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Spirit Vessel Chapter 1042: Under Attack

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Chapter 1042: Under Attack

“Ive given up on the successor competition so there is no need to be so fierce anymore. Turning back into a girl isnt bad, I got many suitors now. The fourth prince of Mt. Tai, eighteenth prince of Celestial Gate…”

She named numerous suitors with a smirk on her face. All of them were brilliant and destined to be lords in the future.

“Congratulations then, if there is nothing else, please leave. Its not good for your reputation if anyone else were to see you here late at night.” Feiyun said.

She pondered for a moment before speaking: “Thank you for helping me last time, Yiyi told me.”

He smiled awkwardly and said: “Her Highness was too kind, I didnt do anything compared to her. What did she tell you”

“She told me to stay away from you.” Liu Suzi said.

His smile disappeared. It seemed like this saintess badmouthed him even though he was being a good guy!

Such a terrible evaluation in exchange for a kind deed.

Suddenly, a gust with a sweet fragrance blew into the room. A pink figure appeared by the door and smiled while staring at the two: “Husband, youre out already Seventh Sis, what a coincidence.”

Liu Suhongs silky hair draped down on her red coak. Her bright eyes were fixated on the two, seemingly amused.

Liu Suzi got up and left right away.

“I didnt expect you to be so beautiful in a dress, I feel inferior now.” Suhong smiled.

Liu Suzi was already standing outside in the snow. She didnt mind the cold as she spoke without turning back: “Yiyi returned to Aquamoon a month ago but she did tell me a few things. For example, the matter between you two.”

Having said that, she left without a care.

Liu Suhongs expression soured. Her eyes turned cold as she spoke: “She knows, she absolutely knows. We cannot let her leave or spread this matter.”

If the elders were to know about their sexual experience, the consequence would be grave.

Liu Suhong left the room, wanting to kill Liu Suzi. However, a chilling aura accompanied by howls rushed over.

“Boom!” Cracks appeared all over the palaces. Many formation runes pulsed brightly, damaged.

This was clearly not due to Liu Suhong. Someone else was attacking.

Feiyun had a bad feeling about this and gathered energy into his palm. He destroyed a wall and forced a black figure to retreat.

This was a powerful paragon who ambushed and blew Liu Suhong flying. The person couldnt believe how strong Feiyun was.

The latter flashed and appeared again outside of the room, striking the ambushers head and splitting him to pieces.

Feiyun slowly came over and picked up the girl in red. His fingers trembled.

There was a finger-sized hole on her head with yin energy oozing out. Her face was covered by a black miasma. She was as dead as can be.

“Yin World…” He gritted his teeth with flames in his eyes. They shot up in the air and looked like two pillars.

Liu Suzi returned after noticing the commotion. She saw Liu Suhong in Feiyuns embrace and became startled: “First Sister… what happened”

Feiyun didnt love Liu Suhong. Of course, he didnt hate her either and thought that she had certain admirable qualities.

The old men from Crimson rushed over and couldnt believe their own eyes. A tragedy happened under their watch.

“Who dared to kill in Sacred Court!”

“Come out and accept your death!” Fourth Ancestor roared furiously, waking many cultivators up.

“Keke, that bitch deserved more than death for her sin. She accepted to be my fiancee yet still mingled with a half-demon Letting her live would be disgraceful.” A gust of wind could be heard.

A man wearing a dark gold robe came out of the night. Each step left behind large footprints and loud explosions.

Dark winds gathered behind him in the shape of a skull.

“Eighth of the Gu!” Liu Suzi saw the person and felt an insane evil affinity. Even snowflakes started turning black.

However, Eighth was completely different now and resembled a last-gen cultivator.

“Eighth is a thing of the past. I am King Zhuan Lun.” An old man wearing a black cloak walked behind him.

The entire palace was surrounded by experts of the Yin World now. Four were extremely strong and presided over one direct. Each of them had a skeletal pole with a banner made out of skin.

Those from Crimson became alarmed, thinking that this was an inescapable prison.

“The territory lords will annihilate you for coming here.” Sixth Ancestor said.

The Yin World had disgraced Sixth Central before. From then on, they were always hunted in these territories.

“Isnt it obvious that we are well-prepared No one is leaving today.” Eighth glared menacingly.

“Eighth, you have lost yourself. Repent now.” A sage of the Gu appeared and spoke.

“Hmph, who the hell do you think you are I am no longer a member of the Gu.” Eighth snorted.

“You dare to not recognize your own ancestor!” The sage shouted.

Eighth smirked and summoned a trigram seal. It shot out two rays and turned the sage into blood.

“How noisy.” He put the trigram away and frightened the crowd.

His cultivation was frightening now, capable of killing paragons without a problem. The geniuses who once competed against him knew that they stood no chance.

Even the paragons were shocked. Did he really become a king of the Yin World

He gazed at Feiyun and then said: “You turned me into this. I am ten times stronger than you now but dont worry, you wont die tonight. Ill take my time torturing and letting you live in terror.”

Feiyun looked rather calm but his eyes were turning redder and redder. Evil energy appeared in his bloodstream.

Fourth Ancestor was livid. Liu Suhong was a direct descendant with so much potential. Now, she got dragged into this mess: “The first princess was never involved with you, that was only a preliminary discussion.”

“Shes already dead, do you still wish to avenge her, geezer Even your territory lord would need to bow before me, let alone your useless group.” Eighth laughed.

“You court death!” Fourth Ancestor stomped on the ground. An energy wave in the form of an earth dragon flew out with its claws raised.

Eighth didnt care about the attack. An expert from the Yin World rushed out instead: “Keke, Ill kill him.”

This paragon had four arms, also shrouded in a black cloak. He punched and crushed the earth dragon, looking slightly stronger than the fourth ancestor of the Liu.-

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