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Chapter 21.2

Wen Family (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


Song Nanqiao look, it was Luo Ningmeng who is calling, so she picked it up.


“I came to see you.

I bought some goods and health care products, and now I’m downstairs of the hospital.” The voice of Luo Ningmeng sounded a little hard as if she had carried a lot of things.


“Do you want me to pick you up”


Song Nanqiao thought about whether to help her carry some things.


“No need! You rest well and wait for me to come up.”


After saying that, Luo Ningmeng hung up her phone.


She has too many things on her hands, so it’s inconvenient to answer the phone.


Luo Ningmeng’s family is actually considered relatively good, although not as rich as the Qin family and the Wen family, a good life is completely guaranteed, this time Song Nanqiao because she was so seriously injured, Luo Ningmeng is ashamed of herself, so she bought her a lot of care products.


She also planned to settle all of Song Nanqiao’s medical bills.


When she carried her things to the consultation desk, the doctor said that someone had already settled Song Nanqiao’s medical bills for her.


“Did the school help her settle her medical bills”


Luo Ningmeng asked.


“No, it’s Miss Wen’s family.”


The nurse looked up and saw Luo Ningmeng.

The jewelry on the girl’s body and the mobile phone in her hand was not cheap, and they looked like a rich child.


This made the nurse more curious about Song Nanqiao’s identity.




Sure enough, the relationship between the two people is different


She doesn’t really want Song Nanqiao to get too close to other girls.


“Where is her ward, please”


“Ward 210.”


“Thank you.”


Luo Ningmeng pushes open Song Nanqiao’s ward door.


“How do you feel” Luo Ningmengsmiled at Song Nanqiao and put her things on the table.


Song Nanqiao looked at all the things that were not cheap.


It seems that the girl has a good family background.


She always feels that all around her are rich women, and only she is a poor dog.


“Actually, there is no need to buy so many things, I am almost healed.”


It’s really unnecessary to buy so many things.

Now she can fully move around.

There is no big wound on my head.

So many supplements are really wasted.


“It’s okay.

It’s because of me…”


Luo Ningmeng’s eyes became complicated, and Song Nanqiao could not understand what she was thinking.


“Let me peel an apple for you.” Luo Ningmeng reached for a ceramic knife on the table.


Quietly peel fruits for Song Nanqiao.


At that moment, the door of the ward rang again.

The sound was very quiet, but Song Nanqiao could hear it.


“Please come in.”


Song Nanqiao thought it was the nurse, but Luo Ningmengg puts down her ceramic knife and looks nervous.


The door opened slowly.


A figure walked in from the door.

Her long black hair was naturally scattered on her shoulders.

Wearing an apricot-colored suit, she was warm and beautiful.


After Wen Wenyao entered the door, her originally gentle sight became somewhat dignified, because she saw Luo Ningmeng.


She met this girl once.

The girl who had dinner with Song Nanqiao last time said that she was Song Nanqiao’s friend.


This time Qin Qiuhan attacked Song Nanqiao because of her.


Luo Ningmeng was also a little embarrassed.

She suddenly felt like an outsider.

She always felt that she should not be here, but she wanted to stay and fight for it.




Aware of the wonderful atmosphere between the two, Song Nanqiao coughed twice.


She always feels that there is something wrong with these two people staying together.


Both girls understood Song Nanqiao’s meaning.

In order not to embarrass Song Nanqiao, they slowly put down their guard, and their expressions began to change.


“Hello.” Wen Wenyao opened her mouth.


“En, good afternoon.” Luo Ningmeng also replied.


Now it seems that the atmosphere between the two people is much more harmonious.


The author has something to say: there is one more hour at 22 pm, please look forward to it.

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Ps: Luo Ningmeng doesn’t like Wen Wenyao approaching Song Nanqiao.

He is worried about Wen Wenyao’s existence.

Song Nanqiao won’t play with herself.

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