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The man sized her up and opened the door completely.

“If you have something to say, come in and say it.”

“Okay.” Mo Chu nodded and stepped into the slightly dilapidated door.

The scenery in the room made her stunned.

The old furnishings and the courtyard filled with miscellaneous items could not be compared to the bustling houses in the city.

Even compared to the ordinary buildings in the 21st century, it was still a little lacking.

“The house is a little messy and I didnt have time to clean it up.” Seeing the surprise in Mo Chus eyes, the man smiled embarrassedly.

The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes became more obvious.

“Little girl, Whats the matter” He took out a relatively clean and tidy chair and handed it to Mo Chu.

The man sat on a big rock.

“Umm, can I… buy some food from you” Mo Chu took out 100 Federal Coins and asked softly.

The man frowned in embarrassment.

“Well… Im sorry.

Its difficult to buy supplies here.

Every time I go to the city, I will buy an appropriate amount of things back.

I really dont have much to sell to you.”

“Ah–” so that was the case! Mo Chu nodded and licked her lips.

“Then thank you!”

Mo Chu stood up and was about to leave when her gaze fell on the pile of junk in the middle of the courtyard.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up! Eh Thats a Milk Tree, right

Mo Chu walked a few steps quickly and picked out a Milk Tree that was mixed in the junk.

Thats right! “Excuse me, where did you find this”

“Oh, that…” the man pointed outside.

“Its in a corner at the back of the mountain.

Theres a large area there.

Do you want it”

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Mo Chu nodded excitedly.

It was really a waste of time and effort to find it! “Can you take me to look for it”

The man laughed heartily.

“Of course, follow me!”

After closing the door, the man led the way in front while Mo Chu followed behind.

Although the man said it was easy, the road was full of twists and turns.

It was like a maze! If it were not for someone leading the way, she would not have found this place even if she was beaten to death!

“Okay, this is the place.” The man stepped on the ground and pointed his finger forward.

Mo Chu looked forward and her eyes lit up.

Oh my God, what a big forest!

With this forest, Mo Chu did not have to worry about food for the week!

The cameramen behind her were also excited.

Oh my, this little girls luck is really too good.

Her character is off the charts! It had only been a short while, but she had already found all this food!

“Sorry to trouble you.” Mo Chu nodded at the man and handed him the 100 Federation Coins.

“Thank you so much.

This is the reward, so please accept it!”

“Hey, hey.” The man hurriedly took a few steps back and waved his hand.

“Its not a big deal.

Why would you give me so much money”

100 Federation Coins was equivalent to one-third of his monthly salary!

“Its okay.

Just take it!” Mo Chu forced the money into his hands.

“Anyway, this is useless here.

Just take it!”

The man licked his lips, but he could not argue with Mo Chu, so he had no choice but to accept it.

Just like that, he thanked her with gratitude.

“Its my turn to thank you!” Looking at the large Milk Tree forest in front of her, Mo Chus face was beaming!

It was actually very simple for the Milk Tree to be made into clear milk.

All she needed to do was to cut a hole in its trunk, and the most natural clear milk would automatically flow out from it.

However, she did not have any suitable tools or containers to hold the milk.

The man was feeling uneasy because he had taken 100 Federal Coins.

When he saw Mo Chus expression, he hurriedly said, “I have these things at home.

Wait a moment, Ill bring them to you right away!”

Without giving Mo Chu a chance to refuse, the man immediately ran back and brought a knife and a few sealed cups to hold the clear milk.

“Here, take it!” The man handed the things to Mo Chu and smiled shyly.

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“Okay.” Mo Chu did not refuse.

“Then Ill return the knife to you after Im done using it.

Can I keep this cup first Ill return it to you in a few days, okay”

“No need.” The man shook his head.

“The money you gave me would easily buy three times the volume of the items I gave you.

Moreover, I still have more of them at home.

Ill let you use these!”

After saying that, the man waved his hand at Mo Chu and left in large strides.

Looking at the things in her hands, Mo Chu could not help but smile.

She really did meet an important person!

Looking at it carefully, this cup had a capacity of almost one liter.

There were a total of five cups here.

If it was filled to the brim, she would not have to worry about the food for the week!

However, the knife was a little blunt.

Mo Chu found a stone and sharpened it a few times.

He looked at the blade and felt that it was almost done.

Only then did she carry the things into the Milk Tree forest.

He found a rather thick Milk Tree.

Mo Chu fiercely hacked at it and a crack appeared on the tree.

White juice gradually flowed out.

Mo Chu hurriedly placed the cup under the joint and licked her tongue.

She had been busy for half a day, and she was truly a little thirsty.

However, when she recalled the terrifying taste of the clear milk she had drunk before, she could not help but frown, and her heart shuddered!

Listening to the sound of the milk dripping into the cup bit by bit, Mo Chu grimaced.

In the end, her physical thirst overcame her psychological fear, and she used her right hand to grab another cup and place it under her mouth.

She brought the cup that was half full of milk to her mouth and closed his eyes as she took a big gulp.

Hmm… Something was not right…

This milk did not have the same paint-like texture as before.

Instead, it was somewhat smooth.

The taste was also somewhat sweet.

It was a little like the coconut milk of the 21st century.

What was going on

Mo Chu could not stop drinking.

However, her mind kept spinning.

Thats right! The clear milk she drank before seemed to have been added with some other supplementary ingredients to increase its energy content.

Aiya! Mo Chu shook her head.

To be able to turn such delicious raw milk into such a strange-tasting one, those food experts were really amazing!


Mo Chu found a thick Milk Tree and leaned against it.

She closed her eyes slightly, and the sun shone down on her face, faintly revealing an indescribable brilliance.

The cameraman took the responsibility to capture this scene and preserved it forever.

Soon, a cup was filled to the brim.

Mo Chu quickly sealed it and placed it in the terminal.

She took another cup and failed it.

Her thoughts wandered… Tsk tsk, she wondered how her brother and Qin Yue were doing.


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