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Sunblade Chapter 5: Terese's request

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Alex charged while slashing his sword towards the bald man. At that moment another man jumped in front of him and tried to block his attack, using his sword.



The sunblade surrounded by blue flames, hit his sword, the sword began to melt at the point of impact.


Alexs cut his sword in half and slashed towards his chest.

"AHHH!!!" he instantly jumped back while screaming, his chest had a deep wound inflicted by Alexs attack.



A man in a gold armor, his face hidden with a helmet said as he raised his hands,


His hands created and shot a fireball towards Alex.

Alex was thrown several metres away,



He coughed up a huge amount of blood,



Alex impaled the sword in the ground, as he slowly got up.

"Go away"


Alex was again hit with his fire attack, he got thrown back. He crashed into and broke several trees, finally hitting the ravines wall. Then falling on the ground. His vision got blurry while his mind got overwhelmed with pain.


His eyes closed.


Alex slowly opened his eyes, the sun was on his head, while he saw several birds flying into the sky.


\UGHH!...cough....cough\ Alex slowly got up, he couldn find his sword, then he looked towards the direction of Tereses cave, with his blurry vision he could only see something red on the ground.


\Haaah....haaah" Alex began to walk forward, taking slow steps, as his mouth gasped for air.


As the distance between him and the red object decreased, his heart hammered, his blood turned cold, shivers ran through his entire body. His face tuned pale, while his lips pressed downward, as his eyes burst into tears.


Terese called for him slowly...., she lied on the ground, with her body drenched in blood, all of her muscles exposed and falling off.

"TERESE!!!!!!!!" Alex sprinted towards her,


He fell on his knees, as he reached her.

\Why?....why?.....why?.....\ Alex stood there, his face became expressionless, while tears kept flowing out.

\I...don ...ha...ve..much...time"

White energy gathered in front of Alex, A necklace made of white crystals appeared out of it.

\This....is the...artifact...that...we..beasts can....use...to go back" Terese said as her eyes pointed at the necklace floating in in the air.

"T..this....world...isn safe...for you..."

"Haaaah....haaah...I..have...a request..."


Tears kept flowing out of his eyes, as he slowly opened his mouth;

"Tell me"

"Rule....over...this...world....become...an..existence...that..no one...can..tou..." Tereses words stopped.

Her red eyes had lost their glow.



Thunder roared into the sky,


Strong wind made trees move vigorously,


Countless droplets of water fell rapidly.

Alex stood beside a freshly covered ground, with his torn clothes soaked, while holding a red fruit in his hands.

He bowed and placed it on the ground.

"Im sorry" Alex whispered while looking down.



Year:- 660

Location:- RAVINE

The sky was covered in stars, wolves howled far away, bats kept clicking on trees, crickets were chirping while the trees swayed in the wind.

Suddenly, It went silent. A blue flash of light appeared in front of a tree covered in red fruits. A man with blue eyes, wearing black clothes with his head and lower half of face covered, emerged out of it.

He walked behind the tree and sat down.

"Terese.....Its been a while" He said while touching the ground with his hands.

\Youve grown" He said while looking up towards the tree.

He stood up and walked away.


The sun shone bright, while birds chirped flying into the sky.

A man and a woman were working on a field filled with wheat, while a little girl played with three cats on the dirt path beside the field.

A man wearing black clothes slowly walked towards them.


All three of the cats ran towards the man. He sat down as the cats approached him, The white cat started to rub its head against his feet, the black one on his hands and the brown one climbed on his shoulders.

\Hey!!, what

e you guys doing?\ The girl called for them as she sprinted towards the cats.

"Thats the first one" The man said as he stopped working and walked towards him.

"This is the first time theyve approached someone like this" He said while looking at him playing with the cats.

"I know them, I lived in this area few years ago" He said while getting up as he placed the cats on the ground.

"Im HUBERT" The man stretched his hand towards him.

"Alex" He said while shaking hands.

"The beautiful lady over there is my wife LARA and this little fairy is my daughter SISIL" Hubert said as a woman approached them.

"You seem to be a warrior" He said while pointing at a sword on Alexs waist.

"Yes sir, I hunt demons as my job" Alex said as he removed the black cloth covering his face.


e so young" Lara said while covering her mouth with her hand.

"Its just that circumstances left me no other choice" Alex said while smiling

"It looks youve been through a lot son, I won ask anything about your past, as it seems filled with bad memories" Hubert said with his arms crossed.

