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Depressing Galge – Chapter 70: Sharks are living fossils of olden days

[How was it Nori-chan Is my description helpful]

I ask while eating a bowl of Oshiruko with white bean jelly in it.

[Yes, it was interesting to see development beyond my imagination.

My limited ideas could only think of putting ice and stones in snowballs]

Then Nori bites her white ball after nodding in agreement.

This happened because Nori-chan wants to see an actual snowball fight as a reference for the novel she’s writing.

[I see.

Then, I guess the next novel will be perfect]

[Yes, at least that’s what I think, it will be at least good enough for the publisher not to lose money.

Right, President Yuuki]

[it’s fine to do whatever you want Nori-chan]

Nori-chan’s movie script got a good reputation and seems to have been flooded with job offer, so I bought a small publishing company to set up a creative environment for her.

I knew Nori’s work would sell well and since the industry is a devilish world filled with bad editor which is even true on major publisher buying my own publishing company would eliminate the possibility of her suffering some kind of trauma.

[Then, be as usual Yuuki-kun]

[that’s quite a moderate order, then again, it’s the hardest thing, just being myself]

I say jokingly.

[It’s not funny considering my own situation]

Nori laughed as she looks down on the paperback book that she was reading.

She’s able to devote herself to her creative activities and has friends who understand that, she must be living a pretty satisfying life.

I would be grateful if she would continue being busy as a creator and become less interested in love in real life.

[I’m getting rather lethargic after eating.

Why don’t we just chill out]

After having three more cups of Oshiruko, Tsukasa let out a big sigh of relief.

[oh my, are you running away]

Ciel said as she was sticking her fork into white balls.

[No, I’m a bit sleep deprived lately.

Yuuki sent me a DVD movie a little while ago which was pretty interesting.

I’m really into those kind of things]

[Ah the where you were an extra.

It’s popular with a few enthusiasts and there’s a sequel on the works.]

I am now regularly making low-budget B-movies or maybe borderline C-Movies along side my main line of decent movies.

The girls I brought from mom are turned into child actors, so I had to give them tentative jobs.

Incidentally is a cheap monster panic flick that looks like it was made by Asylum (T/N Sharknado).

It’s the type of movie that would get a lot of airtimes in the radio wave when it was shown in the teletext’s afternoon roadshow.

I wish that more movies with sharks and crocodile be shown like that on TV.


I Ghibi and want to fluff Totoro’s belly]

Mika-chan casually poured a refill into Tsubasa’s bowl.

As expected of her, she never misses an opportunity to show of her appeal.

Well, she might not have done it in a calculated way but it can’t be helped as she is naturally loved by the god of sex appeal.

[So, are you done playing in the snow today]

[no, I don’t have enough fun yet.

Why don’t we split up into movie group and the snow group If you want to watch a movie you can use my TV in the office and I also have most of the movies there too.]

I sensed Ciel’s frustration so I made a compromise.

[Oh, wasn’t that great Who wants to come with me]

Tsubasa stood up and looked around.

[Aside from French movies, I don’t like those kind of movies]

[I want to participate in the snowball fight next round.]

[no cute movie]

[I’m sorry but I want to take care of Yuu-kun]

[I’m going with Yuu-kun too]

Most of the heroines joined me.

Well, it’s natural since those who like those kinds of movies are minority.

[Hey is it me and Kaoru]

[I don’t know what I’m going to do…]

Kauro shows how he’s trying to crawl out of the situation while glancing at Nagisa.

[Tsubasa, isn’t it your first time to go to my office Kaoru, sorry but can you guide her]

I immediately set out a helping hand.

I really am a caring guy, you know.

This is the situation where I think that I should pick up the best friend character role.

[But Nagisa…]

[Don’t worry about her I’ll take care of her.]

Mika-chan made a follow up, as expected she picked up on my intention.

[then let’s go!]

Kaoru said a little shyly

[Oh, that’s right! It is more fun to watch movies with someone else and make jokes with.]

[let’s go!]

Tsubasa and Kaoru get out of their seats together.

(It looks like it’s confirmed that my best friend] is in the Tsubasa route… Honestly, if possible, I would have liked to make more effective use of him…)

Currently, I can’t say that I’m making full use of Kaoru’s specs, but I had no choice but be contented that let things get weird and complicated


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