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“Are you all underage Why are you crying after being scolded You even learned how to complain!”

“Are you even the elite students of the Military Academy” Ning Yiyuan sneered.

“Let me tell you, the training in the future will not be easy.

Instead, it will become more and more difficult!”

“If anyone is afraid, you can quit now.

Dont come again in the future!”

Ning Yiyuans harsh words made everyones faces turn red, but no one backed down.

In the next few days of training, Ning Yiyuan really did what he said he would do.

Skydiving required one to restrict ones landing position and speed.

Shooting required one to pay attention to accuracy and time.

No matter which event it was, it was obviously one or two steps harder than their previous training.

Bitter! It was quite bitter!

Especially Mo Chu.

Her constitution was the worst, and she was always ranked in the bottom few.

Ning Yiyuan was not willing to go easy on her at all, and his requirements for her were even stricter than others.

However, at the same time, the effects were also very obvious.

In less than a week, Mo Chu felt that her entire constitution had undergone an earth-shattering change.

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She was exhausted like a dog, laying on the ground after every training session, panting heavily.

However, she could clearly feel that she was gradually becoming stronger.

This kind of down-to-earth improvement made her feel extremely at ease.

“Are you alright Do you want me to carry you back to rest” However, at this time, Ning Yiyuan would immediately turn from an iron-blooded instructor to a passionate pursuer, looking at her with an attentive expression.

On the other hand, Mo Yang wanted to stand up and coldly reject him.

However, he was not much better than Mo Chu.

His entire body was drenched in sweat, and his limbs were weak.

It was because of this that Ning Yiyuan, this thick-skinned fellow, really seized several opportunities to carry Mo Chu all the way from the training ground back to her room.

Mo Chus face was quite red, and her heart was beating fast.

After all, Ning Yiyuans strong arms were wrapped around her back and legs.

The burning sensation seemed to be transmitted to her through the fabric of her clothes.

Mo Chus little face was slightly tipsy.

She simply placed a hand on his chest to separate the two of them.

Ning Yiyuan was not happy about this.

He exerted a little strength with his arm, and Mo Chus limp body leaned against his chest uncontrollably.

Her head also pressed against Ning Yiyuans strong chest, and she did not have the strength to resist at all.


Mo Chu even glared at Ning Yiyuan a few times.

He said with an expressionless face, “If you keep looking at me like that, I wont be able to resist kissing you.”


Mo Chu was instantly defeated! K.O.!

However, as time went by, the number of times she was carried back by Ning Yiyuan gradually increased.

Mo Chu got used to it and simply treated him as a free human palanquin.

Sometimes, she even adjusted his position by herself, she found the most comfortable angle.

“Oh right, are you preparing to participate in Qin Shangs reality show” On the way back, the two of them would occasionally chat a little.

“Yeah.” Mo Chu raised her head and pushed away some hair from her face.

“Brother and I feel pretty good.

We can participate.”

Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stopped and placed Mo Chu on a bench at the side.

His big hand carefully tied up the hair on her forehead.

He said with a smile, “Now, your eyes arent blocked!”

Before Mo Chu could react, he picked her up and continued to walk forward.

“You know that the military training ends tomorrow, right” When Mo Chu opened the door, Ning Yiyuan placed her on the sofa.

He did not leave as usual.

Instead, he stood in front of her and blocked her entire line of sight.


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