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Hearing this, Chen Shao was also furious.

He was getting more and more impatient with Qin Yues pestering.

He furrowed his brows tightly.

Heh! At most, youre just a Young Master with some status.

Do you think you have power here!

“Ill tell you the truth.

Sister Qi is dedicated to her work.

In order to prepare for this event, she brought dozens of sets of clothes.

This room is definitely not enough…”

“Not enough Then put them in my room!” Suddenly, a slightly weathered mans voice interrupted with a hint of displeasure.

“Who are you Do you have anything to do here Get out of my way…” Chen Shao suddenly turned his head and when he saw the person, his expression changed instantly.

He did not dare to say anything else, only to see his lips squirming non-stop.

“Song, Brother Song… Why are you here” Chen Shao touched the cold sweat on his forehead, bowed slightly, and asked with his head lowered.

“If I didnt come, would I see this scene” The man chuckled and walked over with his long legs.

“Is there not enough room for Zhang Xiaoqi Do you want me to exchange with her”

“No, theres no need!” Hearing this, the cold sweat on Chen Shaos forehead became even more intense, and he hurriedly shook his head.

“Actually, although there are a lot of things, if you squeeze it, it should be enough.”

“Um, Brother Song, I still have something to do, so Ill be leaving first.” After saying this, Chen Shao hurriedly gave a signal to the few people pushing their clothes inside.

Then, as if there was a ghost chasing after him, he ran away in large strides.

At this moment, Mo Yangs eyes were wide he stared unblinkingly at the man.

This was his idol since he was young, Song Qingsong!

“You guys are the cadets who came back to participate in the program, right” Song Qingsong turned around to look at them and smiled lightly.

This person lived up to his name.

He was like a pine tree that stood proudly in the cold wind, his temperament was pure and handsome, but there was also a hint of vicissitudes mixed within.

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“Yes.” Mo Yang hurriedly nodded and adjusted his clothes.

“Hello, Im Mo Yang, your fan!”

“Oh” Seeing the nervousness on Mo Yangs face, Song Qingsong smiled gently.

“Hello, lets work together well in the future!”

Song Qingsongs words made Mo Yang feel like he was on steroids.

His spirits were lifted and he replied loudly, “Yes!”

Song Qingsong found it even more interesting.

The more his lips parted, the more adorable this little guy was! Then, he swept his gaze across the group of people… Ah! They were all talented children.

They would definitely have a bright future!

“Im sorry.

I have something to do here, so I wont talk to you guys anymore.” Song Qingsong smiled faintly.

Mo Yang could see a hint of sadness in his eyes.

That was right.

Once upon a time, Song Qingsong was also an elemental special ability user.

Now, he could only watch his power disappear day by day.

How could he not feel upset Especially when he saw these kids.

“Alright, take care.”

As Song Qingsong walked away, Qin Yue immediately started to complain, “Tell me, why are people so different from each other I used to like Zhang Xiaoqi, but now that Im here, my impression of her as a Goddess has been completely destroyed.”

“Look at our God Song,” Qin Yue praised.

“Not only is he handsome and good at acting, but his character is also so outstanding!”

Mo Yang glared at him coldly.

“Dont put my idol and that woman together.

Thats too low! The two of them are not on the same level at all!”

“Yeah!” Qin Yue nodded in agreement.

Speaking of which, it was not strange for Zhang Xiaoqi to act like this.

Although the development of the entertainment industry in the Federation was lagging behind, the Federation citizens love for celebrities far surpassed that of the 21st century.

Furthermore, even quite a few political celebrities and military bigwigs were fans of them.

Take last years Top Ten Outstanding Contributions Awards of the Federation as an example.

Song Qingsong was deeply loved by the masses because he acted as the male lead in a television drama!

“Hello, we are the assistants responsible for your makeup and styling.” Mo Chu and the others were standing by the door when two delicate and pretty boys walked over and said with a smile.

“Okay.” Mo Chu and the others nodded at them and went back to their rooms.

The girls make-up was more exquisite than the boys, so they put it at the back.

The handsome boy took the box of make-up and walked towards Mo Yang.

He carefully looked at him and suddenly praised, “You are really good-looking and your skin is not bad.”

It was the first time Mo Yang was praised so directly.

He coughed a few times and his face turned slightly red.

Looking at Mo Yangs appearance, Mo Chu laughed out loud! She did not expect his big brother to have such a cute side!

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