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The whole day of winter swimming training yesterday had frozen many people.

According to Qin Yue and Mo Yangs vivid description, the miserable scene could be described in eight words — corpses littered the ground and bones covered in cold!

“Mo Chu, you still dont know, right” Qin Yue glanced to the side and said in a low voice, “I heard that more than 20 people have already been sent to the Medical Center in District 3.”

“Theyre that badly injured” Mo Chu widened her eyes in surprise.

Unlike the medical system of the 21st century, the medical devices developed by the Federation were very advanced.

Most of the injuries and illnesses could be cured.

Only when the condition was very serious or when there were difficult and complicated diseases would they be sent to the Medical Centers in various districts.

“Thats not it.” Qin Yue smiled and waved his hand.

“The main reason is that the medical devices in the schools infirmary are not enough.

They can only be sent to the Medical Center.”

Speaking up to this point, Qin Yue patted his chest with a look of relief.

“Fortunately, I have the cotton-padded jacket that you gave me.

Otherwise, I would probably be one of them.”

If that was really the case, he would have completely disgraced the old Qin family! One had to know that the students of the Federation Military Academy were actually sent to the Medical Center because of the schools military training.

This was probably the first time ever!

“However, its also because of this,” Mo Yang, who was beside him, drank a mouthful of water and casually continued, “Todays training sessions have all been canceled.

Everyone can also relax a little.”

“Thats right.” Qin Yue nodded in agreement.

When he thought of how everyone had been ruthlessly trained yesterday, he still felt a lingering fear.

“When you left, you didnt see how ruthless the instructor was.

Tsk tsk!”

“Why Did something else happen” Mo Chu asked curiously.

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“Thats right!” Qin Yue nodded repeatedly.

“After Qiao Hongmei fainted and was sent to the infirmary, Ning Yiyuan continued to train the rest.

Werent your brother and I in the third group Who would have thought that there was a kid who couldnt swim!”

“Cant swim” Mo Chu opened her mouth wide in surprise.

Then what about the winter swim

“Thats right! We all jumped into the water and entered the swimming lane, but he just stood there in a daze, his legs trembling.

The instructors face darkened.

He asked coldly, “What are you standing there for”

That kid was probably a hothead as well.

He stuttered a few times before saying that he didnt know how to swim.

In the end, he even added,When we entered the Military Academy, we didnt have to know how to swim!

Do you think he was courting death by saying that

Ning Yiyuan immediately smiled coldly and said,Is that right It doesnt matter.

Youll know how to swim after a few strokes!

Then, before anyone could react, he kicked that kid down.

With a splash, a huge splash was created!”

“And then” Mo Chu listened with relish.

“And then,” Qin Yues eyes were filled with sympathy.

“That kid didnt know how to swim.

In this cold weather, the water was ice cold.

He swallowed a few mouthfuls of water and immediately drowned.”

“The instructor was also ruthless.

He didnt allow us to help, so he just watched the kid struggle.

He waited until the kid was about to die before he went into the water to pick him up.”

“Then, he waited until he woke up before kicking him down again! It went on and on.

In the end, that kid looked at the instructor with fear in his eyes.”

Mo Chu swallowed her saliva.

She was also shocked by Ning Yiyuans rude behavior.

“Is that person alright”

Qin Yue waved his hand.

“What could go wrong Hes a grown man.

Hell be fine after staying in the Treatment Device for four to five hours.”

“Thats good.” Before Mo Chu could finish her sentence, a series of howls suddenly sounded.

Looking at the source of the sound, Roundy was staggering towards Mo Chu.


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