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The next day, when Qin Yue arrived at the training ground, his entire face was drained of blood.

His two legs were still trembling, and he looked like a little wife who had been ravaged.

Everyone could not help but sigh.

Oh, instructor, your methods are really too ruthless!

Hehe! When Ning Yiyuan walked over in his military boots, everyone finally understood the truth.

The instructor was not ruthless, but a pervert!

Yesterday, the temperature was close to 40 degrees, but today, the instructors were all wearing thin cotton-padded jackets.

What was he planning to do

However, very quickly, everyone understood.

Ning Yiyuan had actually crazily adjusted the climate change instrument to minus five degrees.

The entire training ground instantly jumped from hot summer to cold winter.

There was not even a transition period!

Everyone was about to cry.

Even their breaths were about to turn into frost.

They were all still wearing short sleeves! Could he not have informed them in advance and asked them to change their clothes

“Theres no need for that.” As if he had seen through his students thoughts, Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows slightly and revealed todays training program.

“Later, we will practice winter swimming.

It doesnt matter what we wear.”

“Lets go over there now.” Ning Yiyuan turned his head and pointed to the side.

There was a temporary changing room over there, and there were people in front who distributed swimsuits.

“Everyone, change into your swimsuits.

The time limit is ten minutes.

Offenders will be punished with laps!”

In this cold weather, if they wore swimsuits to run laps, even if they did not die of cold, they would also lose face.

Under the pressure of these words, everyone was very fast.

In a short while, they came out of the changing room.

Among them, the most eye-catching one was Qiao Hongmei.

After all, there were not many girls in Team Fang, and the swimsuit stuck close to her body.

It displayed her voluptuous figure, causing the eyes of quite a few boys to shine.

Glancing at Qiao Hongmeistowering breasts and then at her pitiful little buns, Mo Chu could not help but reach out and pat them.

Hmm, dont be discouraged.

Im still young, I can definitely grow!

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Just as she finished comforting himself, Mo Chu raised her and met Ning Yiyuans teasing gaze.

Her entire face instantly froze! Could Ning Yiyuan have seen that scene just now Did he see me pat my little buns

Perhaps sensing Mo Chus embarrassment, Ning Yiyuan chuckled and turned his head considerately.

“Alright, everyone, stand in line and report the count!”

“1, 2… 30!” Everyone was present.

“Very good.” Perhaps it was because of Mo Chus funny actions just now, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile.

“Now, we are divided into 3 groups.

Each group will have 10 people.

You are to do a round trip in the 200-meter swim lane.

If the time taken is less than 4 minutes, then you will pass.

Any student who passes will not be able to participate in the training today.”

Ning Yiyuan said it so casually!

A round trip on the 200-meter track in 4 minutes How was this possible

Mo Chu widened her eyes.

One had to know that in the 21st century, the only people who could achieve such a result were those Olympic athletes who had trained for many years!

“Reporting to the instructor!” Qiao Hongmei suddenly said.

“Speak.” Ning Yiyuan looked at her.

There was no reaction at all.

It was as if what he saw was not a flirtatious girl, but a magical beast.

“Should the requirements for the girls be more lenient than boys” Qiao Hongmei pursed her lips.

Her tone was still somewhat enchanting.

Although she did not like Qiao Hongmei very much, Mo Chu still agreed with her words.

After all, there was a difference between mens and womens physiques.

How could they treat each other equally in this aspect

“Ha!” Ning Yiyuan lowered his head and laughed lightly.

His words were full of sarcasm.

“Relax your requirements You shouldnt have said that to me.

You should have said that to the magical beasts in the sea! Lets see if theyll let you go just because youre a girl and not bite you to death!”

“Why do we have to train for winter swimming Its to give you a chance to survive in an extremely harsh environment.

Yet, you guys still dare to bargain with me.

Do you think this is the center of the Starnets shop”

After Ning Yiyuans harsh words, everyone shut their mouths and became more cautious.

Even the senior students straightened their attitudes and did not dare to relax.

“Alright, the first group, get ready!” Following Ning Yiyuans orders, the students of the first group stood in front of the swimming lane and waited cautiously.

“Jump!” Ning Yiyuan pressed the timer.

Splash! Splash!

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A few splashes appeared as everyone jumped into the swimming pool.

Although they had already done their warm-up exercises, the moment they came into contact with the ice water, they still could not help but feel a bone-chilling cold.

Most of them had a shock and were unable to recover quickly.

However, there were also those who had strong adaptability.

After swimming for dozens of meters, they could quickly get into their states and immediately increase their speed.

Of course, there were also those who had slower reflexes.

They only found their footing after swimming for a long while.

Looking at the timer on the terminal, Ning Yiyuans cold voice sounded.

“The first group was completely annihilated.

Not a single person passed.”

“Now, the second group will step out.”

Mo Chu took a few deep breaths and tried hard to calm her intense heartbeat before stepping forward.

She happened to be in the second group.


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