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These words echoed in Su Lings ears.

Su Ling was taken aback, and her lips turned pale.

“Bo Xi, what are you talking about I… I dont understand…”

“Which part did you not understand” Bo Xi smiled slightly and leaned forward.

“Its okay if you didnt.

I have a mouth, how else should I explain it to you”

Su Ling subconsciously felt that something was wrong, but it was too late to turn the situation in her favor.

“Anyone with a brain could easily tell what you were doing in the industry.

“Youve hooked up with a big shot, and now youre playing with a young hunk.

Do you think you can increase your status with the title of a piano goddess Ive heard a lot about you throwing your hands around and hitting your assistant.

She was just a pretty girl in front of people, but she was also quite lustful behind others.

Oh, remember the Music Saloon I was there too, and you were in the bathroom when…”

“Bo Xi!”

Su Lings face changed and quickly interrupted Bo Xis words.

Bo Xi slowly closed her mouth and smiled.

Of course, Su Ling didnt want her to say anything else out loud!

Although the Bo family was not afraid of the Su family, they would not make enemies everywhere.

Everyone was as quiet as a mouse.

This scene was too exciting for them to make a sound!

Who knew what Bo Xi might say next

“Bo Xi.” Su Lings mind was a bit blank.

She still wanted to explain herself, “I understand now.

Youre mad at me because of Su Feifei, right I get it, you have to take your anger out somewhere else…”

“Im not.” Bo Xi interrupted, “Im not taking my anger out on anyone.

I just dont like you, there is nothing else.”

Everyone was speechless.

After a few seconds of silence, Su Ling bit the bullet and opened her mouth with dry lips, “I-I can see that Bo Silins disappearance made you uncomfortable…”


Su Ling was now trying to twist Bo Xis words to show that she was just in a bad mood to cover up what had just happened.

However, Bo Xi did not intend to give her any leeway whatsoever.

“Are you saying that Im not feeling well” She smiled and continue, “Im perfectly fine.

Bo Silin had his fortune read when he was born.

Hes a jinx.

I wont say much about other things, but you should be careful with yours.”




Su Ling could feel a mouthful of blood and wanted to spit it out.

It was rumored that the two siblings of the Bo family were both vicious and arrogant.

It was just that she had never had the chance to be in close contact with Bo Xi at those banquets in the past.

She had only heard rumors of her bad temper, but who would have thought that she would be this intense

Her usual moves were completely useless against someone like Bo Xi!

“Its done,” Bo Xi finished her coffee and stood up slowly.

“The helicopter is already there.

Lets go over and take a look.

After all, theres still some work for you to do.

Does she still have some work to do

What kind of work

Director Liu slowly turned his head and looked at Su Ling, who was also pale.

There was only fear in their eyes.

“What does she mean” Director Liu was getting anxious.

“How would I know!”

Su Ling was extremely anxious, and her palms were now covered in a cold layer of sweat.

No matter how much she schemed, she would have never expected Bo Xi to come out and ruin her plans!

However, no one had the guts to refuse that woman right now.

The group of people looked at each other.

In the end, the director took a step forward and followed the woman who was walking swiftly in her high heels.

On the other side at the bottom of the cliff, Bo Silin slowly opened his eyes.

The surroundings were dark, and there was a cluster of hazy flames floating in front of him.

His whole body felt like it had been run over by a truck.

It was sore and painful, especially in his lower body.

Where was this place

The sound of water dripping and the wind blowing by could be heard.

He tried to look around and find out where he was.

Turns out, it was a cave.

Water was dripping from the rocks of the cave.

Every few seconds or so, droplets fell.

He felt cold all over his body, and the pain became more intense.

He looked down and froze when he realized that his clothes had already been stripped clean.

He turned his head to see if there was anyone else around.

Su Feifei was sitting by the fire, holding a wild fruit in one hand and a bamboo pole in the other.

His clothes were strung on a bamboo pole in the shape of a square, and it was being roasted over the fire.

Her expression was serious, and the warm yellow light shone on her cold face.

The whole scene was like a nightmare.

Bo Silin lowered his head again to confirm that he was really not wearing anything at all.

In the long silence, only the sound of Su Feifei biting the wild fruit could be heard.

Bo Silin was speechless.

The cave, the naked man, the undergarments that were propped up and swaying in the light of the fire, and the cold-looking woman… This nightmare was something that we would never be able to forget.

Su Feifei turned around when she heard the sound of him panicking.

Bo Silin immediately pulled the coat beside him over and covered his private parts.

The two of them looked at each other in silence.

“Youre awake” Su Feifei glanced at him and said, “You rolled down the cliff and broke your leg.”

As she spoke, she shook the bamboo pole in her hand.

Bo Silin closed his eyes and did not want to make eye contact.

“Oh… Your clothes were wet, so Im helping you to dry them.”

‘Alright, roast my clothes away dont you.

“Dont misunderstand.” An unnatural expression flashed across Su Feifeis face.

“I was worried that you might catch a cold in the wet clothes.”

“I didnt.”

He spoke in a hoarse voice, his eyes still closed.

How good would it be if this was a dream Bo Silin had never encountered such a situation in both of his lives.

All the things that he had done in his two lifetimes kept flashing through his mind, overlapping and coming to fruition.

In the past, he was all-powerful in the business world.

Now, he was naked in front of a fire.


In the past, he had an endless amount of money.

Now, he was naked in front of the fire.

In the past, he…

“This one is done.” Su Feifei reached out and threw the underwear at him.

Bo Silin did not move.

After a moment of silence, he picked it up and was resigned to his fate.

Su Feifei admired him for two seconds before she saw a pair of long and narrow eyes looking at her.

“Whats wrong” She frowned.

“Is it still damp”

The next second, he reached out to grab her hand.

Bo Silin held onto her wrist and pulled her closer.

His voice was cold and hoarse.

“Are you sure you want to see me wear it”

Su Feifei was taken aback.

She immediately shook him off and backed away a few meters before turning around.

Under the light of the fire, her ears were slightly red.

Su Feifei felt a little uncomfortable when she heard the shuffling behind her.

She felt that Bo Silins gaze was not right, it was burning with something.

Could it be that he thought that she had deliberately taken off his clothes

Thats right, with his beauty, there must be many people who wanted this body.

It was normal for him to suspect her ulterior motives.

“Bo Silin.” Su Feifei said after some consideration.

Bo Silin started to put on his pants.


She paused.

“If I wanted to do something, I would have done it before you woke up.”

After saying this, Su Feifei felt a little strange.

She wanted to explain, but why did it sound like she was threatening him


The man behind her did not say anything.

Was it because her explanation was not good enough

Su Feifei cleared her throat again and said, “That is to say, I didnt do anything just now, which can fully prove that I wasnt…”

A warm wind suddenly blew past his ear.

Her body stiffened as she felt someone approaching her.

His body was warm from being close to the fire, and his breath brushed past the back of her neck and all the way to her ears.

His magnetic voice was amplified several times, and in the empty cave, it was particularly attractive.

“Feifei, there are some things in life that you cant do just because you want to.”


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