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And he, who didnt know the truth, had actually insulted Mo Xiao so harshly.

Dongfang Xiagui was filled with regret.

Dongfang Xiagui covered his face with his hand and sighed heavily.

Then, he muttered to herself, “I… feel guilty!”

Sheng Lingfeng walked to Dongfang Xiagui.

When he heard Dongfang Xiaguis murmur, his expression became mixed.

“Patriarch Dongfang, the truth is out now.

Prime Master Mo Xiao isnt the sinner who killed your great-grandfather.

Please tell your ancestor when you get home.

Tell him the truth.

I hope he can rest in peace in the netherworld.”

Dongfang Xiagui hammered his chest hard and roared with bloodshot eyes, “How can I have the nerve to pay respects to my great-grandfather! Not only did I force Prime Master Mo Xiao to death, but I also insulted him in front of everyone.

How can I have the nerve to pay respects to my great-grandfather!”

Seeing Dongfang Xixias pain and regret, Sheng Lingfeng comforted him.

“Prime Master Mo Xiao is a compassionate and tolerant person.

He wont blame you.”

Sheng Lingfeng raised his head and looked around at his colleagues in Conference Hall 2.

He said in a choked voice, “No one is the sinner who forced Mo Xiao to death.

He was willing to die.”

Most of the experts present had grown up listening to the legendary story of the Grand State Master.

The Grand State Master was the idol of many people.

Therefore, after they heard Sheng Lingfengs words, many emotional Beast Tamers eyes turned red on the spot, and some female cultivators even cried.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Prime Master Mo Xiao sacrificed his life to save the world.

He is a hero of the Holy Spirit Continent! President, the name of Prime Master Mo Xiao should be engraved on the monument forever for future generations to admire!”

Everyone responded at once.

“Yes! Mo Xiaos name should be engraved on the monument to be worshiped!”

“Thats right!” Ji Linyuan also stood up and said loudly, “In order to expose that bastards conspiracy, the Grand State Master took the lead in sacrificing himself.

We cant be cowards! I propose that from now on, the entire continent will form an alliance to find out the existence of the heavens and completely destroy him!”

“Its true that hes a Divine Master, but who knows if he was a Divine Master who created the Holy Spirit Continent or if the Holy Spirit Continent chose to let him become a god!”

“Wed rather not have a god who disregards human life!”

Ji Linyuans words aroused the courage of the experts present.

“Thats right! Who said that God is invincible! In the past, I thought that Divine Masters could live forever, but in the end Even if hes a God, hes a person with flesh and blood, and hes a mortal.

He might be very strong, but if all the forces of the Holy Spirit Continent combined, we might not be weaker than him!”

“Well only know whos stronger and whos weaker after a battle.

Isnt it the duty of Beast Tamers to become stronger, protect our family, friends, country, and hometown! Now that someone is harming our compatriots and destroying our continent, isnt Mo Xiaos death enough to awaken our desire for revenge!”

An expert from the Lion King Clan stood up and said angrily, “Although Ive always disliked how hypocritical you humans are, I really admire Prime Master Mingjue and Prime Master Mo Xiao from the bottom of my heart.

Prime Master Mo Xiao wants to use his death to prove himself and use his death to awaken our fighting spirit!”

“Everyone, we have to stand up and work together to kill the heavens and make the Holy Spirit Continent our continent!”

Every Beast Tamers eyes were red, and every Beast Tamer had an indignant expression.

Mo Xiaos death successfully awakened the courage of the Beast Tamers.

From this moment onwards, the Beast Tamers would stand up and unite to fight the enemy together!

Tears welled up in Sheng Lingfengs eyes.

He raised his head and sighed.

Then, he walked to the podium.

The podium table had been shattered and the microphone had fallen to the ground.

Sheng Lingfeng picked up the microphone, opened it, and patted it.

Upon hearing the microphone, everyone in the noisy hall instantly fell silent.

Everyone stopped and looked down at Sheng Lingfeng, who was at the front.

Sheng Lingfengs hoarse voice spread through the microphone in Conference Room 2.

He said, “Everyone is right.

We have to unite and fight the enemy together.

Even if Mo Xiaos actions today severely injured the other party, and perhaps the other party has already suffered a huge blow, as long as his soul doesnt dissipate, he will eventually make a comeback!”

“Perhaps we will no longer be persecuted by the heavens in our lifetime, but what about our children What about our grandchildren The Holy Spirit Continent is still very young.

We will eventually die of old age, but our descendants will still live on this land.

They will still have endless possibilities.

It is cowardly for us to ignore this possibility.

Since we cultivators have received the favor of the heavens, we should use all our strength to fight for the future for the descendants of the continent! Fight for the future of the Holy Spirit Continent!”

“Therefore, I, Sheng Lingfeng, advocate for everyone to raise their weapons and ally with me to resist the heavens!”

“If the heavens are the sky, then well pierce through the sky!”

“If the heavens is a god, then well kill God!”

Hearing Sheng Lingfengs words, everyone became emotional.

Ji Linyuan took the lead and stood up while shouting, “Lets form an alliance to fight the enemy! Stab the heavens and kill God!”

The next second, the same slogan spread in Hall 2—

“Form an alliance to fight the enemy! Stab the heavens and kill God!” Their voices were very loud, spreading throughout the entire capital.

Xuanyuan Shen stood in the crowd.

In order not to let others see that something was wrong, he could only raise his hand with a bitter expression and shout the slogan—

“Lets form an alliance to resist the enemy and kill God!”

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