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Chapter 13.2

Strive For (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


In her eyes, it seemed that Wen Wenyao and Song Nanqiao definitely not ordinary friends.


Just now she secretly observed Wen Wenyao’s expression, although well hidden, she still saw that her face is full of jealously, indicating that she is possessive of Song Nanqiao, general friends are not that possessive, either very good friends or…crush subject.


“Friends but I don’t want to be friends with her again.”


This feeling can not be said.


The word friend is just too simple to fully express the feelings in Wen Wenyao’s heart.

She would prefer to be an irreplaceable existence with Song Nanqiao.


“This kind of thing, I have to think it myself.”


The deskmate shook her head helplessly, Wen Wenyao is a big lady, precisely because of this, the emotional aspect of things is a blank, this kind of thing, or she has to figure it out by herself.


Think for yourself…


Wen Wenyao pondered for a moment and squeezed her phone tightly, she wanted to ask Song Nanqiao to eat, but, more than asking it herself, what Wen Wenyao wanted was for Song Nanqiao to come over and take the initiative to invite her.


This went on until noon, and Wen Wenyao did not wait for Song Nanqiao’s message.


And Song Nanqiao looked at the blank message record on the phone, her heart felt uncomfortable.


“Maybe she has something to do today.

After all, the heroine is very busy.”


Without waiting for Wen Wenyao, Song Nanqiao didn’t have the nerve to ask.

She could only go with Luo Ningmeng.


But she found that today’s Luo Ningmeng seemed to stick to her especially.


Holding her hand, she looked very happy.


Wen Wenyao in the teaching building watched this scene.


They seem very happy.


Then she bit her lower lip.


But Song Nanqiao did not see her expression.




“Would you like to eat together”


After Luo Ningmeng finished her meal, she sent an invitation to Song Nanqiao again.

This time, Song Nanqiao said no to it.


In fact, Song Nanqiao does not like too much intimacy, she and Luo Ningmeng only met yesterday, not yet to that intimate progress, she is not a self-conscious person, and there will be a sense of resistance to this sudden approach.


“No need, I’ll go back to my dorm room to do laundry tonight.”


A random excuse was made to put off Luo Ningmeng.


“Okay sister, next time if I ask sister out, be sure to say yes.” Luo Ningmeng didn’t feel disappointed, just take her time.


She had plenty of time.


“I can’t promise you that.”


Song Nanqiao felt that the relationship between the two was not that good yet.


She didn’t want to get that close right now.


“Why” Luo Ningmeng was suddenly a little scared, she had now discovered that Song Nanqiao seemed to be resisting her a little.


“I’m not particularly familiar with you yet.” Song Nanqiao also does not beat around the bush, directly said it, the meal is also almost finished, and she can go back.


“I’m sorry, I was too willful.”


Luo Ningmeng lowered her head, she also just wanted to have a closer relationship with Song Nanqiao, if she was hated by Song Nanqiao because of this matter, she would regret it for the rest of her life.


“It’s okay.”


It’s not good to say anything more.

Let’s forget this matter.


On the other hand, Wen Wenyao is still sitting in the office anxiously, she did not eat at noon today.


“Must……be……with her,” Wen Wenyao said to herself.


“Why do you look so listless” The deskmate opened the door of the office.


“Ah, need something”


When Wen Wenyao said these words, she also had breathlessness.


She didn’t look like she was in a good mood.


“Pfft, look at you.”


“What’s wrong”


“If you want it, go and strive for it, if you don’t, what you want will become someone else’s.”


The deskmate provoked.


Wen Wenyao certainly knows what the deskmate referring to.


Strive for…


Since birth, Wen Wenyao has everything, she has not yet experienced, the feeling to strive for something.


“You should take the initiative.

Tonight, tomorrow noon, tomorrow evening…countless days and nights later, someone else will be there instead of you.”


The deskmate made a joke.


But Wen Wenyao heard it in her heart.


Take her place…Stay with Song Nanqiao.

Soon, Song Nanqiao will gradually forget her.

When the time comes, what she wants will become someone else’s.


This feeling is really frightening.


She doesn’t want


Let Song Nanqiao become someone else’s


Even if it’s just a friend


This strong and even scary possessiveness


Wenwen Yao’s heart rose, which made her lose her sense.


“I see.

Go out first.”


Wen Wenyao wanted to call Song Nanqiao.


Want to right now.


“Okay, okay, I’ll leave you alone.” The deskmate was very sensible and left.


As soon as the deskmate left, Wen Wenyao called.


Song Nanqiao walked on the way back to the dormitory, next to Luo Ningmeng, and the phone suddenly rings.


The phone’s incoming call reminder showed that it was Wen Wenyao.


Her hand was trembling as she looked at it, and Song Nanqiao stuttered for half a day, unable to think of what she was going to say.


Suddenly, Wen Wenyao spoke up.


The soft and sweet voice tickled Song Nanqiao’s ears.


“Sister, can you accompany me at night”


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