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Chapter 15.2

Protection (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


“Hahaha…I used…often.”


Song Nanqiao said embarrassed, awkwardly turning her head elsewhere.


After all, this kind of behavior is not elegant.

She doesn’t know what Wen Wenyao thinks.


Before she finished speaking, Wen Wenyao went directly to her and hugged her.

It was a very tight embrace.


“It’s OK.

Just cry out when you are in a bad mood.”


Wen Wenyao didn’t tell her what had happened, so she could only comfort her clumsily.


“You will accompany me” Wen Wenyao said in a muffled voice.


Song Nanqiao feels that her skin is wet, and Wen Wenyao is crying.


“Yes, I will.

Didn’t I come as soon as you called”


Touching Wen Wenyao’s head, Song Nanqiao said softly.


It was the first time that she had coaxed someone with such a soft voice.


“I don’t want to lose you…”


Wen Wenyao’s voice tensed up, and after hugging Song Nanqiao, he was unwilling to let go.


“Okay, it’s okay.”


Song Nanqiao doesn’t understand Wen Wenyao’s word “lost”, and she doesn’t smell well.

Her immediate goal is to coax Wen Wenyao.


The two just like this.

After holding each other for a long time, Wen Wenyao took the initiative to release Song Nanqiao, and her eyes were red with tears.

Song Nanqiao helped wipe her tears and poured her a cup of hot water.


After she calmed down


Only then did she slowly tell her story.




When Wen Wenyao speaks, she sometimes feels uncomfortable, but Song Nanqiao has been touching her back, silently comforting her.


“There is such a thing, this is the modern era.” After hearing this matter, Song Nanqiao thought silently in her heart.


She can understand Wen Wenyao’s emotions.


“If you don’t want to get married, I won’t let you get married.”


Song Nanqiao smiles confidently.


There were still about five or four years until college, and only later would they slowly talk about marriage, if she dropped out of school now, Song Nanqiao would have the certainty to rise again within five years.


She can protect Wen Wenyao.


Wen Wenyao leaned on Song Nanqiao’s shoulder, whimpering like a small cat, seemingly seeking Song Nanqiao for security.


She was willing to trust Song Nanqiao, but she was also afraid of that father.


“What are you going to do…”


“I’m going to apply for homeschooling.

I will rise rapidly in five years.

You will study hard these years.

Trust me.”


“But this weekend, I will meet them to dinner.”


“I will follow you.”


Song Nanqiao hugged Wen Wenyao and told her not to worry.


“Are you serious…”


Wen Wenyuan wants to confirm.

She wants to confirm Song Nanqiao’s intentions.

To confirm if Song Nanqiao will give it to her.




“But your studies…”


“I’ll apply with the school after the midterm, and I’ll find time to slowly make up for things like academics later.”


“Don’t you want to get into class A”


“I want to, but I don’t have time.”


Song Nanqiao followed her heart.

Don’t lie to her just because you are coaxing her.


She originally intended to start over at college, but she found that she couldn’t afford to wait, time waits for no one, and it would be a waste of her time to go to school again instead.


Learning can be done slowly, but the earlier she starts her business, the better.


The college diploma she got through her studies is of little use to her now, Song Nanqiao has long been able to be able to mix in society.


“That’s not good, you can’t do that for me.”


Wen Wenyao shook her head desperately, she did not want to make Song Nanqiao pay so much because of herself.


Besides, what’s the relationship between her and Song Nanqiao


Both of them never mentioned it.


Let nature take its course and get along slowly.


Why should Song Nanqiao do this for her


In the end, if it hadn’t been for Song Nanqiao’s willingness to get along with her, they wouldn’t have even been able to become friends, let alone be taken care of by Song Nanqiao as she is now.


“You’re worth it, and it’s also my will, it’s not like I’m not going to stop studying, I’m just starting my career while studying at home.” Coaxing the girl, Song Nanqiao does not want her to feel guilty.

As long as she can see the other person’s life is good, Song Nanqiao can do these things.




Wen Wenyao is still stubborn.

She feels that she has treated Song Nanqiao unfairly, and Song Nanqiao has lost many opportunities.


“Well, trust me, don’t think too much.”


If this continues, she will not be able to argue with Wen Wenyao.


“Do you want to sleep”


“Kind of want to…”


Tired of crying


“You sleep, I’ll go back later.”


“Wait…can you stay with me Leave in the morning…”


Wen Wenyao took Song Nanqiao’s arm, slowly brought her back, brought her to her side, and tried to make Song Nanqiao stay with her body.




This request is too much, Song Nanqiao is very tangled.


“Promise me…this is my only wish now.”


Saying that, Wen Wenyao took the initiative to move, then raised her head and looked condescendingly at Song Nanqiao, hoping that the other party could promise her and sleep next to her.


Song Nanqiao stiffly moved and saw that Wen Wenyao had lifted the quilt and sat in the middle of the bed, but did not cover herself with the quilt, in the warm light, the girl showed more beautiful and delicate.


Sitting in front of Song Nanqiao, Wen Wenyao inadvertently showed her perfect figure to Song Nanqiao.

The white skin with delicate collarbone, under the ice silk pajamas, shows more elegance and charm.




Worthy of being the heroine.


Just now, Song Nanqiao has been busy coaxing Wen Wenyao, but she hasn’t paid attention to it.


Now she has a careful look.


System: Who can stand it


Song Nanqiao: Me.


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