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Chapter 13.1

Strive For (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


She said she was sorry, but Song Nanqiao didn’t say anything at night.

She was a little busy this afternoon and forgot about it.


Wen Wenyao waited all night for Song Nanqiao, but after waiting all afternoon, the other side didn’t say anything.


“I won’t say good night today.” Wen Wenyao looked at the blank chat record and said to herself.


Song Nanqiao is completely forgotten, she has been studying today, she is very tired after a simple shower, and then dips into the bed to sleep.


“I asked you to send a message to the heroine yesterday.

Did you send it”


The system suddenly remembered this.


It also forgot yesterday.


“I’ll send her a message now.”


Song Nanqiao took out her phone, mulled it over for a while, and finally sent it out.


“Sorry, I had an appointment with a friend yesterday, didn’t mean to hide it from you.”




No more…


Just this sentence.


Wen Wenyao is also waiting for Song Nanqiao’s message, after the special concern alert tone sounded, Wen Wenyao quickly took out the phone and quietly mimicked the look on the balcony.


That’s it




There is no sincerity at all.


Soon, Wen Wenyao replied with another sentence.


“I’m fine, stay well with your friends.”


Song Nanqiao took a look at it and didn’t reply anymore, so she started her class immediately.


System: How can I smell vinegar


Song Nanqiao: Don’t think about it.


During the break, Luo Ningmeng came to class F.

She came to give Song Nanqiao a thank you, after Song Nanqiao helped her last time, both of them are in contact.




“It’s okay, this cookie is delicious, sister eat more.”


Luo Ningmeng seemed to naturally just open her mouth and call her sister.


Song Nanqiao also did not care, Luo Ningmeng looks quite small, relatively short and petite, while Song Nanqiao looks quite mature, it is okay to call sister.


“Student Council inspection, please enter the class.”


This time it was Wen Wenyao’s deskmate who check, the deskmate just arrived at the door and saw Song Nanqiao, talking happily with a girl, the two seemed to have a good relationship, and the girl also gave Song Nanqiao a packet of cookies.


“I’ll go first.”


“Wait a minute sister, do you want to eat together at noon” Luo Ningmeng indicated the real purpose of her visit, she wanted to ask Song Nanqiao for lunch.


“That, I’m not sure.”


She first thought about Wen Wenyao.

She promised Wen Wenyao yesterday that she will eat with her next time, although she didn’t know whether Wen Wenyao want it today.


“I see, I’ll contact you at noon.” Luo Ningmeng waved goodbye and trotted back to class B.


Song Nanqiao also returned to Class F.


Since Qin Ruixi was laid off, the attitude of students in the Student Council towards Class F has suddenly improved, and when they inspected it, the smell of □ was not so strong.


When the deskmate checked Song Nanqiao, she paid special attention to the examination papers on Song Nanqiao’s desk.


The result seems good


Why in Class F


But the inspection time was limited, and soon she went out.


When the deskmate returned to Class A, she especially recalled Song Nanqiao’s face.

What’s so special about this person She got Wen Wenyao’s attention.


When she sat on the seat, Wen Wenyao, who was next to her, immediately moved the bench to her deskmate.


“Why, all of a sudden”


Shocked by Wen Wenyao, she didn’t react.


“Did you find anything when you inspected class F today”


Wen Wenyao can’t ask about Song Nanqiao directly.


She can only use the excuse of sniffing class F to see if she can ask anything.


“You mean Song Nanqiao”




After being poked in her little mind, Wen Wenyao nodded her head embarrassedly.


“I saw her with a girl, the two seem to have a close relationship, she called Song Nanqiao sister, and also gave Song Nanqiao a packet of cookies, the two seem to have an appointment, go to lunch together at noon.”


When talking about this, Wen Wenyao’s mood changed.

She now feels that the relationship between that girl and Song Nanqiao is better than her own.


Girls are always like this.

They want what they get.

It’s unique.


What’s more, Wen Wenyao seems to have only Song Nanqiao.


Wen Wenyao is also persuading herself, that Song Nanqiao’s friend who is also a girl, between two girls to do these things, there seems to be nothing wrong.


But thinking about it, she felt wrong.

She didn’t call Song Nanqiao’s sister or give Song Nanqiao cookies


She is not unique in Song Nanqiao’s heart.


“Don’t think so much.”


The deskmate saw Wen Wenyao’s mind.


Sure enough, Chairman Wen is still in the stage of teenage lovesickness, insufficient emotional experience, and easy-to-think nonsense.


“Tell me honestly, what is your relationship with Song Nanqiao”


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