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Chapter 8: One Piece is the best Weapon in the Countryside Summer!

After preparing for fishing, I went to the shore after changing my pajamas for a pair of shorts and t-shirt.

I was so excited.

Un, even though I showed my determination so much, this world is still a proper galge, but I don’t care, for I won’t recognize it as a gal game but play this like a life sim management game.

I was holding a pole and a cooler box for the 3 of us while Mika-chan was holding a parasol with her right hand and Puhiko with her left hand, on the other hand Puhiko was holding a basket filled with lunch and drinks prepared by Eromama on her spare hand.

[Hey Yuu, Isn’t that heavy Want me to help you carry those rods]

Mika who is in front of me turned around in a neat gesture while leaning her body forward and looks into me.

If Puhiko was the sun, Mika is comparable toa supermoon that appears once every few years.

Rather than a cute type, she possessed a beautiful face with a long slit eye.

She wears a white one-piece dress and a straw hat, with her long black hair freely playing in the wind.

She is one year older than me and in the high school version.

She appears as an older sister and a senpai character, showing of her overflowing motherly traits.

At this point, when Mika who is taller than me leans forward, there’s a lot of flirtatious intent going on, but fortunately, I’m not a lolicon, so getting excited is a no go.

Secondly, Mika’s seemingly defenseless behavior is deliberate in order to seduce the protagonist, which may or may not excite the otaku buyers of that time.  Come to think of it, there was a mysterious palindrome like [Mika wa Kami] that was copy and pasted endlessly in the Kumosora thread for a while back.

Man, I missed those times.

[No, It’s okay, I’m a guy after all.]

I replied bluntly.

If I ever muttered those in the present days, I’m sure to get crucified in the SNS for sexist behavior.

Of course, this isn’t my opinion rather because of the protagonist’s character who says such strong words.

Honestly this luggage is quite heavy.

Since I’m currently seven years old and is currently in my optimum age for athletic development, should I make a training regimen for me

[I see.

Do your best, boy]

Mika-chan Smiled mischievously and says so in a sisterly tone and looks forward again.

In the popularity contest for Kumosora, Mika easily beat Puhiko and the other girls on popularity, she also reigned supreme.

Not only is she visually appealing, she has as many CGs and merchandise as Puhiko.

And also, her voice actress is one of the most popular in the industry.

Obviously, some higher ups are favoring her.

She is the first love of the protagonist and a beautiful girlwho’s so attractive that Puhiko kills because of jealousy.

Honestly, I like her more than Puhiko, but again she’s not my type


By the way Puhiko is wearing a really lame overall right now.

Not interesting.

In the meantime, we arrived at the fishing spot.

We sat down with me in between them.

Having flowers in both hand Nope.

This is called Flag Management.

If we set in the order of Puhiko, Mika-chan then me.

I’m pretty sure that Puhiko’s jealousy gauge would fill up that my end in her killing Mika in some way or the other.

If we seat in the order of Mika-chan, Puhiko and then me, I might inadvertently increase Puhiko’s likability gauge which seems to tend to rise unnecessarily and might get maxed out.

Therefore, this position is the best position now.

If you enter Puhiko’s route while avoiding the cicada event (With Mika-chan still alive) and half-heartedly increase her likability, You will automatically get a bad ending.

That’s why meeting the condition is a must to get the true end.

You walking land mine, Puhiko!

I forgot to mention, in order to avoid the accident flag we are fully equipped with life jackets.

So while taking various things into account, I prepared my Sabiki (Bait-catching rig) and fishing rods properly.


This work would be published by Fantasia Buko on February 19, 2022.

And Mika-chan, who will play a big role in the story would have a PV

With Visuals and voice!

Her CV would be voice by the amazing Yukari Tamura!

There’s no need for explanation, just as expected!

Ehether you are a royal or not, I hope you will take a look at it at least once because it’s the cutest thing in the world.

Both Mika-chan and Yukari Tamura are gods!


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