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Chapter 61: Idols are all about commentaries.

[Please welcome our guest for today, the idol and recently turned actress Ms.

Sayuri Kohinata! Please give her a warm round of applause]

The host of the variety show announced cheerfully.

[Thank you]

Sayuri was greeted with applause and sat down on a chair while bowing her head shyly.

Her primness that is natural of her is the secret of her popularity.


[She’s becoming more famous now, doesn’t she]

Sayuri is not just popular as an idol now.

Your amazing performance for the movie which for the information of everyone become an all-time box office hit, become a hot topic.

What do you think about that

[Well, the success of the movie was all thanks to the staff including Dir.

Shirayama and also, It makes me happy that many people enjoyed the movie]

[By the way according to some rumors on some internet message boards, legend has it that Sayuri charmed some real Yakuza with your overwhelming aura that they reformed and left the gang!]

[That’s not true! I don’t have that kind of power! I heard that they were reformed thanks to Yuuki- the producer’s excellent rehabilitation program as part of his social contribution project.]

Sayuri denied buzzingly.

I told her not to mention my name but I guess because of her honest nature she’s having hard time to comply.

Anyway, the host is just joking around but Sayuri has telepathic abilities which become evident in the third work where she become a strong character who mentally buff the entire nation with her song and this is one of the proofs.

As for the reason why, she’s involved in the events on the third work I’ll discuss it in the future but for now – let’s just leave it at that.

[There it is! The child prodigy and famous producer that arrive in the movie world like a blazing comet.

Though there’s some heartless rumors that he might just be a hoax to create a buzz… as I recall the scriptwriter and the child who played the role of your child hood is an elementary student too.

The host butted in and honestly, it’s quite annoying.


Shirayama had been praising both me and Nori openly in an interview as well.

(It’s great that it was a hit but this also gave me a few downside…)

I guess nothing really goes your way perfectly.

The movie raked in better than I expected in the box office and Dir.

Shirayama got his career back on track, while Sayuri took a step forward to her acting career.

The shrine become famous for being the setting of the film and with the help of my commercial on TV, it garners numbers of worshipper increasing it dramatically.

This means Tama-chan’s life is becoming richer and her purifying power has been accumulating steadily.

All of this thing is unquestionably good things.

The problem is that Ai-chan and me gained fans and for us who are involved in shady stuff this is undesirable.

If we keep being salty toward the media the public buzz would be quick so we can only wait for it to fizzle out that’s why until then we just provide enough service when we’re walking around to the fans who would come to the shrine.

[That’s right, it is hard to believe but neither the screenwriter Nori, Yuuki nor Ai are anybody’s puppet]

Sayur said seriously.

[Well, I’m more concerned on what kind of people are they.]

[They don’t seem to want to reveal much of their private life so I can’t say anything about them, but I can vouch that they are really good kids]

Good kids Aside from me and Nori, Ai is very much in a precarious situation.

[I see.

Anyway, but what about your partner Daisuke Nishiryu, who played your counterpart The movie was so great that some of your fans are shuddering at the thought of a relationship in the real world just liked that of the one in the movie]

The host said

[He’s a wonderful actor, but I don’t even have his contact information… and he seems to be very busy to.

Honestly, I haven’t seen him once since then]

Sayuri answered with a puzzled look.

[Let’s leave it at that for now, so what kind of man do you prefer]

[Well… Energetic, sincere about work and considerate]

[If it not Daisuke-san then perhaps Dir Shirayama]

[Considering the context of the question he’s an option too huh, but Dir Shirayama is already married.]

[So should I consider that there’s someone other than Dir Shirayama who could fit the description]

[Hmm Hmm… idols aren’t allowed to fall in love]

Sayuri smiled while leaving a hint.


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