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Su Feifeis body stiffened.

She wasnt used to such intimacy and immediately pushed him away.

Bo Silin fell to the ground after being pushed by her.


A cry of pain rang out.

Only then did Su Feifei remember that Bo Silin was still injured.

She immediately went over to help him up.

“Im sorry.

Did I hurt you”

Feifei pursed her lips and looked at Bo Silins pale face, feeling a little guilty.

She had overreacted just now.

She had forgotten that Bo Silin had always been delicate, how could he withstand such a strong push

Moreover, when they fell down the cliff, he was the one who held her and used his body as a cushion so that she didnt get injured.

She wanted to retreat but was stopped by Bo Silin.

“My leg hurts.” Bo Silin said in a hoarse voice.

Su Feifei looked around and thought for a while.

Then, she took off her coat and placed it over him.

Then, she turned around.

“Where are you going” He didnt let go and looked up.

“To take the wooden board.” Su Feifei pointed at the wooden boards and straw ropes not far away.

Only then did he let go of her.

When Su Feifei picked up the wooden board, she couldnt help but look at her right hand and frown.

Although she had been in the military camp all year round and had physical contact with her subordinates, she had never felt like this before.

However, this was the first time she had seen someone as clingy as Bo Silin.

What an inconvenience.

She wanted to say something, but when she saw Bo Silin looking at her with a pair of innocent eyes, she suddenly felt that she was overthinking things and kept her mouth shut.

“Take your hands off.” Su Feifei kicked his hand.

Bo Silin took it away obediently with a sincere smile.

She place the wooden plank and tied the straw rope.

Su Feifei felt a headache when she heard Bo Silin wincing again.

“Alright, stop it.

Itll be done soon.”

After he was tied up, Su Feifei also instructed him to not move.

“Just tell me what you need instead.”

“I want to drink water.” Bo Silin said immediately.

He was not embarrassed to ask for help at all.

Su Feifei took the bamboo tube she had just made and handed it to him.

All he did was stare back at her with his puppy eyes.

She looked at the bamboo tube and raised her chin.

“What are you doing”

Bo Silin sighed softly and rubbed his right arm.

“I was just talking to you, but I dont know why you reacted so strongly.

When you pushed me, my hand fell to the ground, and I really cant use it anymore… Ouch!”

In the next second, Su Feifei grabbed his chin and poured water into his mouth, causing him to choke.

He immediately used his hand to shove the water away.

“Whats wrong I cant feed you” Su Feifei retracted her hand.

She was having a headache.

When had she ever raised such soldiers Shes like an Emperor for goodness sake.

When has she ever raised soldiers that froze when it was cold and complained when it was hot Now, even feeding water was an issue


Bo Silin was speechless.

Su Feifei thought that this action was already considered merciful.

He sighed and glanced at Su Feifei.

She looked puzzled, and the way she squatted on the ground was full of heroic spirit.

‘Forget it, she didnt take the hint.

Ill just have to take it slow.

“You, come over.” Bo Silin said.

With the experience of whispering in her ear just now, Su Feifei was a little more vigilant now.

She couldnt describe the feeling.

It wasnt very good, but it wasnt very bad either.

It tickled her heart, made her uncomfortable, and gave her goosebumps.

She was afraid that Bo Silin would do it again, so she moved carefully.

Bo Silin watched her movements and a smile rose in his eyes.

When she was about to get close, he held her hand, took the bamboo tube, and gently brought it to his lips.

Su Feifeis body stiffened again.

Her body froze, and her breathing became shallow.

She could only see a pair of amber eyes staring back at her.

His movements were very slow as he drank a mouthful of water from the bamboo tube.

She was so enticed by his features that she had to wake up and immediately pulled her hand back.

Flustered, she looked away.

“Look at me” He said.

Su Feifei stood up immediately.

She felt very hot.

There were rocks all around, and it had just rained.

Logically speaking, it shouldnt be so hot.

“Ill go outside to find some branches to fuel the fire.”

After saying this, she turned around and was about to leave when Bo Silin gave her his shoes.

“Wear it before you go.”

Su Feifei lowered her head and looked at her feet.

It was smooth and white, with some wounds — which were caused by rubbing on the stones just now — and was bleeding a little.

Feeling dizzy, she hurriedly put it on and left, her footsteps were faster than usual.

It wasnt until the cool wind blew into her collar that Su Feifei calmed down.

She was going crazy.

‘Why were you staring at Bo Silin just now

‘The cave must have been too stuffy…

‘Good thing I came outside for air.

It seems that they would have to find a new place for the next few days till the rescue team arrives.


Inside the cave, Bo Silins lips curved into a smile.

He put down the bamboo tube, slowly leaned against the wall, and turned his right hand.

He wasnt a dense person.

Su Feifeis blushing face flashed through his mind, and his smile deepened.

He suddenly felt that there was nothing bad about staying in this cave.

“D-do we really have to go down” Director Liu couldnt believe it and asked again.

In front of him was a cliff.

Drones were flying around for a search and rescue.

Su Lings face was turning green.

Together with Director Liu, she was being stared at by a group of bodyguards.

“What else is there to do” Bo Xi smiled, her red lips were curved.

“Do I look like I like to joke around”


“Then why arent you going”

Bo Xi sat on her exclusive chair again and waved her hand.

“Turn on the live broadcast.”


Director Liu was shocked.

The bodyguards had already forced the staff to make a move.

The live broadcast room instantly started.

The comments slowly flooded in.

[Is the live stream finally working!]

[Finally! I can see Su Feifei again!]

[Thank the heavens! My meal live stream is back!]

[A day without Su Feifei… I missed her.]

[I miss Bo Silin every day I cant see him.]

[What is our baby Bo doing now They should have already eaten a luxurious feast by now, right]

[Has Su Feifeis contract really been terminated Where is she I cant find her!]

Director Lius face was ashen.

He knew that once the live stream started, everyone would know about Su Feifei and Bo Silins disappearance.

Bo Xi was going all the way! She was taking matters into her own hands, and forcing them to stand at the edge of the cliff.

Even if he didnt want to, he had to put on an act…

At this moment, Su Ling couldnt care less.

The cliff was staring at her like a tiger watching its prey.

She didnt care about her image anymore!

“Bo Xi…” Su Ling wanted to cry and complain, but when she saw Bo Xis gaze, she swallowed her words and said in a negotiating tone, “Can you… Let a professional do it”

“Oh I think youre a very professional person.

Am I wrong”

Bo Xi mimicked her tone and softened her voice.

“Didnt you cry about your sister just now You said that you were worried about your sisters safety, werent you I know, I understand.

“Seeing you so anxious made my heart ache too.

Thats why Im giving you this opportunity.

You can go and look for her now, lest you worry too much.

Look, you even have cry marks on your face from worrying.

Worry no more, itll be safe.

Isnt the worst result of falling from here death or something

“When the time comes, Ill turn off the signal tower and lock the messages.

Then, Ill let a few rescue teams come here.

Youll come back alive, dont worry.”



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