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It had been three days since the broadcast of the interview.

Not only did this hot reality show not fade away with the passage of time, but it also became more and more intense.

It even seemed to be on the trend of becoming a national topic.

Looking at the data presented below, Qin Shang smiled widely.

Thats right, everyones attention on this program was even beyond his expectations.

Beep beep–

At this moment, Qin Shangs terminal suddenly rang.

With a slight swipe, Lin Yehongs slightly annoying voice rang out, “Were done.

This program is finished!”

Hearing this, Qin Shang could not help but be stunned.

“So fast”

He originally thought that he would have to wait for at least a week to eliminate a person, but he did not expect it to be over in just four days.

Hearing the surprise in Qin Shangs tone, Lin Yehong rolled his eyes, clicked his tongue, and said with disdain, “Its all because the few people you found are useless.

Theyre like embroidered pillows that can be broken with a mere poke!”

“But dont worry.” Lin Yehong lowered his head to look at the content of the various cameras combined together and nodded with satisfaction.

“The material for this episode is definitely rich! Ill send it to you later.”

“Oh” Hearing this, Qin Shang could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

Even with Lin Yehongs venomous tongue, he actually said the wordsdefinitely rich.

The effect of this episode must be very interesting.

“Okay, since its done, you guys should come back as soon as possible.” After ending the conversation with Lin Yehong and looking at the video data that he sent over from the terminal, Qin Shang thought for a moment and said softly, “Ask the leader of the post-production team to come over.”

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“Yes.” The secretary standing at the side nodded and immediately asked the leader of the post-production team to come over.

“Come, take a look at this.”Opening the video data on the light screen, Qin Shang and the leader of the post-production team watched it together.

“How is it” After watching it, Qin Shang looked at the leader of the post-production team and asked with a tone of inquiry.

“This, this is too… too great!” The eyes of the team leader lit up as his brain worked quickly.

“This information can be divided into three episodes.

We will hand in the complete video of the first episode in two days.”

“Very good.” Hearing this, Qin Shang nodded with satisfaction.

In the past few days, the topic of this reality show had spread all over the Starnet.

Just when the publics enthusiasm for it had reached its peak, Qin Shangs company, Qin Entertainment, suddenly released an announcement: At nine oclock this weekend, the reality showWho Is the Strongest would officially be broadcast exclusively on the Starnets Qin TV.

At that time, everyone would be encouraged to watch it.

As soon as the news was released, the comments under Qin Entertainment were quickly taken over.

All kinds of comments begging for information and results came one after another.

“Its only broadcast this weekend Ill count it with my finger, damn, its over! There are still three days left, how will I spend these three days”

“Who is it who was eliminated Ahh, I really want to know the result, my heart is itching!”

“I guess its Mo Chu.

After all, she is the youngest among them and doesnt have enough experience! Its understandable that she was eliminated.”

“No, I like this little girl! I hope she can hold on!”


“In any case, Almighty Song will be fine! Hes awesome!”

“When our Almighty Song appears, I must lick the screen, lick the screen!”

The waiting time always felt long.

During these three days, the anxious audience felt that three years had passed.

They simply went to bombard Qin Entertainments comment threads.

In the end, because there were too many posts and the time was too dense, it caused the Qin Entertainment system to collapse.

Indeed, the power of the masses was powerful!

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