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Chapter 66 The Power of Kagaku is Amazing!

I ran out of breath trying to keep up with Ai-chan who was quickly walking.

Finally, we arrived at Ciel’s Mansion.

At the end of the closed gate, Sophia who is dressed in a maid’s uniform and a sword on her waist showing a mysterious look on her face

[Welcome Yuuki-san and your companion as well]

Sophia said in a professional tone and bowed neatly.

[Oh my.

Chuko is here welcoming me, aren’t you]

[Yes, the young lady ordered me to treat the guest with outmost respect]

Sophia answered quietly and drew her sword.

[You have something for me, don’t you Good! I honestly want to continue where we left off]

Ai took up her steel claw and began to run and jumped and attacked Sophia.

[I’ll be your opponent.]

Sophia blocked Ai’s attack with her sword.

[Too slow!]

[Have you improved]

[Oh! My sweet, sweet master take a good care of me.

Are you jealous]

Ai was slightly ahead of her opponents and Sophia managed to avoid a fatal wound, but she still has minor cuts here and there

[No, I have Ojou-sama]

Sophia coolly retreats to the back.

Soon, their battlefield shifted to the English garden, a courtyard surrounded by U-shaped buildings.

[I wonder how long can you last running If you fail, you’ll end up in a body bag]

[Then bring the bags out!]

Just as Sophia said that, an air shaking sound dominate the air and Ai’s figure disappeared as if being surrounded by a midrange

[Ugh! Where did this come from This Udo trees!]

Ai groaned

[It’s an optical camouflage and an excellent one, in fact it can even pass through an infrared sensor.

I knew you’re good with heat base detection so -]

[So, what! I can break this with a few hits!]

Ai rampaged desperately.

Men that look like they’re wearing space suit suddenly appeared and because of that they look like someone from Biohazard’s Umbrella Corporation.

They then started crushing Ai-chan with their huge shields.

 [I’ll do this as expected.

Give me 10 seconds]

With a clatter, the windows of the mansion opened all at once and a large number of maids jumped out with bazookas and guns and then something semi-solid was shot from it and AI chan was hit with something like a goo who was left by her distractor and within second a dome of white mess surrounded AI completely.

Apparently they used a slime gun

[Let’s celebrate with a smoke! Don’t worry it isn’t toxic]

Diamond dust flew through the aur and then began to enter the dome where AI is.

[Ku- Dry ice! Remember this! I won’t let you win and run away]

Ai chan who was screaming was eventually have her voice cut off.

That’s good.

I was worried that Ai chan would use her power-up version which might use her flames that wouldn’t carbonized her opponents but directly extinguished the souls

(Well done, Ai, I’m glad I choose you as my partner)

[The game is decided.

We lost.

I admit our defeat so please let AI go.]

[Yes sir.

I’ll inform the young miss]

Sophia answered with a beautiful bow.


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