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After drinking more than half a cup of clear milk, Mo Chu finally quenched the thirst in his throat and continued to walk forward.

The sun had already set from the sky, dyeing the clouds red.

Only the faint afterglow scattered on the ground, leaving specks of marks.

After dusk, the night quickly darkened, and the temperature suddenly dropped.

“Its so cold!” Zhang Xiaoqi was so cold that goosebumps appeared all over her body.

She did not care about her image and quickly took out the extra clothes from the terminal and put them on.

Mo Chu was well prepared.

She put on a warm cotton-padded jacket to solve the problem.

Looking around, Mo Chu was still worried.

She picked up some small branches and prepared to start a fire.

“Hehe! Now, you need my help!” Zhang Xiaoqi was showing off now, she raised her finger slightly, and the bright red flame seemed to be particularly warm in the night.

She raised her little face, which was covered with stains.

She had an expression that said:Come and beg me!

Mo Chu ignored her.

She kept collecting firewood and placed it in front of herself.

Then, she took out an igniter from the terminal and lightly sprayed it onto the firewood.

With awhoosh, the flame quickly ignited! The flame was much bigger than the one on Zhang Xiaoqis finger!

Zhang Xiaoqis face froze.

The pride on her face quickly faded and she glared at Mo Chu.

“How are you able to do this Ah… you cheated!”

Other than the extra clothes, everything else was taken away by Lin Yehong.

How could Mo Chu still have a igniter

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Ignoring her, Mo Chu put away the igniter and took out a simple tent.

He then lay down in it happily.

Zhang Xiaoqi was dumbfounded.

Her mouth was wide open.

After a while, she finally reacted to Mo Chus arrogant behavior and shouted at the staff behind her, “She broke the rules.

Arent you going to do anything”

Even if Mo Chu was not eliminated, they should at confiscate these things!

The staff looked at her and said indifferently, “Mo Chus behavior is in accordance with the rules.”

Seeing the cold expression on the staff members face, Zhang Xiaoqi also regained her senses.

Since Mo Chu dared to use it in front of them, it proved that the source of these things was definitely not a problem.

However, she was so mad at Mo Chu that she did not think of this at all.

The cold wind was blowing outside.

Mo Chu was lying in a tent that sheltered her from the wind and rain.

She was wrapped in a cotton coat and her entire body was warm.

She could not help but thank the man from before.

When the man knew that Mo Chu would spend the night here, he hurriedly ran home and gave her an igniter and a simple tent.

If not for this, she would probably be like Zhang Xiaoqi outside, enduring the bone-chilling cold wind.

In the blink of an eye, the night passed, and the sky was getting bright.

Zhang Xiaoqi opened her eyes drowsily.

This night was really torturous for her.

She was cold and hungry, and could only barely rely on the firewood that Mo Chu had lit to get some warmth.

Even so, she still could not sleep well.

At night, the sound of beasts howling could be heard from time to time, scaring her out of her wits.

She had to sleep.

Otherwise, how could she have the energy to continue the next days activities

When it was close to midnight, Zhang Xiaoqi finally managed to sleep for a while.

However, the fire gradually extinguished and she was woken up by the cold again!

After going back and forth for an entire night, Zhang Xiaoqi almost had a mental breakdown.

However, when she opened her eyes drowsily, she was surprised to find that Mo Chu and her tent had disappeared!

Eh… Where did she go

Zhang Xiaoqi instantly became alert and looked around in fear.

Not to mention Mo Chus figure, even her tent and other things disappeared without a trace.

There was no way to find her.


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