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Qin Shang had put in a lot of effort this time.

Other than the students from the Military Academy, the rest of the participants were all the top celebrities in the entertainment circle!

Mo Chu did not feel anything, but Mo Yang was very excited as he watched from the side!

“Brother, what do you think” Mo Chu was not very interested in this show, but the generous reward really attracted her attention.

Although she had opened her Spirit Food Shop, she could only sell five servings of Spirit Food every month.

Although she had some income, it was not a lot.

Besides, who would not want free money

“I think I can participate.” Mo Yang nodded.

Looking at the list of people on the information, his eyes showed a hint of excitement.

Song Qingsong, this was the idol that he had always worshipped! Being able to have such a chance to have close contact with him was something that Mo Yang did not even dare to think about in the past.

Song Qingsong was once someone who could be on par with the Exalted generation.

At one point, his sharpness even surpassed that of the Exalted generation.

Unfortunately, the Heavens were jealous of geniuses.

Just when his brilliance was at its brightest, Song Qingsong was diagnosed with a genetic collapse disease.

His special ability slowly faded away.

For an ordinary person, this was an unimaginable pain, not to mention a genius like Song Qingsong!

However, he did not give up.

As he searched for a treatment plan, he turned around and entered the entertainment industry.

With his extremely high popularity and handsome appearance, he had a meteoric rise in the entertainment industry!

“Alright, then lets participate.” Mo Chu combined the opinions of the two of them and came to a final conclusion.

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The shooting time of this reality show was very suitable.

It happened to be two weeks later.

After they had passed their military training, they could rest and adjust for a week.

Otherwise, if they were to go online with their haggard faces, it would be really embarrassing!

Roundy was becoming more discerning.

As soon as she saw that Mo Chu and the others had finished talking about serious matters, it hopped over and stared at Mo Chu with an expectant look on its face.

“Ao ao–” You had said that you would compensate me in the afternoon.

Now, you should fulfill your promise, right

Mo Chu naturally understood what this little fellow was thinking.

She patted its head and turned around to walk towards the kitchen.

“Wait, Ill go and cook now!”

Roundys tastes had also changed.

In the past, as long as there was something to eat, it was fine.

Now, it was particular about new dishes.

However, it just so happened that the vegetables that she had pickled in the afternoon should be almost done.

Mo Chu took out a bowl and placed the pickled cabbage and radish in it.

She took out her chopsticks and tasted them first.

Hmm, the taste was not bad.

Not only did it retain the crisp taste of these two vegetables, but there was also a bit of salty, fragrant, and spicy flavor.

She sprinkled some bean oil on it and stirred it slightly.

Then, it could be served on the table.

In addition, there was still a lot of bean paste left when she made the fish with bean paste.

Mo Chu had already made some of it into tofu.

Today, she could make another famous dish — Mapo tofu.

First, she washed the tofu and cut it into one-inch cubes.

She put water in the pot, added salt, and boiled it.

Then, she added the chopped tofu cubes and boiled them for about two minutes.

This step was to remove the smell of the tofu.

After it was cooked, she carefully scooped it out for backup.

In fact, most of the authentic Mapo tofu was made with beef.

However, she had limited resources at the moment, so she could only temporarily replace it with pork.

Thinking of this, Mo Chu also put the task offinding new meat into her future plans.

Mo Chu took out a piece of tender wild boar meat from the terminal and cut the pork into strips before chopping it into minced meat.

Naturally, the omnipotent Water Weeds could not be excluded.

One part was cut into minced meat, while the other part was cut into small pieces.


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