only doing this because I like cooking!]

Puhiko puffed her cheeks up and then dropped the chopsticks she had on her hands making her attitude quite obvious.

Sooy Puhiko-chan but the reign of the airhead childhood friend is quite short.

The times would lean on tsundere in years to come.

You’re a flower born on the change of time.

[Puhi-chan, don’t worry Yuu-kun and I don’t have that kind of relationship.

Taking care of Yuu-kun is just my job.]

Mika-chan responded in a safe, honor student-like manner.

Such good-natured action will nurture malice in the hearts of other heroines.

[So, if Yuu-kun ask you to be his , would you refuse]

Puhiko asked while picking up her chopstick that fell on the floor.

I can’t see her face behind the counter of the kitchen, but I can imagine it having the disturbing looks same as that from Higurashi.


Mika, don’t just turn silent and have your cheeks dye red! If you wanted to make an honor student-like move, you should do it till the end!


A very unpleasant atmosphere dominated the surrounding.

[Ufufufu, Yuu-kun you’re quite popular, aren’t you I’m curious which one would you choose.]

 Puhiko-mama then spits out a very sloppy line like [Ah I’m so happy that two girls are fighting over me!].

Well, whoever thinks that way doesn’t have the right to be the main character of a gal game.

Only love triangles that are fun is that of eroge that specialized in stupid world view in practicality and To-Love-ru! In real life or in serious galge, love triangles are just heartbreaking and is a recipe for a nice boat scenario*, where nothing good happens!

[Please don’t narrow down my options without my permission! I’m going to be a prime minister and marry an idol in the future! Now I’m going to study the social situation…]

I responded, quoting the protagonist’s answer that was written in the book.

Oh, boys are wonderful.

No matter how reckless their dreams are, they’re allowed to talk about them.

Boys be ambitious!

Now, to change the atmosphere, I powered the TV using the remote control.


T/N * School days reference, in the final episode of the anime the gory scene was replaced by scene of a boat because of a murder of a Japanese office in the hands of his own daughter which was similar to the anime.

The replacement then sparked a meme and been embraced by 0verflow the author of the galge in one of their comicket.


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