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However, before they could react, the cabin door opened.

A few mercenaries immediately slid down from the top and lined up in a row.

They were wearing the same uniform and the same rose badge.

They first put out the fire, then quickly lined up along the road, it was like they were waiting for a queen to appear.

The door slowly opened and a woman in a black suit came down from the helicopter.

She was exquisite and elegant, and she didnt fit in with the rest of the people on the island.

Her long black hair was tied up, and her skin was extremely fair.

When she looked over, the corners of her eyes were sparkling.

This face was somewhat similar to Bo Silins.

However, it was colder and less languid.

Everyone held their breath, no one dared to utter a single word out.

The person who came was Bo Xi, Bo Silins older sister.

She was famous in the business world for her swift, decisive, and ruthless actions.

She was known as the countrys executioner.

She had once shot a countrys currency down overnight and became famous in one battle.


She stood on the deserted island and waved her hand.

The helicopter and the rescue team immediately ran out.

Director Lius legs had gone soft as he trembled in fear.

“W-what should I do… Its over… Its all over…”

“Other than panicking, do you know how to do anything else”

Under extreme pressure, Su Lings voice became sharper.

She couldnt control herself, and Director Liu was obviously shocked by the harsh response.

Su Ling took a deep breath and quickly calmed her annoyed expression.

“Dont panic.

Ive seen her at a party before, so we can be considered acquaintances.” Su Ling said, “Even if they come, we can still rescue them in time.

What are you afraid of At most, they would cover public opinion and wont allow it to be spread out for a while.

Hold on, Ill explain everything.”

Su Ling tidied up her clothes and walked forward.

“Bo Xi!” As soon as she stepped forward, she pulled out her trump card with teary eyes.

“Bo Xi, youre finally here! Weve been waiting for you!”


Bo Xis footsteps stopped.

She was wearing a suit and her shoes were ten centimeters high.

Obviously, she had just received the news and rushed over without changing his clothes.

“Oh Youve been waiting for me”

A calm and neutral voice slowly sounded.

“Yeah, weve all been waiting for you!” Su Ling sobbed for a moment, “So many things happened today that were out of our control.

The signal tower broke, it stormed, and a fire burned our tents… Weve been waiting on the island for a whole day, but we still havent received any news from the outside! Helicopters were even sent out for a search and rescue! When the power cut, we were worried sick thinking of how to send you a message!”

Everyone had different expressions.

This two-faced…

However, no one spoke.

Director Lius eyes lit up.

Thats right! Su Ling was smart! Why didnt he think of this excuse

“Is that so That the signal tower broke” Bo Xis gaze fell on Director Liu.

“Yes, yes!” Director Liu immediately nodded, and his forehead broke out in beads of sweat.

“Its broken! Everyone has been trying to repair it all day! Look, theres still a large number of staff members waiting over there!”

He pointed.

As expected, a group of people had gathered on the signal tower.

Bo Xis line of sight turned back and slowly fell on Su Ling.

“Youre the second daughter of the Su family, right”

“Yes, I am!” Su Ling immediately smiled sweetly, “Its an honor for you to still remember me, Bo Xi!” She thought to herself and giggled,How could she ever forget someone like me. During the party, she played Chopins Resume of Fantasy at the party and was even praised by Bo Xi! Her skills were off the charts, as long as one had seen them, they would never forget it!

“Has the signal tower been repaired now” The cold voice continued, “I dont recall anyone sending me a text message.”

Director Liu choked.

“Oh… That…”

“We sent a message to the rescue team as soon as we could!”

Su Ling took over the conversation and pulled Bo Xis sleeve, “We thought that the rescue team should definitely be more professional.

Its more important to save people.

After all, Im involved in this matter as well…” She took a moment to sigh as loud as she could while she sagged her shoulders.

“Speaking of which, its all because I stood up for myself when my sister picked a fight with me.

She doesnt care about others when she gets angry.

This time, we made a fool of ourselves.

She brought Bo Silin to pick herbs.

“My sister likes to climb up the cliff when shes mad.

Ive tried to persuade her several times in the past that it was dangerous, but she never listened.

Bo Silin just has to indulge her whenever he wanted to.

Its raining heavily today, but I dont know why my sister was so adamant about dragging him along to the cliff as well…”

She easily lied through her teeth and wiped her fake tears away; convinced that Bo Xi would believe her.

Bo Xis eyes were unreadable.

After a long time, Su Ling continued, “Bo Xi, when we find her, please dont blame my sister, okay Id like to apologize to her…”

Director Liu heaved a sigh of relief.

Although he could now clearly see Su Lings cunning personality, this was a good sign for him.

At least, this matter was resolved!

All the blame would be pointed toward Su Feifei now.

No matter if Su Feifei was dead or alive, she had to take responsibility for this matter! Moreover, who wouldnt believe this excuse if they had a replay of Su Feifeis live broadcast

“I wont.”

Two words came out of Bo Xis red lips.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

They were worried that they would be caught for their schemes.

After all, after Director Liu blocked the news, no one actively sought to find out what happened.

Su Lings lips curled up and immediately revealed a happy expression, “Thats good! I believe that my dear sister didnt do it on purpose, I-”

Bo Xi swung her palm straight to her face.

It directly hit Su Ling on her cheek.


The impact stunned Su Ling, and the wound on her head split open from the impact.

Blood was flowing down, and she looked up in disbelief.

“Of course, I wont blame her.

Im blaming you instead.”


Bo Xi took out a tissue and stared at her coldly.

At the same time, she wiped her hands, her disdainful action exactly the same as Bo Silin.

“Su Ling, I can tell by one look who the fox is in the industry.

How dare you play this trick with me”

Su Ling was shocked, “Bo Xi… I…”

“Dont.” Bo Xi laughed coldly.

“I only have one younger brother.

I dont know if hes dead or alive.

Im not used to other people randomly coming up pretending to be chummy with me.

Lets leaveyour baseless lies for fools to hear.”

“Why did you hit her!” Qiao Hefeng came back to his senses and rushed forward to help Su Ling up.

Director Liu gave Qiao Hefeng a look.

Qiao Hefeng directly ignored it and went forward to argue with Bo Xi.

Bo Xi looked up and one of the bodyguards came over.

“W-what are you doing”

“Ive watched the live broadcast.” Bo Xis cold gaze landed on Qiao Hefengs face.

“So youre the kind of person that planned on snatching my brothers woman”


Qiao Hefeng was speechless.

“B-Bo Xi…” Director Liu went forward and smiled apologetically.

“The incident at the signal tower was our mistake…”

“I didnt ask you to speak.” Bo Xi asked, “Whats the hurry Im going through all of you one by one, are you sure it wont be your turn next”

Director Liu trembled in fear.

“Men!” Bo Xi retreated and sat down on the chair that her subordinate had brought over.

Then, she looked at Qiao Hefeng, “Tie up this brainless man and throw him into the sea to wash him clean!”


She took a cup of coffee from another bodyguard and took a sip.

Qiao Hefeng was still struggling when he was captured.

“What right do you have to arrest me You…”

The water splashed in all directions, and wails sounded.

The world was silent for two seconds.

Director Liu swallowed his saliva, and the last trace of blood drained from his face.

Su Ling finally recovered from the shock.

She forced her lips to move, trying to turn the situation around.

“B-Bo Silins location is still unknown.

The rescue team will need a lot of time.

Why dont we go and rest first…”

“Hes lucky, he wont die.” Bo Xi narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Her appearance and tone were very much like the female version of Bo Silin.

Su Lings body trembled.

She saw the red lips open and close, spitting out a few demonic words that seemed to come from Hell.

“But for you… Its hard to say.”


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