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Mo Yangs foundation was very good.

The little assistant only lightly outlined his face a few times, and it made his facial features more three-dimensional.

His handsome temperament became more prominent.

“Its done.” Putting down the dressing tray, the assistant clapped his hands.

A satisfied expression appeared in his eyes.

He turned around slightly and looked at the row of clothes racks behind him.

After pondering for a moment, he chose a set of clothes from among them, she handed it to Mo Yang.

“Here, change into this.”

As the assistant lifted her chin slightly, Mo Chu and Mo Yang realized that there was a small door in the corner of the room.

It just so happened that there was an independent changing room inside.

“Okay.” Mo Yang held the clothes in his hands and nodded at the assistant.

Then, he strode towards the changing room.

“Its done.” As soon as Mo Yang left, the assistants gaze turned back to Mo Chu and smiled at her.

“Its your turn now.”

As she said that, she squatted down and took out a lot of makeup products from the box that she had previously held.

She placed them all over the table, causing Mo Chu to be speechless.

When the assistant opened the makeup box, Mo Chu curiously stuck her head out to take a look.

She was surprised to find that all the colors were biased towards heavy makeup.

This bold use of color was even comparable to the smoky makeup that Mo Chu had seen before.

“This is for my makeup” Mo Chu was stunned for a moment before asking in surprise.

After all, she was still young, and her facial features had yet to fully develop.

In addition, Mo Chus style was relatively calm.

If she were to put on such gorgeous makeup, the effect would definitely be as tragic as a child stealing her mothers makeup!

The assistant did not know what Mo Chu was thinking.

She nodded as she tidied up the makeup on the table.

“Thats right!”

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After all, the entertainment industry of the Federation had only just begun to sprout.

It had yet to reach the stage where a hundred flowers were blooming.

The most popular costume now was the Cleopatra of the ancient era, where the most beautiful was to be gorgeous and charming.


Mo Chu also realized this point.

It was only now that she realized that the Qiao Hongmei, Hu Qing, and even Yao Manwen all followed this style!

It just so happened that she was not suited for it!

“Im sorry.” Mo Chu raised his head slightly, his eyes revealing a hint of inquiry.

“Do you have any cosmetics that are slightly lighter in color”

The assistant was stunned.

Although she did not understand what Mo Chu was trying to do, she nodded her head honestly.

Although this kind of light-colored cosmetics was not popular right now, as assistants, they would always bring a little more, just in case!

“Can I try putting on my own makeup” Looking at the light-colored makeup that her assistant took out, Mo Chus eyes could not help but light up.

“Well…” hearing this, the assistant hesitated a little.

If there was a problem with the makeup, they would be punished.

Seeing the concern on the assistants face, Mo Chu discussed with her, “How about this Ill draw one myself first.

If you dont think its good, you can start.

Dont worry, Ill be fast.”

Looking at the sincere and bright eyes of the girl in front of him, the assistant was slightly taken aback.

She subconsciously nodded and agreed.

Seeing this, Mo Chu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The makeup products of the Federation were not much different from those of the 21st century.

The only difference was that the materials and materials used were slightly different.

Mo Chu first used water and milk as a base before applying a thin layer of insulating cream.

Her skin was originally very fair and smooth.

With just a touch, it appeared even more flawless and natural.

After the simplest step was done, Mo Chu picked up the eyebrow brush again and traced a few strokes along the shape of her eyebrows, drawing the basic shape.

Then, she carefully filled in the space between her eyebrows.

Then, she used the eyebrow brush on the other end of the eyebrow brush to gently smooth out her eyebrows and scrape away the excess marks.


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