"Well, lets leave talking about the past, you have arrived at just the perfect time. We were about to have lunch, care to join us?" Lara said breaking the gloomy atmosphere.

"Sure...thanks, Im pretty hungry actually." Alex said while rubbing the back of his head.

"ho ho, A young man like you should eat lots, otherwise your handsome face might loose its glow and itll become difficult getting a maiden" Hubert said while patting Alexs shoulders.

"HAHA...sure thing sir" Alex said while laughing.

All four of them began walking on the dirt path, while the little girl kept staring at Alex.

After walking for a while, they reached a small house made of bricks.

"This is our home" Hubert said while placing his hand on Sisils head

"I...Its..quite charming" Alex said, looking at every corner of the house while memories kept flooding inside his head.

"We came here five years ago, the house was in a really bad condition. I thought of rebuilding it, but Lara liked the old design so we just recreated it" Hubert said as he opened the front door.

Then they walked inside and sat on the ground, Lara brought food for them and they started eating.

"Its delicious" Alex said while eating.

"Thanks alot, Its a rare ocassion to get a compliment here" Lara said as she ogled towards Hubert.

Hubert kept eating as if he didn hear Lara.

Lara walked inside the kitchen. Then;

"Hey...are you sure your tongues alright?" Hubert said while leaning slightly towards Alex.


ALex was drinking water and after listening to Huberts words, he laughed inside the glass, making water splatter all over him.

"HAHAHAHA" Hubert started to laugh loudly while looking at Alexs handiwork.


The sun was setting on the horizon, the entire area got coloured in red.

Alex looked at the field walking on the dirt path.

"HEY!!!..WAIT!!" Someone yelled at him from behind.

"HUFF.....HUFF....,How fast do you walk?\ Sisil said while panting.

"Fast enough" Alex began to walk again.

"WAIT!!!" Sisil ran and quickly caught up with him,

"You like cats?" Sisi said as she walked next no alex.

"I won be taking your cats, I just played with them for a while" Alex said without looking at her.

"Why do you treat me and my parents so differently?\ She said while jumping in front of Alex, blocking his path.

"Because your parents aren 8 year olds" Alex said while he tried to walk past her.

"Wait....can..you fight?\ Sisil said with a heavy voice while blocking his path again. She stood in a T pose while looking down.

"Yes" Alex said while he tried to move past her again.

"Wait....hel..help us..please." She said while blocking his path once again.

Alex finally looked down at her. He saw her little gem like eyes filled with tears.

"What happened?"

"The..village chief..hes forcing my parents..." She said as tears streamed down her red cheek.

Alex sat down, matching her height, he raised his hands;

"Tell me in detail" Alex said whiling wiping her tears.

"He...asked my father to send me to his house,..... in return he promised him the position of a soldier.....But, my father refused, from that day he keeps threatening us,....saying that hell kidnap me or burn our field or kill my father" Sisil said while tears kept flowing out of her eyes.

"Haaa..looks like Im staying" Alex said while wiping her tears again.

Sisil was again about to cry;

"Ive wiped your face twice, If you cry once again, Im leaving"




The sun had almost disappeared,

Alex and Sisil reached their home. Hubert kept striking flint and steel, trying to light a campfire in front of the house. But the wind kept blowing the fire off.

"DAMN IT" Hubert said as he threw the flint and steel away.

Alex walked towards him, he sat near the pile of twigs and leaves, then snapped his fingers.



His fingers produced a small ammount of blue sparks, then the campfire went ablaze.


Sisil clapped while jumping behind them.

"Hoooh...you can use magic too?...How convenient" Hubert said while holding his chin and looking at Alexs fingers.

"The village chief" Alex said while getting up.

Hubert face turned serious the moment he heard his words. He looked at Sisil standing behind Alex, She quickly turned her head away.

"My daughters got a large mouth" Hubert said as he also got up.

"Im sorry, but I can allow a stranger to meddle in our private business" Hubert said as he walked towards Sisil, holding her hand and walking towards the front door.

"But youll invite a stranger inside your house for lunch?" Alex said as Hubert reached the door.

"Lesson learnt" Hubert said as he closed it, while Sisil looked at Alex, with her eyes filled with tears.

"She keeps crying" Alex started to walk away.

[Chapter 5: END]

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