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It was a person.

His armor was already covered in duckweed from the deep sea.

His corpse had long rotted, but his bones hadnt been washed away by the seawater yet.

The white bones were completely trapped in the armor, and dozens of iron chains were piercing through the armor!

It was too dark for Losis to see the other partys face clearly.

He hurriedly took out a deep-sea Night-Luminescent Pearl from his interspatial ring.

Dark blue light was released from the Night-Luminescent Pearl in the deep sea.

The dark seabed instantly became slightly brighter, and he could finally see something.

Losis stood in front of the corpse.

With the blue light of the Night-Luminescent Pearl, he slowly raised his head to size up the corpse.

He was wearing armor and was imprisoned in the depths of the sea by the iron chain while kneeling on the ground.

The elf wings on his back had already rotted, and the wings were embedded in the armor while maintaining an open posture.

There was a pendant tied to the waist of the elf armor.

It was the symbol of the elven warriors.

A sign would be hung on the pendant.

and their identity information would be written on the sign so that they could be identified after they died in battle.

Losis bent down and grabbed the pendant at the persons waist.

He wiped the duckweed off the pendant.

After wiping away the duckweed, Losis noticed that the identity card was made of gold.

His expression immediately changed.

Only members of the Elven royal family could wear a golden identity card.

This person was actually a member of the royal family

However, when the duckweed on the identity card was completely wiped away, and when Losis saw the words “Moldo” on the card, he immediately cried out, “Ah!”

Losis immediately took out his flare gun and fired a shot above the trench.

By the time the signal flare passed through the trench and floated above the demonic cave, a minute or two had passed.

Seeing the signal flare, the two colleagues standing beside the aircraft immediately flew into the demonic cave and swam deeper into the trench.

When they arrived beside Losis and saw Moldos body, they were so shocked that their bodies trembled.

“Mo… Elven King! This is actually the corpse of the noble War God Elven King!”

The Elven King, Moldo, was the most powerful person in the history of the elves.

He was the founder of the Elven royal family and the ancestor of Donor and the others.

He lived six thousand years ago.

It was said that Moldo later went to the Upper World, but he died in a battle in the Upper World, and his corpse was still missing.

The only thing Moldo left in the world was his divine grade rank four cultivation technique, the Power of Light.

Who would have thought that the Elven Kings body had been imprisoned in the Light Sea all along!

“Quick! Report this matter to the royal family and the Alliance Headquarters immediately!”

All the Alliance members temporarily returned to Conference Hall 2 and waited for news from the Light Sea and the Jade Illusion Continent.

They waited from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon.

After they waited for a long time, there was still no news from the Light Sea and the Jade Illusion Continents branch.

Bai Xi said mockingly, “The branch hasnt given a reply.

Could it be that they didnt dig up anything” Then, Bai Xi gave Ji Linyuan a provocative look.


Ji Linyuan, what should we do”

Ji Linyuan crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair.

When he heard this, he blinked but couldnt be bothered to look up at Bai Xi in response.

Seeing this, Bai Xi sneered.

Sheng Lingfeng looked at his watch and felt anxious.

The door was suddenly knocked open and someone walked in anxiously.

Hearing the commotion, everyone turned to look at the entrance and saw Lu Yubei walking in anxiously.

He held a phone in his hand and stood at the podium.

He raised the phone and shouted excitedly, “President Losis of the Light Sea Branch found a Prime Master bone in the deep trench of the demonic cave.

The deceased is the Elven King, Moldo!”

Everyone was in an uproar.

“What!” The vice president, Carasso, suddenly stood up and shouted with a shocked expression, “How could that be!”

Carasso rushed towards Lu Yubei and snatched the phone from him.

He held the phone and asked the person on the other end in a serious voice, “Losis, who did you find in the trench!”

Carasso was the president of the Light Sea Beast Tamer Alliance and Losis superior.

Upon hearing Carassos question, Losis hurriedly replied, “President, I found the corpse of a Prime Master at the bottom of the trench.

He was wearing golden armor and had a golden identity card at his waist.

The name Moldo was clearly written on it!”

“President, theres no mistake.”

Hearing this, Carasso almost fainted.

He held Lu Yubeis arm and asked, “Will the royal family send people over”

“Theyre already here.

The king is already here.

In order to verify the underwater corpse, the king will personally go deep into the sea to perform the ancestral recognition ceremony.

The answer will be given in five minutes at the latest.”

“Alright, I wont hang up.

Let me know immediately when the results are out.”

At this moment, the hall was silent.

After knowing that the body of the most powerful Elven King of the Light Elves was most likely hidden in the demonic cave, the members of the Alliance found it unbelievable.

Ji Linyuan broke the silence.

He turned to Bai Xi and said, “Mr.

Bai Xi, lets not talk about whether the identity of the Prime Master is the Elven King or not for now.

Lets just say that an ancient Prime Master has really been discovered at the bottom of this trench.

This can prove that what Yu Huang said is true.


Bai Xi, the Divine Moon Empire has already drafted the contract.

Dont forget to sign it later.”

From the moment he found out from Lu Yubei that there was indeed a Prime Master hidden at the bottom of the demonic cave, Bai Xis expression became very ugly.

After being mocked by Ji Linyuan, Bai Xis expression became even uglier.

Bai Xi said with a fake smile, “If Yu Huangs words are true, then your countrys Grand State Masters sacrifice is really admirable.

In order to show my respect, why cant I sign this contract”

His words sounded very magnanimous, but Ji Linyuan noticed that Bai Xis hand was tightly gripping onto the leather cushion on the armrest of the chair.

The cushion was filled with cotton, and the leather cushion was broken and the cotton came out.

Ji Linyuan stared at the shredded cotton under Bai Xis palm and smiled meaningfully.

Bai Xi continued, “However, theres still no news from Sleeping Island.


Ji Linyuan, dont be happy too early.”

Ji Linyuan shrugged.

“Then lets wait and see.”

When Sheng Lingfeng heard the contents of their conversation, he couldnt laugh at all.

When he thought of the Grand State Masters heroic sacrifice, he felt guilty.

He had many years of friendship with the Grand State Master, but when he saw the reflection in Bai Zhenzhens eyes, he really suspected the Grand State Master.

Sheng Lingfeng felt deeply guilty.

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