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Zhang Xiaoqi had already made her stance clear.

How could Chen Shao just stand by the side Therefore, she slightly bowed to them and said in a humble tone, “Im really sorry.

I made a mistake.

You guys are magnanimous, so you shouldnt mind, right”

Mistake What was there to be mistaken about

Did she think that the two newbies were easy to bully Why Was she afraid that gossip would spread and that her reputation would be tarnished So, she wanted to rely on such a simple explanation to resolve it

What kind of magnanimity was that To put it bluntly, she was trying to play the guilty victim.

Look, the assistant of a big celebrity had already apologized to you, and you still had the nerve to hold on to it

“Is it a mistake” Mo Chus exquisite little face froze, and said, “Its completely your fault!”

Mo Chu did not allow them an escape route.

Instead, she exposed the fact that Chen Shao was bullying others with his power.

Zhang Xiaoqi and Chen Shao were stunned by this unusual behavior.

Generally speaking, she should not react this way! A small newcomer did not restrain her tail, but she actually dared to lash out at the people in the circle.

Did she not want to mingle in the circle anymore

“Ive already explained the matter very clearly just now.” Zhang Xiaoqis raised her voice.

“You must have some misunderstanding!”

There was no misunderstanding.

Everyone present was well aware of it.

Recently, the news of Zhang Xiaoqi acting like a big shot and bullying rookies had been exposed repeatedly.

However, due to her large number of fans and her connections in the upper echelons, everyone tolerated it.

Mo Chus words today made most people view them in a different light.

As expected of a top student of the Federation Military Academy, they were not afraid of authority!

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Lin Yehong was also one of them.

His personality was somewhat wild and unruly, to begin with.

Mo Chus was just right for his taste.

His brows could not help but raise slightly.

It was rare for him to be kind enough to speak out and solve their predicament, “Alright, its your turn to shoot.

Come over quickly!”

Hearing this, Mo Yang and Mo Chu turned their eyes away from Zhang Xiaoqi and walked toward the middle of the studio.

Zhang Xiaoqi took a deep breath, raised her head, and puffed out her chest.

She raised her chin slightly and walked out like a queen.

As soon as she returned to the room, Zhang Xiaoqis expression immediately changed.

She raised her eyebrows, and the sarcasm in her words was clearly revealed.

“Those two rookies just now are quite courageous!”

“Exactly.” Chen Shao, a man, held a small fan in his hand and blew at Zhang Xiaoqi carefully.

“Ive checked these two people.

They dont have any identity or background, but they are quite arrogant!”

“Okay.” Zhang Xiaoqi waved her hand impatiently.

“Anyway, we have a long filming time this time.

We have plenty of opportunities to deal with them!”

“However,” Zhang Xiaoqi changed the topic and looked at her assistant.

“You have to be more careful next time.

Its best if you can make them submit obediently and dont let others talk about you!”

“Sigh.” Chen Shao hurriedly nodded and agreed.

“I was careless this time.

I wont do it again next time.”

“Okay.” Zhang Xiaoqis face looked better.

“Go and ask about the next arrangements.

If theres nothing else, Lets go.

I feel so sullen sitting in this small room!”

“Okay, Ill go right away.” Chen Shao immediately turned around to ask about the situation.

On the other side, Mo Chu and Mo Yang settled down, and the interview officially began.

“Hello everyone, Im Mo Chu.”

“Im Mo Chus brother, Mo Yang.” After a simple self-introduction, the two hosts took the opportunity to bring up the topic.

“Thats right, these two are also participants in our reality show.

They look so young!”


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