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At this moment, Losis received an accurate answer.

Carasso heard Losis shout for the president on the phone.

He quickly raised his index finger to his lips and gestured for everyone to be quiet.

Everyone fell silent and pricked up their ears to eavesdrop on what Losis was about to say.

In the silence, Losis voice spread through the loudspeaker in Conference Room 2.

“President, His Majesty has completed the ancestral recognition ceremony.

Now, we have confirmed that the Prime Master bone at the bottom of the trench is that of the Elven King.”

Hearing this result, Carasso closed his eyes in grief.

Moldo was the strongest among the Light Elves.

He was a war god.

His statue stood in the center of the Holy City and was worshiped by the Light Seas people.

The Light Elves didnt believe in ghosts and gods.

They only believed in the Elven King.

However, their mighty War God Elven King, Moldo, had been cruelly imprisoned at the bottom of the demonic cave for hundreds of years!

This was the greatest humiliation the Light Elves had ever suffered!

Carasso opened his eyes again, and his eyes were filled with hatred.

“Everyone, Yu Huang is right.

There is indeed a Prime Master bone hidden under the demonic cave of the Light Sea.” After a pause, Carasso said in a sorrowful tone, “After confirmation, the identity of that Prime Master bone is that of the Light Elves War God Elven King, Moldo.”

Carasso suddenly slammed his fist on the table.

Golden energy caused a layer of ripples on the table, and the table was instantly smashed into pieces.

“From now on, our Elve Clan will be irreconcilable with the heavens! Our Elve Clan will definitely use all our strength to find the hiding place of the heavens and kill him!”

Everyone had different expressions when they heard this.

Moldo was the strongest person in the history of the elves.

Even someone like him was killed by the heavens.

How powerful was god

According to Yu Huang, the heavens had long died.

The only thing left in the Holy Spirit Continent was his soul.

If a single soul was already so powerful, how terrifying would he be at his peak

And the heavens was still alive and hiding in someones body.

What could they do to defeat him and let the Holy Spirit Continent obtain true freedom

The heavens was like a huge rock that pressed down on everyones hearts, making them unable to breathe.

At this moment, the phone in Lu Yubeis hand rang again.

Everyone suddenly looked up at Lu Yubei.

Lu Yubei picked up the phone and pressed the loudspeaker button.

Everyone heard a woman say in the Divine Moon Empires language, “Reporting to the alliance headquarters, this is the Jade Illusion Continents Evil Dragon City branch.

I am the branch president, Yao Yue.

At this moment, I am on the Sleeping Island.

What I want to tell everyone is that there is indeed a Prime Master bone imprisoned under the Sleeping Island.

The identity still needs to be investigated.”

Hearing this, everyone closed their eyes.

Prime Master Bones had been discovered at all six array points.

From this, it could be seen that Yu Huangs words were true.

Mo Xiao wasnt the murderer of Dongfang Sile and Bai Zhenzhen.

The heavens was.

Mo Xiao wasnt a sinner.

He was the greatest hero in the world!

Sheng Lingfeng sighed deeply.

He stood up and turned to Bai Xi.


Bai Xi, the truth is out.

Prime Master Mo Xiao is innocent.

Next, please fulfill your promise and sign the truce letter.

You will never invade the Divine Realm Continent for a hundred years!”

Bai Xis expression was extremely ugly.

He took a deep breath to suppress his anger and unwillingness.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Dont worry, I wont go back on my word.”

After nodding, Sheng Lingfeng looked at Dongfang Xiagui.

Dongfang Xiagui sat in his seat in a daze.

Sheng Lingfeng called out to him, but he didnt react.

Ever since she heard Yu Huangs words in the morning, Dongfang Xiagui had had this reaction.

Yu Huang was the Yin Clans Patriarch, the Young Madam of the Sheng Clan, and Lin Jianshengs only personal disciple.

She was definitely not the kind of person who would lie to protect Mo Xiaos reputation.

Thus, when Bai Xi and the others were still questioning the truth of Yu Huangs words, Dongfang Xiagui already knew that Mo Xiao wasnt a sinner.

Mo Xiao wasnt the sinner who killed his great-grandfather.

But he was the sinner who had killed Mo Xiao.

Dongfang Xiagui recalled the scene of him cursing Mo Xiao in front of everyone this morning.

He felt extremely guilty.

Not only was Mo Xiao his great-grandfathers best friend, but his great-grandfather was also his best friend.

He had been possessed by the heavens, and the heavens had borrowed his body to kill his best friend.

He was the person who felt the most pain.

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