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Many words can only be swallowed back.

After all, it is impossible to talk about other's family matters.

So at most, when Lina and Lock ask Bonn for some resources for these two children to cultivate, he could only hope that Bonn could grasp the bottom line.

Bonn nodded silently.

Hill looked at him: "Lina and the others are ready downstair.

You also get ready.

Uncle Adrian has to leave soon."

Bonn picked up the suitcase at hand: "Don't worry.

I'll try to stay in the magic tower as much as possible and visit them once a month."

Hearing that, Hill went upstairs with confidence.

He stood by the bay window in the parlor and looked down.

Lina and Lock were busy stacking luggage inside the carriage, with the two children standing aside.

After Bonn went down, he didn't rush up to help as he did in the past.

Instead, he asked a few questions before assisting them to float a few big boxes to the top of the carriage.

Hill was relieved seeing that, as long as Bonn knew how to keep boundaries, even just a little bit.

Adrian came out and looked at Hill: "It's all ready.

I'll take these people back directly, and I'll contact you when everything is settled down.

By the way, you said that a small village will be built outside the valley.

Do you want me to build it or by yourself"

Hill replied, "Don't, I'll ask a few earth elements to build it.

They will build a few houses along the mountain, and then put a wall around it."

"How many merchants do you need I will send them to you."

"Give me a few people who can write and counts, preferably a family."

"It's too little!"

"I'm only going to open a grocery store, a hotel, and a pharmacy.

The servants who have married here will be sent out to live in the village."

"You really think the undeads will come!"

Hill laughed: "Believe me, if you build a road reserved for the undeads and build a library then put more a low-level magic books.

You will get a higher profits."

Adrian said without hesitation: "Anyway, we have to accept apprentices.

I will ask them to copy more books and open 2 grocery stores that sell low-level alchemy products.


He glanced at the family downstairs waiting for him, turned his head and said to Hill: "Then I'll be leaving now, you just need to practice hard, it's best to get an Archmage level earlier, so we can worry less about you.

If there was any news, I'll contact you."

Hill nodded and escorted him downstairs.

After watching Adrian fly away with the carriage, Hill handed over all the miscellaneous matters to Liszt and immersed himself in cultivation.

It wasn't until a month later Adrian contacted Hill that made him realize that time had passed quickly.


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