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“Dean Situ, I really cant hide it from you.” Qin Shangs flower-like lips parted slightly, and his voice was as clear as a spring.

“What have you thought about the matter we talked about last time”

“You mean the matter of choosing a few students from the Military Academy to participate in a reality show” Situ Xiu narrowed his eyes slightly.

Qin Shang had spoken to him about this matter last time.

The Dean remembered that he had still been waiting in the office for quite a while back then.

In the end, he had found this fellow at the Military Academys Conference venue.

At that time, he seemed to have held some sort of Mecha Exhibition.

However, this fellow had not come back since then.

He had thought that this matter would be settled just like that! Who would have thought that Qin Shang would come back today!

“Thats right.

Do you have some people in mind” Qin Shang raised his head slightly.

His eyes revealed some sharpness.

The Ning family, the Qin Family, and the Qiao Family were all first-rate families in the Federation.

They were roughly equal in power.

Among them, the Ning Family followed the military path while the Qin Family followed the political path.

As for the Qiao family, they had produced quite a few alchemy masters.

However, there were exceptions among them.

Qin Shang was one of them.

He did not follow the expectations of his elders and become a new star in the political world.

On the contrary, Qin Shang had started to dabble in the entertainment industry when he just came of age.

From starting from scratch to becoming famous today, he only used a short five years.

Although there was no lack of support from the Qin Family, Qin Shangs own talent could not be underestimated.

To put it bluntly, if this master was not willing to work in the entertainment industry one day, with his ability, he could return to the political arena at any time.

Moreover, with the connections he had accumulated in the entertainment industry, he could do even better.

Qin Shang was successful in the entertainment industry, while Ning Yiyuan was a man of his word in the army.

It was rumored that as long as Ning Yiyuans name was mentioned, the number of soldiers joining the army could increase by 20%.

This guys appeal was evident.

Therefore, it was not strange that the two of them knew each other.

After all, they were both figures in the industry that people worshipped!

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Looking at the two young men in front of him who each had their own merits, Situ Xiu could not help but exclaim in admiration.

No matter how unwilling he was to submit to old age, he could not do it anymore.

Now, it was the world of these young people!

Situ Xiu did not forget to answer Qin Shangs question.

He took out a list from the table and handed it to him.

“Ive thought about it.

I suggest you choose some of the senior students.

They have experience and strength.”

Qin Shang lowered his head to look at the list and shook his head slightly.

“My thoughts are exactly the opposite of yours.

Our new reality show wants authenticity.

If you give me some carved jade, it would be meaningless.”

“You mean you want the freshmen to participate in this show” Situ Xiu frowned slightly.

“You dont have to worry.” Qin Shang understood Situ Xius concern.

He raised his eyes slightly, and a comfortable feeling like a spring breeze blew into his face.

“Although this reality show is exciting, the safety is absolutely guaranteed.”

In fact, based on Qin Shangs current status, it was really a waste of talent to personally determine the participants of a program.

However, he was very interested in the setting of this reality show.

Moreover, the Federation Military Academy was not an ordinary academy, so it was understandable for him to come personally.

Of course, this was also a win-win situation for the Military Academy.

After all, due to the preferential policies given by other schools over the years, the Military Academys excellent students were constantly being poached by other schools.

It was a good opportunity to use this opportunity to publicize it.

“Have you considered the candidates” Situ Xiu thought for a moment and asked softly.

“Of course.

Im going to choose four students.

Two seniors, and two freshmen.” Qin Shangs fair and slender fingers tapped on the table, making a regular sound.

“For the freshmen, I will choose Mo Chu and her brother Mo Yang.

As for the two seniors, one will choose Qin Yue and the other will be decided temporarily.”


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