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After searching for half a day, Zhang Xiaoqi was so tired that she was panting.

In the end, she stopped and was like a punctured balloon.

She was completely discouraged.

The staff behind her looked at her busily searching and did not make a sound to remind her.

Indeed, Mo Chu was not a fool.

She had already let Zhang Xiaoqi follow her the whole time.

She did not do anything.

When Mo Chu encountered danger, Zhang Xiaoqi would shrink back, but when she encountered benefits, Zhang Xiaoqi would come forward to claim them.

Did Zhang Xiaoqi treat everyone else as fools and expect them to wait for her

The celebrities all lived different lives in No-mans Land.

Outside, Qin Shang was also busy.

In order to achieve the best publicity effect, Qin Shang found a very famous post-production team and handed over the interview footage to them.

He stayed up for two whole nights, only then did the leader of the post-production team hand over the completed interview footage.

“Not bad.” Looking at the effect of the footage playing on the terminal, the corners of Qin Shangs mouth rose slightly.

His exquisite face had an air of strategic planning, “Inform the publicity team to start work immediately.

I want to see the news of our reality show on the major entertainment boards by 12 oclock at the latest today.”

“Okay.” Hearing that, the secretary nodded respectfully and quickly relayed Qin Shangs message.

How could anyone who could work under Qin Shang be ordinary They were all talented people.

The interview clip that was released at 10 oclock in the morning was forwarded by tens of millions of people in less than an hour.

The number of likes even reached the highest point in history!

The limelight of the Spirit Food Shop was also overshadowed.

This reality show jumped to the top of the hot search list in one go!

“Damn! This is too generous! All my Goddesses and idols.

I cant take it anymore.

Im so happy that Im going to faint!”

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“Stop talking.

Can you let me watch these reruns quietly”

“Almighty Song, Almighty Song, please be my husband!”

“Get lost! How dare you touch my husband Believe it or not, Ill kill you in a minute!”

“Can you shallow women go away You are blocking my Goddesss beauty!”

To be honest, Qin Shangssuperstar effect was really effective.

Not to mention their own internal promotion, even the fan groups of these celebrities also worked hard.

In just half a days time, this reality show had already become popular all over the country before it even started broadcasting!

With the help of these superstars, everyone was naturally interested in the newcomers that appeared.

Yao Manwen also walked in a fit and sexy style.

However, compared to Zhang Xiaoqi and the others, who were in the limelight, she instantly fell behind.

Naturally, she did not attract much attention.

However, Mo Chu, Mo Yang, and Qin Yue caused a lot of discussions.

There was nothing they could do about it.

These three rookies had very different styles and distinct images.

Qin Yues facial features were not considered good-looking, but he had an unspeakable wild and boorish style.

His assistant had clearly grasped this trait of his and tried his best to highlight this trait of his in his attire.

This allowed many men to feel that they had something in common with Qin Yue, and his approval ratings also rose steadily.

Of course, women were still more concerned about looks.

Compared to Qin Yue, Mo Yangs elegant and handsome appearance had successfully captured groups of fangirls.

“Oh! Look at Mo Yangs warm and cold eyes! He must be looking at me!”

“Its over, Ive been shot by cupid! Please save me!”

“Ive been shot too, an arrow pierced through my heart!”

“Ahhh! Doesnt anyone think that Mo Yang is so cute when he talks about Almighty Song I want to pull him into my arms, hug him, and kiss him!”


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