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Chapter 14.1

Heartbreak (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


Wen Wenyao is calling her sister


Song Nanqiao did not react for a moment.


Only after that, she slowly said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


Just this one sentence is enough to make Wen Wenyao happy.


It can make her happy for a whole day, she still has a place in Song Nanqiao’s heart, Song Nanqiao will let her call herself sister.


“What’s wrong with Wen Wenyao”


“Insecurity, I guess.”


“How so”


“She thinks you’ll give up on her just because of Luo Ningmeng.”


The system felt that Song Nanqiao should care more about Wen Wenyao, the heroine was already lacking company and sometimes she would be lonely.


“I will pay attention.”


Song Nanqiao did not over-interpret the word “Insecurity”.

Just nod her head.


In the evening, Song Nanqiao took the initiative to find Wen Wenyao.

She arrived at Wen Wenyao’s class ten minutes early and sent the message.

Wen Wenyao took the initiative to find her last time.

This time, it was regarded as a courtesy.


But it didn’t take long for the other party to come out, and it looked like she was ready long ago.


“Did you wait for me in advance”


Song Nanqiao took the initiative to take Wen Wenyao’s school bag and carried it on her own back, very natural.




Wen Wenyao walked behind, took the initiative to take Song Nanqiao’s hand, and then walked side by side with Song Nanqiao.


From a distance, it looked like a couple.


Wen Wenyao was surprised and surprised that today Song Nanqiao would be so active.


“Can you come to me often in the future” Gently holding Song Nanqiao’s hand, Wen Wenyao asks in a soft voice.


“I guess I can.” Song Nanqiao did not promise so completely, she should not…have time every day…should be so.


“Well, it doesn’t matter if you can’t come often, but make sure you remember me.”


Wen Wenyao came up and suddenly stood in front of Song Nanqiao, stood on tiptoe, close to Song Nanqiao’s cheek, and said softly in Song Nanqiao’s ear.




Song Nanqiao nodded, then whispered again.


“Ahem, next time don’t lean so close.”


“Hmm What are you talking about” Wen Wenyao didn’t hear it clearly, but she came a little closer and wanted Song Nanqiao to say it again.




After thinking about it, she didn’t say anything.


The two walked to the playground, Wen Wenyao still looked as beautiful as ever.


Wen Wenyao seemed to think of something, turned her head, glanced at Song Nanqiao, then asked softly, “You and that girl, are you very close”


“Sort of friends, haven’t known each other for long, not very good.”


These words were true, and in the words, there was a bit of a tone of coaxing Wen Wenyao.


“What about me I have not known you for that long either.”


“Well…you are different, you are more important.”


When Song Nanqiao said this, her cheeks were a little hot, and she was a little embarrassed, squirming to look away.


How to say it…


Wen Wenyao is indeed different, Song Nanqiao is not sure what the reason is, but she just wants to be a little more biased towards Wen Wenyao.


“If I had a better relationship with her, I wouldn’t have come out to accompany you.” Song Nanqiao muttered a sentence but was heard by Wen Wenyao.


The mood was greatly improved.




After the two people parted from each other, Wen Wenyao sat in the car, the driver didn’t look too good today.




The driver seemed to have something to say, but he quickly swallowed it back.


“What’s wrong”


Wen Wenyao put down her school bag, she felt that the atmosphere was strange now.


“Master is back.” The hands of the driver holding the steering wheel, are a little trembling, Miss’s father, has not returned for a long, long time, but once back, there will be a big issue.


After listening to the driver’s words


All the good mood is gone…


For Wen Wenyao, his father is a terrible existence.

He is very strict with her.

If she does not follow his instructions, she will be punished.

Over time, a strong sense of oppression has formed in her mind.


There was some breathlessness.


Two people a silence, the atmosphere in the car more depressing, the driver unconsciously drove a little faster, if you go back too late, the master will be angry…


“Miss, when I get home, I won’t go in.”


The driver dared not go in.

He couldn’t stand the look of the master.




Wen Wenyao is not afraid of her father, the man named Wen Guangquan.


When she got out of the car, she saw that the door was already open and a man was sitting at the dining table in the hall, smoking a cigarette.

Next to the man, was her sister, Wen Jiayao.


Usually lively and active Wen Jiayao, now sitting next to him, head sweating, not even dare to move a little.


After seeing Wen Wenyao, she cast a look of help to Wen Wenyao.


Wen Wenyao took a deep breath, organized her clothes, lifted the broken hair between her forehead, and recalled in her head the most onerous ritual steps.


Then, the elegant body took one step towards the hall.


The posture is perfect, the pace is elegant, and the temperament is one of a kind.


A taste of an aristocratic grand lady.


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