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Chapter 62: A year of an elementary school student is equivalent to five years for an adult.

[This show is a great example in handling an idol in a professional manner, while also creating a show stopping performance.]

I talk like I know about these things

[Hmmm… Yuu-kun is attracted to that kind of girl]

[Having an idol as a rival is a tall order]

These two looked at me sternly.

I’m glad that they thing that for the guy they like to like an idol rather than for him to like either one of them and fight over him

[What are you talking about Sayuri is a junior high one-san, remember]

In the original story, Sayuri’s age isn’t mentioned, but she is probably five or six years older than us.

If you’re an adult that wouldn’t be much of a difference but for a child the difference is like that of the Mariana’s Trench.

It takes lot of courage to get to a class room of a different grade.

[If you become an actor, I’m sure you will meet many beautiful actresses besides Sayuri right Isn’t that exciting]

Puhiko teasingly said.

[This is the only time that I would act as an actor you know.

I’m more suited at the back stage]

I declared, while breaking a cold sweat.

Honestly Dir.

Shirayama and Sakuma-san have been offering me and Ai-chan job but we’ve been dodging them.

I intentionally said a line from the main character of the film and said something in the lines of wanting to become a Prime Minister, but considering my current power-oriented position it wouldn’t even be half funny.

[But I think Yuu-kun has what it takes to be an actor]

[Yeah, I agree with Mika-chan!]

Mika-chan and Puhiko is flattering me.

I know.

Gal game protagonist are like chameleons they would change depending on the route they take but they’re usually made to be good at everything.

[I’m happy with the compliment but, let’s have breakfast instead – Hmm What’s on this natto Soy sauce]

I try to stir the natto with chopstick.

[A! you know I tried using fish sauce and sesame oil because you said that you’re tired of the taste of soy sauce.]

Puhiko boasted.

Unfortunately, it’s not what I meant when I said I was tired of soy sauce, I meant that I want to eat bread with butter once in a while.

[Fish sauce In natto Such absurdity – it tastes good!]

I answered like a seasoned comedian and ate the rice and natto while hiding my dissatisfaction.

Would eat everything the heroine would serve even if it’s a carbonized dark matter without a word because that’s the pride of a gal game protagonist.

[Puhihihi- that made me happy that Yuu-kun eats so deliciously.

I’ll make some tea now.]

Saying this she pours tea into my cup.

I’m just glad that Puhiko is happy.

[She’s making an effort, and that’s great.

So, your tea is Thai style herbal tea]

[That’s right! Here drink this Yuu-kun- Ah!]

Puhiko who tried to take care of me as if she was my wife, splashed the tea all over the table


I let out a muffled cry as the Tuts sprayed onto my hands and pajama.

[Puhya! Yuu-kun sorry! Here something to wipe!]

[No way! That’s the rag that you use on the floor!]

Well, I accomplished my quota of being a failed contortionist typical of a gal game protagonist.

[Here Yuu-kun]

[Thanks, Mika-nee]

I took the handkerchief that Mika-nee casually offers and wipe my hand and clothes

[Puhi-, I’ve done it again]

[Don’t worry about it, I’ll change before I go out anyway.]

I said in a nonchalant smile.]

[Yuu-kun, I’ll do the laundry for you later.]

Mika-chan who said this is secretly a naughty girl who has scent fetish, so I believe that she would sniff the clothes that I would take of later.

[Mika-chan, Yuu-kun got were because of me, so let me take care of it.

Puhiko doesn’t have that fetish but she believes in the mysterious power of natto that if you put it in the laundry, it will make it clean so that’s a big no-no.

[No, I’ll do it on my own, I want Mika-nee to do a job for me so we have to reduce some of the work on you.]

The reason that Mika-chan is here is to introduce her to the work later.

[Is the job you’re talking about is taking care of the new girls who are coming]

[Yes, I’m not sure I’ll be able to take care of all of them.]

[Ok! I want to help Yuu-kun too!]



Things go bad when you get motivated!

But Puhiko would sulk if I left her out alone.

I need to involve her in some kind of work.

The other heroines can be assigned in various appropriate job but Puhiko on the other hand is only given the protagonist wife’s role (Explosion) and that’s a problem for me.

Maybe I should try a pickle shop for her to work on I’m not her parent but I’m sincerely fear her future.

After the feast, I left Puhiko’s house with Mika-chan


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