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Chapter 21.1

Wen Family (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


She hadn’t gotten a firm foothold in this world yet.


Nor would she allow herself to give some empty promises.


Song Nanqiao kept telling herself in her heart that she must resist the temptation…


The temptation named “Wen Wenyao”.


“I want to sleep.”


Song Nan pretends to lie down, but actually she just wants quietness.


“Really” Wen Wenyao has not stayed enough.

She asked for leave at school until tomorrow morning, but now Song Nanqiao is tired.

She will disturb her if she stays here.


“En, please send me a message.”


Now the ward is almost ready and she can go home first.


“I’ll come to see you tomorrow, and I’ll pick you up the night after tomorrow.

You can accompany me to the party.”


The girl stood up from the chair, her slender body slowly bent down and was in Song Nanqiao’s ear, her sweet voice line reached Song Nanqiao’s ears.




Again, it’s too tempting.


Song Nanqiao turns her head, but her ear turns red.

Wen Wenyao notices this small detail and feels much better.


Creak, there was the sound of closing the door at the door.

When Song Nanqiao looked back, Wen Wenyao had left.


Finally, she felt relieved.


Suddenly…she feels embarrassed.


“Your heart rate is going up.”


System detects Song Nanqiao’s body changes.




Of course, she knew that being so close to such a beautiful girl would certainly make her nervous, although it was not once or twice.




Song Nanqiao is really sleepy.

She only slept for four hours last time.

The condition of this ward is very good.

The warm air in the air conditioner makes her feel better.


After she closed close eyes, it was after nine o’clock in the evening.


When she woke up, she found that she had two missed calls and a dozen messages.


She turned on her mobile phone and saw that it was sent by Luo Ningmeng.

It was all an apology.


When Luo Ningmeng knew that Song Nanqiao had been called into the hospital because of herself, she felt very guilty.

She wanted to see Song Nanqiao, but she didn’t ask for leave, so she could only secretly send a message or call Song Nanqiao during the break.


But Song Nanqiao didn’t answer any of them.


“Hmph, she has caused you to become like this.

Do you want to get back”


The system is quite heartbroken of Song Nanqiao, because of some things that have nothing to do with her, she was beaten so badly, this girl also did not come to the hospital to see Song Nanqiao.


“It’s okay.

I knew this would happen when I helped her.”


Song Nanqiao doesn’t care about these wounds.

She is not afraid of pain or death.


After reading the message again, she replied to Luo Ningmeng, “I’m fine, don’t worry about me.”


After the message was sent, the other party called immediately.


“Are you really okay” Luo Ningmeng’s voice was a little worried.


“I’m in the hospital now.

I’m really fine.”


“The hospital”


“The First City Hospital.”


“I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”




Now Song Nanqiao just wants to be quiet alone and take advantage of this comfortable private time to think about the follow-up work.


But Luo Ningmeng was very stubborn and insisted on coming.

Song Nanqiao has no choice but to agree with her.


After hanging up Luo Ningmeng’s phone, Song Nanqiao tries to walk on the ground.

After finding that she can walk normally, she is relieved and ready to take a bath.

There is a bathroom in the single room, which looks very clean.


It’s more comfortable than the hot water in the school.

She didn’t realize that she had been washing for a long time.


After 10:00 p.m., Wen Wenyao first sent her a message, urging her to go to bed early.

After that, Luo Ningmeng also sent her a message, telling her to take care of her injuries.


Song Nanqiao replied to Wen Wenyao but did not reply to Luo Ningmeng.

She doesn’t mean anything but simply doesn’t want to reply.


After that, she lay on the bed and began to sleep.


It’s 8 a.m.


This was the longest time she had slept since she was born again.

She slept very comfortably If not because of hunger, she would have stayed in bed for a while.


“Hello, your breakfast is here.”


The nurse knocked at Song Nanqiao’s door.


“Come in.” Song Nanqiao quickly took the blanket and put it on herself, pretending to be up.


“I didn’t order breakfast”


Looking at the plate in the nurse’s hand, it was filled with exquisite breakfast, which looked appetizing.


“Miss Wen ordered it for you, the best breakfast in this hospital, all configured by the chef according to the patient’s condition.”


The nurse looks at Song Nanqiao, this girl is Miss Wen’s family specially explained to take special care, whether it is diet or living, all the best.


In fact, the best breakfast in their hospital is not so good.

Some extra are added for Song Nanqiao.


“Thank you.”


Song Nanqiao took the breakfast and politely said thank you.


“After eating, just put it where it is.

Press the button beside the bed, and we will come to collect the dishes.”


The nurse said kindly and turned around and gently closed the door of Song Nanqiao’s room.


The time for breakfast passed like this, and after Song Nanqiao had eaten her fill, she continued to pile up inside the stock market again.


She spent 6 hours going through the financial statements of hundreds of boss companies in this world, took a book out, wrote and drew on it, and made a lot of notes.


After a long selection, she chose three or four companies with potential.


These companies are not large, and the current price of the stock is not expensive, worth a long-term investment.


Later, she spent another 3 hours checking the current business giants.

These companies have become dominant in their own fields.


During this process, Song Nanqiao was surprised to find that quite a lot of these giant companies came from Wen family.

On the board of directors of these companies, the largest share was a man named Wen Guangquan.


Wen Wenyao’s father.


Song Nanqiao repeated the name several times in her heart.


She will see him later.


At 6 o’clock in the afternoon, Song Nanqiao looked at the mobile phone all day and had a certain understanding of the general market of the world.


She also has some follow-up plans


Just as she was about to turn off my mobile phone for a rest, it rang.


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