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Next was the most important part of the eye makeup.

This was also the part where Mo Chu was most satisfied with her entire face.

The shape of her eyes was somewhat similar to the pupils of a cat.

Her oval-shaped black eyes were faintly watery, and the corners of her eyes were slightly drooping.

There was also a sense of innocence in her elegance.

Her thick black eyelashes were long and curled.

The natural range of her eyelashes was far more beautiful than the artificial ones!

Mo Chu took the eyeliner and drew a thin eyeliner along the bottom of her eyelids.

The end of the eyeliner was slightly lengthened to achieve the effect of magnifying her eyes.

She also applied a light pink eye shadow evenly on her eyelids, making her look cute and playful.

Finally, she applied some blush, added a little shadow and highlights, and then applied a bright lipstick.

It was done!

“What do you think” Mo Chu looked at herself in the mirror and nodded in satisfaction.

Not bad! Although it had been a long time since she had put on makeup, her skills had not deteriorated.

However, when she looked at the assistant beside her, Mo Chus mood was still a little perturbed.

She felt that it was not bad, but she did not know if she could pass the aesthetic standards here.

The assistant beside her was already stunned!

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On one hand, Mo Chus fluent makeup skills really shocked her.

Oh my God! This was comparable to professionals like them, okay

If she did not know that Mo Chu was here to participate in this reality show, she would definitely think that this little girl was here to steal her job!

She did not know that in the high-intensity and high-efficiency 21st century, many women had practiced such a unique skill, and Mo Chu was no exception.


The other part that surprised the assistant was the result of Mo Chus drawing.

It was clearly a few very light colors, but after Mo Chus comprehensive use, it actually produced a different kind of beauty!

“Not very good-looking” Seeing that the assistant did not reply for a long time, Mo Chus small face could not help but collapse.

She picked up the makeup remover at the side and was about to spray it on his face.

“Im sorry, Ill have to trouble you to…”

Before she could finish his sentence, the assistant had already grabbed Mo Chus hand.

Although she had never seen this kind of makeup before, she instinctively felt that it was moving.

“You look very good.

Lets leave it at that!”

At this moment, Mo Yang had already changed his clothes and came out of the changing room.

The assistant had picked out a white suit for him.

This color was not something that anyone could successfully control.

However, it was clear that this suit was very suitable for Mo Yang.

The design of the suit made him look even more handsome, his temperament was clear and cold.

“Not bad!” The assistant pursed her lips.

The confidence that had been shattered by Mo Chu finally started to sprout! Looking at the time on the terminal, the assistant could not help but frown.

She could not be bothered to appreciate her outstanding work.

She quickly picked out a suit that was suitable for Mo Chu and gave it to him.

“Come, quickly change into it.

Theres not much time left.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu hurriedly took a few big strides to the changing room and quickly changed out of his clothes.

“Dont forget your shoes!” Mo Chu had just walked out of the changing room when her assistant handed her a pair of simple white sandals with high heels.

“Hurry up and change into them.”

Mo Yang stood at the side and looked at the 10-centimeter tall sandals.

He frowned.

“Can you give my sister a pair of shoes with slightly shorter heels” With such slender heels, if she was not careful later, she might sprain her foot.

“This… Im sorry.” The assistant scratched her head and turned around, revealing the spare shoes at the back.

“The heels of these shoes are about the same height, and this pair of shoes is the best match for her outfit.”

Mo Yang really looked at the heels of those shoes carefully and found that they were not much different from the height of the shoes in Mo Chus hands.

In the end, he could only give up.


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