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Chapter 1528

Long Chen declared the whereabouts of the White Tiger King, which was supposed to be a secret, as if it was nothing, surprising even the Young Prince.

Not many people were supposed to know where his father went except him and some of the upper-tier ministers, so it should\'ve been impossible for them to guess.

At the same time, it was impossible to take such an accurate guess.

How do you know the whereabouts of my father! The young Prince shouted.

Who leaked this information!

Seeing the reaction of the young Prince, the Black Tortoise King was hundred percent sure that Long Chen hadn\'t lied.

The real Long Chen was certainly in this place! They were close to the young man.

Still, the White Tiger King went to a secret place that he didn\'t want anyone to find out about… This news was worth more to him.

No one leaked this information.

I know this because someone I\'m connected to is also trapped in that place, Long Chen explained.

We shared some memories before.

That\'s why I know your father is with him as well, and they\'re both in danger.

And who is that person The Silver Haired Prince asked.

Baihu Yang, you already know that person.

You met him in the Ancestral Temple as well.

He was accompanying me, Zhu Chang answered instead.

Zhu Chang, Have you gone crazy or something There was only one person with you there, and that person is already standing with you.

Tell me the truth! How did you all get the information about my father Who is the traitor that is leaking information!

You\'re right.

There was only one person with me there: Long Chen.

And he is also the person who is with your father.

He was trapped in the Ancestral Land and left behind.

He managed to leave that place only to be trapped here.

I\'m here to bring my friend back and nothing more.

And while doing that, we can also help your father.

If Long Chen is with my father, then who is standing with you His ghost Baihu Yang rolled his eyes.

Do you even realize what you\'re saying If Senior Zhu hadn\'t arrived with you,Novel B IN.nEt I would have you all kicked out for making up such a stupid story.

I certainly know what I\'m saying, and no, it\'s not a lie.

The person standing behind me isn\'t Long Chen but a clone that was created by him in the past.this chapter upload first at noVElBin.nEt . We used the connection of this person to the real one to locate him, and that\'s where we found out about your father and the danger he is in. Zhu Chang explained.

That\'s why all of us are here.

You know I can\'t take you seriously, the young man calmly stated.

He stopped talking to the youngsters and decided to talk straight with the Black Tortoise King.

Senior Zhu, is it the truth that my father is in danger Out of everyone here, only you\'re someone who is trustworthy.

Please tell the truth because my father will certainly hear of it if it\'s a lie.

They are telling the truth, the Black Tortoise King affirmed before explaining how this clone infiltrated their realm in search of Long Chen and was forced to tell the truth.

A person who can kill my father sleeping inside that secret tomb It doesn\'t sound like something I should believe, but I\'m sure Senior Zhu wouldn\'t lie about something so serious since it can be bad for him later.

I\'ll take your advice and go there to help my father.

Tell me everything you know about that place!


Back in the tomb, It wasn\'t the White Tiger King who was at the risk of being attacked by Tian Shen.

Instead, he was the one who was attacking Long Chen at the moment.

He had trapped his own daughter so she couldn\'t infiltrate.

Even though he had lost his soul weapon temporarily, he didn\'t back off.

He made another weapon, this time purely from his Origin.

He made a heavy sword from Origin.

A dark mystical flame flickered around the sword.

It was as if the old man was challenging Long Chen with a similar weapon that Long Chen used, as if mocking him that even an Origin Sword of his was stronger than Long Chen.

Baihu Zhu flew straight to Long Chen, brandishing his sword with a speed that was hard for normal eyes to catch.

Long Chen didn\'t Dodge either as he shot straight to the White Tiger King.

The two swords clashed with each other in the battle of strength, which resulted in the loss of Long Chen as he was sent flying back since just the brute strength of White Tiger King was enough to overwhelm him.

The battle of strength was won by the White Tiger King, but the battle of Weapon only had one clear winner… The King of all Weapons.

The Sword of Time was only in contact with the Origin Sword for a few brief seconds yet those few seconds were more than enough for the Sword of Time to absorb the strength of the Origin Sword.

All the Flames of the Origin Sword were weakened as they were absorbed in the Sword of Time.

The Origin Energy was purified by the Sword of Time and sent to Long Chen\'s core.

As he had remade his core after it was damaged, the core was also capable of refining the Origin Energy better.

When most of the absorbed energy from the Sword of Time was rejected previously, now everything was perfectly absorbed in his body.

Long Chen felt his body getting stronger right before his eyes.

His cultivation also gained a little boost.

The boost wasn\'t enough to make him jump to the Second Stage of the Martial God Realm, but it did bring him somewhat close to that stage.

This was only when he absorbed a little Origin of the White Tiger King.

He hadn\'t even absorbed any powerful attacks so far.

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Long Chen landed on his feet in the distance.

Since he didn\'t want to give the White Tiger King a chance to wonder why his sword became weaker, he attacked once again.

He needed to keep the White Tiger King distracted so he couldn\'t know that Long Chen was stealing his strength.

Once again, the two swords clashed, but this time the outcome was different.

It was something that even Long Chen hadn\'t expected.

His Sword of Time straight sliced through the Origin Sword as if it was slicing through the butter.

Not only did it destroy the Origin Sword, but it also absorbed all the Origin.

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