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Chapter 18.1

Affection (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


This sentence is cold, with a threatening tone.


Qin Qiuhan felt as if the temperature around her had dropped by five degrees Celsius.


Soon, with a boom, the door was slammed open.

Wen Wenyao left, leaving Qin Qiuchan.


It’s over…


It’s really no fun now.

Unexpectedly, this woman has a good relationship with Wen Wenyao.

Looking at Wen Wenyao’s eyes just now, Qin Qiuhan realized that the relationship between their family and Wen’s also cracked.


Wen Wenyao walked away and went straight to the school infirmary.


As soon as she open the door, she saw Song Nanqiao lying on a white single bed.

The school doctor was giving Song Nanqiao a simple hemostasis treatment.

The gauze had been wrapped on her head.

It seemed that there was no big problem.


When she saw this, Wen Wenyao’s heart slowly calmer.


“How is it”


Wen Wenyao came over to ask, grabbed Song Nanqiu’s hand, and asked the school doctor.


“The bleeding stopped, but there may be a concussion after being hit by heavy objects.

You should go to a special hospital to have a look at this.”


The school doctor was not sure.

It looks okay now, she did not dare to take it lightly when he was hit by a swing stick.


“Okay, thank you.”


Wen Wenyao politely said thank you, then cast her eyes on Song Nanqiao’s face, and then stroked Song Nanqiao’s cheek with warm palms, with a gesture of remembrance and reluctance.


She wants to accompany Song Nanqiao.


“The ambulance is coming.

If you want to see her, go to the hospital after school this afternoon.” The school doctor looked suspiciously at Wen Wenyao.


She knew Wen Wenyao and knew the identity of the great daughter of the Wen family.

When she saw the expression on Wen Wenyao’s face, she feels something wrong, this is not like the concern of friends.


In the school doctor’s heart vaguely born out a guess…


These two…


It couldn’t be…


That kind of relationship is…


But these two people are both girls ah…


The school doctor made up a large dog-blood love drama in his own head.


When he calmed down, Wen Wenyao already left.




As for Qin Qiuhan’s side, the headmaster had been hard to deal with Qin Qiuhan because of the Qin family’s face before.

Now the Wen family has spoken directly, not only in accordance with school regulations, but also to send to the police.


Now with the support of the Wen family, the headmaster can settle the old and new accounts together.

In fact, he has long been unhappy with the Qin family.


Qin Qiuhan and her younger brothers were sent to the court that afternoon.

The court took a lot of photos of Song Nanqiao’s injuries as evidence.

All were seriously injured in the head, and they were still fighting in groups.

It was obvious that this was even an intentional crime.


Prison or something, should be nailed to the board.


Qin Ruixi did not expect that his sister would be punished directly by the Wen family.

Now, when looking at Qin Ruixi, the students in other classes are talking and saying something unpleasant.


He now seems to have some understanding of how Song Nanqiao felt, the feeling of being talked about behind his back by a bunch of people.


It’s terrible…


Wen Wenyao’s deskmate naturally heard about it.

First, she was surprised that Qin Qiuhan would do that.

Then, she was shocked that Wen Wenyao went to the roof to save her.

She kept covering Song Nanqiao’s forehead with handkerchiefs to stop Song Nanqiao’s bleeding.


This is simply, unbelievable.


When she was injured, Wen Wenyao act quickly and cared about her after she was bandaged.


This Song Nanqiao, really…something ah


Wen Wenyao also feel uneasy.

She still doesn’t know the students in class F and whether their relationship is what Wen Wenyao thinks.


When Wen Wenyao helped take care of Song Nanqiao, the deskmate was speculating about Song Nanqiao’s identity.

When Wen Wenyao was lost because she didn’t see Song Nanqiao, the deskmate became more curious. 


What happened now has aroused the curiosity of the deskmate of Song Nanqiao to the extreme.


“No, I have to go to class F to ask.”


Determined, the deskmate got up from the bench and went to class F.


At the same time, the people in class F are also talking about this matter.

They are also talking about Wen Wenyao’s rescue of Song Nanqiao, Song Nanqiao’s injury, and Qin Qiuhan’s going to court.


“Who are you looking for”


Class F saw the deskmates.


They knew this person is a cadre of the student council.


“I want to inquire about Song Nanqiao.”


The deskmate did not turn the corner and asked directly.


When they heard that she was coming to inquire about Song Nanqiao, the people in Class F immediately became interested.

They all crowded around her and told her what they thought of Song Nanqiao.


“In the last semester, she was an ordinary dog licker.”


“All I know is that her grades have suddenly changed this semester, and her personality has also changed, just like a new person.”


“No, no, no… In terms of the semester, it should be the freshman welcome party.

After she confessed to Wen Wenyao, the whole person changed, her grades improved and her character became better.”


“Maybe the reason she decided to pursue the goddess…”


This almost covers Song Nanqiao’s experience during this period.


After the deskmate heard the words confess to Wen Wenyao, she forgot all the other words.


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