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Chapter 64: The type of people who are comfortable leaving in a nest (2).

If we considered Ai as the master of fighting, then Mika is the teacher that teaches them the way to live like a human being.

She teaches them many things so that they can be happy

[Now when I’m around I want you to follow Mika and what she teaches you about everyday life okay]

[[[Yes Master! I look forward with working with Sister Mika.]]]

[-It’s like this, these girls have been through a lot so could you do me a favor Mika-nee]

[Okay! Of course! After they show me their situation, I won’t be able to leave them alone, even if it’s not my job- come to think of it, Yuu-kun also have those lonely eyes when we first meet.

You might not remember that though]

Mika says nostalgically and pats my head

A sad past for me…

If this this is Mika’s route.

[I don’t remember much of that time but all I know is the warmth of your hand and the soft smell of soap, Mika was the first happiness I ever knew.]

A Monologue would have appeared here if this is still the game.

[Thank you, I want Mika-nee to save them, just as you saved me, you might not want it but I want to increase Mika-nee’s salary]

I made a slightly sad expression.

This would help me get rid of the Hal-cohabitation state that Mika-nee and me have accidentally created, making her likability gauge filled up too much Unfortunately suddenly going cold to her is not an option too so I have to create a soft landing by giving her a good job and allowing her to stay in touch with me.

[Okay, thank you! I’m going to save up now!]

[Heeh, do you have something that you want]

It’s rare for Mika-chan who doesn’t have much of a desire in her.

[Yes! I’m thinking of buying a house near Yuu-kun so that I can have enough time and take care of Yuu-kun]

Are you serious She didn’t give up on being my maid yet If Mika-chan moves next door it’s going to be hard to balance these flags with Puhiko.

[I-I see I’m currently buying out lands near the house to build a house for the girls but I’ll leave some for Mika-nee so if you find a plot you want, let me know as soon as possible.]

I had no choice but to respond, despite what I thought inside.

I couldn’t just reject her blatantly.

Incidentally it’s true that I was planning to build a house for the girls.


I have no plan in increasing the people I help until I had a decent place for them to live.

Negotiations are proving to be difficult than expected as many people in this village are reluctant to sell their empty house even if it was abandoned and I have to assign it to Mika-chan.

Ai was doing an acrobatic back-flip as if she had too much energy, it seems that she returned to the house I gave her only when she wants to take a bath.

[[[Yes! We are willing to give everything to achieve our goals]]]

The girls spoke up.

(I thought it’s only Ai’s preference to stay in that container house but it looks like it’s enough for this girls)

Anyway, even though it’s old, I was able to secure a better house than the container house for them but it seems that the living environment isn’t so good for it’s not calm, then again, their room in Mom’s experiment lab is nothing short of a concrete dungeon, this made the container house to be well receive even if it’s hot in summer and freezing cold in winter by these girls.

[I admire your patience, but I want everyone to know what normal happiness is.

I want you girls to get used to it slowly, we have a lot time to get used to it]

Even if it seems good to them, it’s good to keep these children in a container house all the time.

I would like to let them get used to normal life under Mika-chan’s tutelage to have them any regain semblance of humanity.

[Yuu-kun, Yuu-kun.

I knew that we have lots of time but I think you need to go to Ciel’s place since you promised to go to her place tight]

[Oh It’s that time already Then Mika-nee I’ll leave them in your care.

I’m going now to meet Ciel.]

[Alright, let’s go!]

While being sent off by Mika I headed to Ciel’s mansion bringing Ai along.

[I’m not sure what kind of opponent are going to show up.

if it’s going to be an instructor apart from me, I hope it’s not a small fry]

Ai said happily as she walks on the top of the fence of the house.

[I don’t know but I think he’s strong enough to be relied on by a zaibatsu.]

I said in a blank expression.

The truth is I already knew.

The next is to encounter the three strongest characters in Kumosora except for the remodeled human beings.


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