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Chapter 67:  The Possibility of an Armed Dolphin Attack (Part 1)

Sorry for the late post.

My electricity just recently returned (it went out due to some natural disaster) will post the second one tomorrow.


After the mock battler we were invited inside the mansion and was shown to the usual room.

Ai, who had been released is now currently standing beside me.

[I apologize for the rough welcome!]

Ciel said wryly

[No, we learned a lot and I think this will be a good medicine for AI here]

I chuckled back

[Ku- this me… by the likes of Chuko…]

Ai has been biting her fingernails and mumbling incomprehensive things since a while ago, I doubt I have trained my dog well.

[Ai, please don’t stare at me like that, I’ve been thinking hard how we could fix our friendship and since you’re pursing power then I believe showing you power would allow me to get close again]

Sophia said on a calm tone

[So, your answer is those **ing butlers and bitchy maids]

[Yes, I can’t beat you one on one so I rely on teamwork to surpass you one.

Trusting and relying on someone is something I learned from Miss Ciel]

Sophia proudly declared.

[Hmph your cheeky huh.

Relying on someone is as unreliable as trying to read where the wind blows]

Ai-chan turned away and said.

It may sound like a barking of a sore loser but in reality, she’s hitting the essence of Ciel’s route where she would be betrayed by all of these maids and butler and would find herself in a pinch.

[Thinking that way is your limit, Ai.

If you’re frustrated, try defeating me with your own team]

[Damn that annoying smile of yours.

Anyway, I don’t have anything to say to weakling.

Master, I wonder if I can learn how to command my own army too.

My pride won’t allow it to be beaten by Chuko again]

Ai said while pulling my sleeves

[Of course, if you can do it then I would allow it]

[Thank you master, I’ll show you that I’m better than Chuko at everything]

[I’m looking forward to it]

Ai and Sophia exchanges glare that contains hostility and fondness

[I’m glad that both of you made peace with each other, maybe it’s time to introduce her]

When the ruckus between AI and Sophia is over Ciel, I turned my gaze toward the person standing behind Ciel.

[Head maid, please introduce yourself to Yuuki]

[I’m not someone who should introduce myself to a guest but if you insist, my lady – My name is Carla, a humble maid.

I’m pleased to mace acquaintance with you from now on.]

The thread-eyed maid said cheerfully.

She’s tall around 170cm.

she wasn’t armed but the pressure she emits proves that she’s a strong character.

[I’m Yuuki, nice to meet you – so just to reiterate, it’s okay to ask you to train the girls I brought right Though they aren’t as good as Ai chan, but they aren’t normal in anyway.]

[Of course, please leave it to us.

There are many maids and butlers here that came from conflict area and battle zones so you need not to worry.]

Carla nodded neatly.

That conflict is deliberately orchestrated by Ciel’s older brother and if she knew that Carla who was robbed of everything in the past was dangerous entity who hated the world itself and took revenge to her brother, she would be very surprised.

She knew that her brother’s research is a taboo that will lead to destruction and she’s willing to help advance that.

[That’s encouraging]

I smiled at Carla while being wary inside.]

[Then, may I confirm the term of the contract]


[our house will provide you training of the head maid and equipment’s for soldiers]

[-in return I have to pay money and send some girls from Scylla.

Aside from the money it hurts to treat people like things]

I then showed a cloudy face here

[…that’s true, even if it can be considered human trafficking it’s still better than leaving them on that environment that’s why I respect you.

I admire you… because the only one I was able to save was Sophia, but you already saved a lot of them and you still continue on saving them]

Ciel said trying to comfort me.

[I know Ciel will make the girls happy.]

[I will make every effort to do so – if you have no more objection, please do sign the contract]



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