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“It shouldnt be like this! Our great Almighty Song should be standing on the clouds! How can you make my heart ache so much”

“Thats right! Lin Yehong, come out! I promise I wont beat you to death, lets have a good talk!”

“Im going to cry just looking at this, sob…”

The magical beast did not have the capacity to feel sorry for other people.

Seeing the blood on Song Qingsongs arm, its eyes suddenly lit up, and its attacks became fiercer and fiercer.

It did not give Song Qingsong any chance to counterattack.


Song Qingsongs leg was slashed again, and blood spurted out! Song Qingsongs leg bent downward, but he gritted his teeth and stood up straight again.

His handsome figure was as straight as a carved stone statue!

The cameramen following behind also could not bear it.

Even the hand holding the camera was trembling slightly, and the scene was a little shaky.

He really wanted to shout,Why dont we just forget about it, Almighty Song This is just a show!

Each of their teams had a tier 8 expert following them.

Qin Shang had spent a lot of money to invite him over, it was to prevent such a critical situation from happening.

However, looking at the determination on Song Qingsongs face, the cameramen following behind him could not say it out loud in the end.

They could only secretly cheer for him in their hearts! This was because they knew that this was not a show for Song Qingsong.

It was a battle that he had been waiting for a long time!

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No matter how much he suppressed it, the unwillingness and pride that belonged to the strong in his bones had never been wiped away!

“Go, Almighty Song!” At this moment, it was as if everyone had lost the ability to speak.

They could only silently type out these words.

Very quickly, the comments that were filled with different content quickly became organized.

One after another, they sent out the wordsAll the best, Almighty Song!

These two short exchanges had already left Song Qingsong covered in injuries.

A large pool of blood flowed from his arms and legs.

The bright red color formed a stark contrast with the slightly dark ground!

Even so, he still did not give up! His gaze was fixed on the magical beast opposite him, not daring to relax for even a moment.

Right at this moment, Song Qingsong made his first move! The two sharp icicles in his hands were thrown out with a swoosh.

At the moment when the magical beast was feeling smug, they pierced into its two eyeballs!

“Good, well done!” At this moment, regardless of whether they were Song Qingsongs fans or not, their hearts were moved by this battle.

They subconsciously held their breaths.

When they saw the magical beasts eyes spurt out blood simultaneously, only then did they heave a sigh of relief and cheer!

It was only at this moment that the corners of Song Qingsongs mouth curled up a little.

His eyes were shining brightly.

Look! Even though his special ability had declined, he was still the Song Qingsong who hadendless life and unceasing fighting spirit!

Just as everyone heaved a sigh of relief, the magical beast suddenly became agitated.

It never thought that the human who was about to become its prey would actually be able to hurt it in return.

At this moment, it was simply bursting with anger!

That huge and sturdy figure ferociously rammed towards Song Qingsong.

It was actually prepared to use the unique brute force of the magical beast to ram him to death!

Song Qingsong quickly reacted, but his injured leg was unable to support his nimble movements.

Ten meters, nine meters, eight meters… it looked like the magical beast was about to collide with him.

His heart tensed up.

Everyone watching the video did not dare to blink, afraid that another bloody incident would occur.

However, the scene came to an abrupt end here! At the bottom right of the screen, there was even a small paragraph,To predict the situation, please watchWho Is the Strongest at the same time next week.

Thank you!

F*ck! Everyone almost crushed the terminal in their hands! It actually stopped at this nail-biting juncture.

Were they trying to make them unable to sleep for the entire week


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