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Ning Yiyuan ignored this guy and strode in.

Zuo Lin took this as a sign that his Boss was frustrated and shook his head.

“Hey! Boss, look.” He followed behind Ning Yiyuan, Zuo Lin automatically played the role of a strategist.

“I told you before to relax a little bit in Mo Chus training.

This way, she doesnt have to suffer and you wont feel sorry for her.”

“Zuo Lin.” Ning Yiyuans footsteps paused, and his expression was somewhat serious.

“I want to be with that girl for a long time.”

After saying this, Ning Yiyuan turned around and walked into the study, preparing to continue with the work at hand.

Zuo Lin had long since returned to using the internet and he also stayed up every night during the military training period to deal with it.

However, Ning Yiyuans subordinates still controlled two-thirds of the Federations army, so how could it be easy for them

Outside, Zuo Lin thought for a long time, but he still did not have a clue.

He nudged Zhong Wen, who was beside him.

“What did Boss mean just now”

Why did he not understand! The Boss wanted to be together with Mo Chu for a long time Did It have anything to do with training or not

Zhong Wen rolled his eyes at him.

This one-track-minded fool!

Heh, you little idiot

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Before Zuo Lin turned hostile, Zhong Wen explained, “With Bosss ability, he can certainly protect Mo Chu, but do you think Mo Chu is the kind of person who is willing to be protected under a pair of wings”

Zuo Lin thought for a moment and shook his head firmly.

Although this little girl, Mo Chu, looked gentle and weak, she was very strong in her heart.

After so many days of hard training, she was undoubtedly the most tired one, but she had never complained or shed a tear.

“I see!” Zhong Wens gaze also revealed some admiration toward Mo Chu.

“If Mo Chu wants to fly, Boss will help her forge the toughest pair of wings, and not cut off her wings.”

Actually, this was also good.

After all, Bosss status was high.

Only when Mo Chu walked as far as possible would the future of the two be more compatible.

On the other hand, the boss, Zhong Wen, clicked his tongue and sighed.

Although it was the first time the Boss had fallen in love, he seemed to have learned it by himself.

Successfully getting to the true meaning of love was indeed a talent!

The next day, Ning Yiyuan and the others left silently.

The military training was officially over.

Although Mo Chu felt a little reluctant to part with them, she did not put too much thought into it.

Because very soon, the reality show was going to start shooting, she had to do her homework in advance.

After a week of recuperation, Qin Yue, Mo Chu, Mo Yang, and Yao Manwen were brought to District 5.

Yao Manwen was the girl who stopped Qin Shang at the Mecha Exhibition and took the initiative to show her love.

As she had revealed her genetic level at that time, Mo Chu still had some impression of her.

The show had not officially started yet.

Before that, they would record a short clip.

Hence, the group was brought to the studio in District 5.

“Come, this is your resting room,” an obedient-looking assistant explained to them with a smile.

“The others havent arrived yet.

You guys will probably have to wait for a while.”

“Okay, we understand.

Thank you.” Mo Chu nodded in understanding.

Although they had arrived first, the others were after all big shots in the entertainment industry.

In comparison, the four of them were not worth mentioning.

It was normal for their interview to be arranged at the back.

Seeing the reactions of Mo Chu and the others, the little assistant also let out a sigh of relief.

He also had a good impression of them.

Qin Shang was very generous in this aspect.

Although there were only four of them, he still gave them two rest rooms.

They had all they needed inside, and they were not inferior to the 21st century.

Seeing this, Mo Chu could not help but click her tongue in admiration.


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