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Chapter 7: The Normal End is Sweet (2)

(Then what should we do to save the heroines from their trauma)

I tried to recall the backgrounds of the heroines in my memories.

Their traumas, and their problems can be classified into four major types.

Family situation patternAccident patterns

Personal Problem patternsAlready traumatized patterns

This are the four.

The first being the family problem pattern; one example would be Ciel, It is her relationship with his non-blood related brother.

In the case of another heroine where her family collapse due to her father’s infidelity causing the family to collapse and her to become a maid for a lecherous and powerful benefactor to restore her family’s business.

(This pattern can usually be solved by money and power)

If the heroine wants to rebuild the family business, I can just give them a loan and if they want to talk about cheating.

We can just hire a family counsel to mediate.

It’ll take a lot of money and power to mess with a family as famous a Ciel’s but it’s not theoretically impossible.

Second pattern is the accident pattern which is to get traumatized to being subjected in an accident.

This one is easier than the first.

Like Puhiko’s route, this one would be no problem if we can hire someone to identify and prevent accidents before they happens since I know when it will happen.

The third is the trickiest as it’s a personal issue for each of them, but since I know what the goal of the heroines are, I can just present it to them and guide them along.

To do this I need people, things and money.

Forth is—

(Of course, there are few heroines that are already too late… It should be fine as long as they are kept out of prohibited at the village)

I’m seven years old now, so for example if the said trauma is due to the death of the heroine’s mother while giving birth to her It won’t be able to activate the curse until the latter part of the game – that is after the heroine and the protagonist made contact and the trauma is then triggered by a secondary event.

At this stage there won’t be any problem as long as we can avoid the trauma triggering events within the range of [Princess of Nubatama].

Specifically, the village I’m currently in which is protected by a stone called “Gomiseki”.

As long as no traumatic event happen inside the area protected by the stones, it should be safe.

Hooray for the geo-locked horror genre that relies heavily in geographical position!

With this consideration, I finally concluded my series of action.

Work for moneyUse money as a stepping stoneFinally, use money to brute force and crush the heroine’s route!

This is already decided!

(Okay! Let’s do this!)

Just because this is a world of gal game doesn’t mean I have to play by its rule.

I’ll play this game like I would with a life simulation and it will start now!


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