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Then, she heat the pot over high heat, pour in the bean oil, and wait for the oil to heat up before turning it into a small fire.

Then, add in the water plants that were cut into minced pieces until the fragrance was created.

Then, add in the minced pork and continue to stir-fry.

When the color of the pork has changed, add some salt and add water.

Turn the small fire into high heat, and wait for the water to boil.

Then, put in the tofu pieces that had been blanched and gently disperse them.

When the water was left with a third, she added a spoonful of chili noodles and a spoonful of peppercorns powder.

She gently stirred them.

After mixing them, he added a little water starch to thicken the tofu.

Finally, she sprinkled the Water Weed segments on top.

Mo Chu was cooking in the kitchen while Mo Yang, Roundy, and the others stood by the side and watched.

Compared to Mo Yangs helpless look from before, Mo Chu could be described as completely fluid and smooth.

She cut, stir-fried, and seasoned the dishes without any hesitation.

Every action was like a dance, it was filled with spirit and charm.

However, when Mo Chu brought out the two dishes, their praise towards Mo Chu turned into drooling over the food.

This was especially so for Roundy.

Its large face was filled with satisfaction.

Its round eyes were even smiling into the shape of a crescent moon.

“Ao aoo–” So fragrant! It could eat fresh delicacies.

It could not be any happier!

Meanwhile, Mo Yang had already filled up the rice and was waiting for Mo Chu to sit down and start eating.

Mo Chu brought the side dishes and Mapo tofu onto the table.

“Come, try these two dishes.”

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He could only leave the tasting to Mo Yang.

Yuan Yuan and the other two little ones only knew how to bury their heads in their food and didnt expect them to give any opinions.

Mo Yang grabbed a piece of tofu and fed it to his mouth.

Although he had eaten quite a lot of delicacies, the taste today startled him! The fresh and steaming tofu was tender and smooth, and there were also a few spicy and fresh fragrances on top of it.

The taste was simply superb!

Roundy and Little Flying Fox were wolfing down the food.

At this moment, their faces were filled with food, and they did not look like ferocious beasts at all.

Every time it was Mo Chu who cooked the food, they would swarm over, afraid that they would be left behind.

Especially Roundy and Little Flying Fox, these two fellows, they were like insatiable gluttons.

They ate their fill.

Satisfied, the two humans and two beasts collapsed on their seats in unison.

Mo Yang sighed lightly.

He had no choice but to admit defeat.

As expected, cooking was also an art.

It still required talent.

He should just forget about it! It seemed that this great and arduous task could only be handed over to Little Chu.

In the blink of an eye, a day had passed.

After treatment and rest, the students who were previously suffered from the cold had all returned to normal.

The military training could also continue.

“Ive already complained to the principal.

If this goes on, we definitely wont be able to endure it.” Just as Mo Chu walked into Team Fang, she heard a commotion.

“The following training will definitely not be so difficult.”

The other girls nodded in agreement.

“Thats right.

My family has also protested to the school.”

“Thats right.

My brother said that the difficulty of our training can be compared to the training of the top troops.”

Hearing this, everyone could not help but feel relieved.

They could finally relax a little.

If they continued to train so harshly, they would be crippled!

Unfortunately, when Ning Yiyuan arrived, his expression was even harsher than usual.

They could not help but feel that their hopes had once again been dashed!

As expected, Ning Yiyuans sharp gaze swept over them, and his brows raised slightly.

“I heard that you went to protest to the Dean, saying that the training was too strict”



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