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“Thats right.” Mo Chu nodded.

She tugged at its chubby earlobe and took out a lot of food from the terminal.

“But its only for one day!”

Roundy could no longer listen to Mo Chus words.

Right now, all her attention was on the food on the table.

Look, the one-meter-square table was filled with all kinds of food.

The strong aroma was irresistible to a glutton like Roundy!

Unexpectedly, Mo Chu had also attracted the Little Flying Fox.

Perhaps it was because he was close to Roundy, it was influenced b this little glutton.

In the past, this Little Flying Fox did not look like a glutton.

Now, after staying with Roundy for some time, it actually became addicted to eating!

“Awooo–” Roundy was eating happily.

When it looked up, it saw Little Flying Fox staring at its food with a face full of saliva.

Its plump face immediately sank and it cried out! This is all mine! Get lost!

The threat was not enough.

Roundy stretched out its arm and directly hugged the food on the table, preparing to take it all for itself.

In the end, there were too many dishes on the table and many of them were left outside.

Roundy was so anxious that it stomped its feet!

Later on, it also reacted and immediately buried its head in his food.

Hmph! The only safe place for the food was in my stomach!

As it ate, it would occasionally raise its head to look at Little Flying Fox.

Once it got a little closer, Roundy would immediately sink its face and howl twice.

“Hmm, hmm!” Watching the two little fellows fight, Mo Chu also felt that it was very interesting.

However, when she saw the pitiful look on the Little Flying Foxs face that was filled with drool but did not dare to cross the line, she also felt a little heartbroken.

Hence, she glared at Roundy.

Although it was unwilling, the little fellow picked out some food that tasted slightly worse and pushed them to the other side of the table.

It raised its chin at Little Flying Fox, and the fat on his chin trembled.

Here, its for you!

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Looking at the food that was pushed to its side, the Little Flying Fox did not dare to move at first.

When it saw the smile on Mo Chus face, it slowly moved forward.

Later, when it smelled the fragrance of the food, it did not care anymore, it immediately began to eat.

Roundy was not happy.

Its bright red eyes stared at Little Flying Fox across from it.

When it was eating slowly, Roundy nodded in satisfaction.

It lowered its head and continued to eat like a tornado.

Looking at the two little fellows, Mo Chu could not help but shake her head and smile.

Her eyes inadvertently glanced at the jar that was delivered by express delivery.

Suddenly, she remembered that she was preparing to cook kimchi some time ago.

In the 21st century, she had spent some time learning about the recipe for kimchi.

Since she had nothing to do now, she might as well make it.

Speaking of which, the most important tool for making kimchi was the kimchi jar.

In the past, it was mostly made from pottery or glass.

The Federation did not have these two materials.

Previously, Mo Chu had browsed through the Starnet and asked Mo Yang many times before deciding on a material calledSetuk, this was also the reason for the current finished product.

Generally speaking, there were two types of pickles.

The first type was pickled vegetables.

The origin of this name was that as long as the fresh vegetables were soaked in a jar, they could be taken out and eaten very quickly.

This could be used as a specialized dish.

The other type specialized in making pickles and seasonings.

This type of pickle could be seen in many famous dishes.

If one wanted to make this type of pickle, they would have to soak it for a few more days than pickled vegetables.

It would take about a week to ten days.

The taste would also be a little more salty and spicy than regular pickles.

What Mo Chu was preparing to make at this moment was the first type of pickles.

The method was very simple.


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