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However, when Mo Yang pieced the waste paper in the package into a map, all of the audiences faces were filled with surprise.

There was such a hidden clue It simply refreshed our limited worldview!

Of course, everyone also liked Lin Yehongs imagination.

The audience who had left comments on his homepage immediately rushed over and added another sentence, “Wow, Director Lin, youre so daring with your program! Its so dramatic.

Can you please torture our idol like this again If you answer with ayes, Ill… give you countless likes! Keep up the good work!”

Of course, Mo Yangs white shirt was soaked through, and the fans took plenty of screenshots of the scene of him faintly revealing his firm muscles.

One after another, the hearts of peach blossoms popped out.

“Haha, Im glad my terminal is waterproof.

That way, I can lick, lick, lick the screen to my hearts content!”

“Hmph, you guys are too perverted! Im a pure girl! Sob, sob, I looked too closely just now and forgot to take a screenshot.

Who can send me a copy I beg you!”

The tone at the beginning was still cheerful and interesting, but at the end, there was a sudden change — Almighty Song suddenly met a tier 8 magical beast!

F*ck! What should he do now

If this was when Song Qingsong was at his peak, let alone a tier 8 demonic beast, he would still have the strength to fight a tier 9 demonic beast!

However, ever since he had the misfortune to suffer from the gene collapse disease, his special ability had started to fade bit by bit.

He had instantly fallen from the high and mighty tier 9 to an ordinary tier 5.

Naturally, the pain and suffering he had suffered were self-evident.

However, why did he have to encounter a tier 8 magical beast

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Just as everyone was worried for him, the screen suddenly moved.

That Tier 8 magical beast ferociously attacked Almighty Song!

Song Qingsong nimbly flipped backward, dodging the attack.

The tier 8 magical beast pounced onto a large rock.

Its sharp claws lightly scratched the surface of the rock, leaving a deep crack.

Everyone was terrified by what they saw! The tense and dangerous atmosphere seemed to be able to pass through the screen and infect every single one of them.

The attack missed.

The magical beast scratched the ground with its four limbs in frustration.

Soon, a large pit was dug into the ground.

“Almighty Song, why dont we take the opportunity to leave” The cameraman behind him looked a little worried and asked softly.

“Its impossible.” Song Qingsong smiled slightly.

The wisdom in his eyes was clearly revealed.

Although he had lost his special ability class, he still had a lot of experience.

If he encountered such a high-level magical beast, hiding would only make him die faster.

Right now, there was only one thing he could do.

“Fight! Fight until the moment you die!”

As he shouted those words, Song Qingsong raised his head slightly.

His eyes were firm, and his eyes were shining.

At this moment, everyone seemed to see the proud son of Heaven again, Song Qingsong!

The situation on the screen was just as Almighty Song had said.

The battle was still going on, but the intensity was far beyond everyones imagination.

Although he was very experienced, it was almost impossible for Song Qingsong, who had fallen to tier 5, to defeat this tier 8 magical beast! He was now like a martial arts master who only had the moves but no inner strength.

If the time was short, he could still win with his moves.

If the time was long, his defeat would be obvious.

As expected, when the magical beast attacked again, Song Qingsong failed to dodge it successfully.

His arm was cut with a long wound, and his blood flowed out of it.

Just looking at it made people feel pain! In front of the screen, exclamations sounded one after another!

Song Qingsong seemed to have no feeling at all.

He only took a glance at his bloodstained sleeve.

The corner of his mouth pressed down slightly.

That calm and unruffled handsome face made everyones heart ache!


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