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Xuanyuan Shen shouted loudly, but his back was covered in cold sweat.

This was because at this moment, that person was cursing angrily in his mind, “Bastard, I created all of you.

Without me, where would you all come from! Every blade of grass and tree in the Holy Spirit Continent is mine! Isnt it fair for me to want some providence from you guys!”

“A bunch of ungrateful bastards! They even want to kill a god! Gods are supreme, and I am the ruler of the Holy Spirit Continent!”

He could hear his colleagues shouting at the heavens.

His mind was filled with the curses of the heavens.

No one knew how tormented Xuanyuan Shen was.

Perhaps it was because the heavens was too emotional, but with Xuanyuan Shens cultivation level, he couldnt withstand it.

His head buzzed, and he, who was shouting, suddenly fell to the ground with a bang.

Seeing Xuanyuan Shen faint, Liuli Xiangsi, who was closer to him, rolled her eyes.

She hurriedly stood on her tiptoes and waved at Ye Qingan, who was sitting in the southwest corner of the conference room.

“Doctor Ye, Patriarch Xuanyuan suddenly fainted because he wasnt feeling well.

Please come and take a look at him.”

Ye Qingan was a Grand Master Healer and the mentor of the Empress Jiang Ruixue.

He was the director of the Divine Moon Empires treatment center.

There was no illness in the world that he couldnt treat.

When he heard this, he hurriedly passed through the crowd and arrived beside Xuanyuan Shen.

Liuli Xiangsi and Ji Linyuan were beside Xuanyuan Shen.

Ye Qingan said to Ji Linyuan, “Mr.

Ji Linyuan, please help turn over Patriarch Xuanyuan and keep him lying on his back.”

Ji Linyuan crossed his arms in front of his chest and said with a smile, “Mr.

Ye, the Yin Clan and the Xuanyuan Clan have long broken off our friendship.

Patriarch Xuanyuan hates the Yin Clan.

If I touch Patriarch Xuanyuan today, it would be fine if hes fine, but if something happens, he will definitely suspect me first.”

Ji Linyuan smiled but said firmly, “Let someone else do it.”

Even if Xuanyuan Shen died from a cerebral hemorrhage today, Ji Linyuan wouldnt help carry his corpse.

It was Xuanyuan Shens fault for bullying Yu Huang.

Liuli Xiangsi said with a smile, “Since its not easy for him to help, I will do it.” Liuli Xiangsi was wearing a dress.

She bent down elegantly and grabbed the collar on Xuanyuan Shens back with her bare hand.

She suddenly pulled Xuanyuan Shen up from the ground and roughly flipped him over so that he could stay flat on his back.

Then, Liuli Xiangsi clapped her hands and blew at a nonexistent dirty thing on her fingertips.

She smiled at Ye Qingan and said, “Mr.

Ye, its done.”

Ye Qingan looked at Liuli Xiangsi with a condemning expression before bending down to hold Xuanyuan Shens hand and using his spiritual power to check Xuanyuan Shen condition.

Xuanyuan Shen really fainted.

However, thatperson sensed that someone was forcefully investigating Xuanyuan Shens physical condition.

He was afraid that Ye Qingan would sense his existence, and he immediately had a bad feeling.

Mo Xiao forcefully destroyed the Luck Seizing Array and destroyed the eye of the array.

The providence that had been accumulated in the body of the heavens for a hundred years had all dissipated, and his soul power had also weakened.

If he was caught at this time, he might not be able to escape.

At the thought of this, that person sent out a wisp of spiritual power and simulated the power of lightning to attack Xuanyuan Shens soul.

Xuanyuan Shen was struck by the lightning repeatedly and immediately regained consciousness from the pain.

Before Ye Qingans spiritual power could approach Xuanyuan Shens brain, Xuanyuan Shen suddenly opened his eyes without warning and said to Ye Qingan with a pale face, “Thank you, Mr.


Im fine.”

Ye Qingan stared at Xuanyuan Shens pained expression and said hesitantly, “But you dont look fine.”

Xuanyuan Shen said, “I have low blood sugar.

What happened today gave me a deep shock.

I was agitated earlier and my low blood sugar acted up for a moment.

Thats why I fainted.” As he spoke, Xuanyuan Shen raised his head and asked his colleagues beside him, “Who has candy on them Can you give me one”

They were all big shots.

Who would bring candy with them

In the end, Ye Qingan gave him a sweet pill.

“This is a favorite candy pill among children.

If you dont mind, you can try one.”

After Xuanyuan Shen ate the candy pill, he looked much better.

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