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Knock knock–

Mo Chu had just changed into her shoes when someone knocked on the door and opened it.

The assistant who had brought them here earlier popped her head in with an anxious look on her face.

“Hurry up and come out.

Its almost your turn.”

“Okay!” Mo Chu and Mo Yang agreed and took a deep breath before walking out.

Their lounge was not far from the studio.

It was only 100 meters away, but Mo Yang carefully supported Little Chu, afraid that she would accidentally fall.

“Okay, thank you very much for Qi Qis arrival.”

“Thats right, lets look forward to her wonderful performance next!” Mo Chu and Mo Yang had just walked into the studio when they heard a man and a woman cooperating.

The studio was about 80 square meters, and there were three chairs in the middle.

There were cameras all around them, focusing on them.

The man and woman who spoke just now were rumored to be theGolden Partners of the hosting world.

One of them was called Kang Lei, and the other was called Wang Yan.

The hosting style of the two of them had always been based on wisdom and humor, each with their own characteristics.

However, they could complement each other.

This time, Qin Shang was able to invite them, which could be considered a big deal.

“Thank you!” The person sitting on the right side of the chair was Zhang Xiaoqi.

Her phoenix-like eyes were raised, and her plump lips were seductive.

The silver dress wrapped around her chest made her figure more graceful, and her voice was also very recognizable.

Her voice was clear and slightly hoarse.

“In the next program, I will try my best to let the audience see more of me.”

“Thats enough — Cut!”

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A camera in the middle was facing the three of them.

In front of them sat a man with long hair that hung down his shoulders.

At this moment, he was carefully scrutinizing the scene on the camera.

Even though his back was facing Mo Chu and Mo Yang, so they could not see his face clearly, they knew that he was the director of this reality show — Lin Yehong.

Speaking of this person, he was actually quite interesting.

In the entertainment industry, he was famous for being a hothead.

He had a bad temper, and his impatience had already become a trait of his.

If they were not careful and provoked him, he would start using profanities and shout at them.

However, this person was quite a bit of a ghost.

Most of the works that were directed by him could become famous overnight.

They had a reputation and viewership ratings.

It was because of this that everyone tolerated his terrible temper.

“Alright, thats it.” Lin Yehong frowned and complained in a low voice, “Weve already recorded it for the third time before we can get a feel for it.

How dare you say that your acting skills are good!”

Although Lin Yehongs voice was not loud, it was especially obvious in the spacious studio.

However, everyone must be used to his comments, and there was not any surprise on their faces.

On the other hand, Zhang Xiaoqi, who was sitting on the right, the smile at the corner of her mouth froze for a moment.

However, it quickly returned to its original state.

She did not dare to offend Director Lin, she could only pretend to adjust her skirt, stand up, and leave.

Chen Shao, who was arrogant just a moment ago, immediately went up to her like a lapdog.

He held a bottle of level one energy liquid in his hand, twisted the cap off the bottle, and fawningly handed it to Zhang Xiaoqi.

“Come, Sister Qi, you must be tired.

Drink some quickly!”

Zhang Xiaoqi was expressionless and maintained her aloof style.

Other than Chen Shao, there were three or four little assistants behind her.

One of them helped carry her bag, while the other two supported her skirt from behind.

When she passed by Mo Chu and Mo Yang, she suddenly stopped and turned to look at them.

She asked, “Are you the two cadets from before”

Before they could answer, Zhang Xiaoqi suddenly curled her red lips.

“My assistant was wrong about what happened before.

I hope you can forgive me a little.”

As she spoke, she pretended to glare at Chen Shao.


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